The barons support Feijóo and demand Aegea's head as containment dike

The regional leaders of the PP were activated yesterday in search of a solution to the Crisis by Paul married and Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Both the barons - the one

The barons support Feijóo and demand Aegea's head as containment dike

The regional leaders of the PP were activated yesterday in search of a solution to the Crisis by Paul married and Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Both the barons - the ones that govern - as the PP presidents who are in the opposition crossed dozens of calls between them to discuss the steps to give and to synchronize their positions and transfer them to Pablo Married. Those who do not govern complained that the National Directorate of the Party has not even called them, they shared experiences on "the situation of disciling of affiliation" and reached a tacit consensus on two issues.

The first, erect Feijóo in a kind of spokesperson for his complaints, "to be him, the one who has the most authority, who asks Pablo married to receive us at a meeting about the future of the party", reveals one of those involved.

The second, that the crisis with Ayuso must be solved with the ceiling of Teodoro García Aegea, an opinion that obtained the support of the majority, according to various autonomous sources, or with a congress, but must be solved "as soon as possible". "There was consensus" according to two regional presidents and practice "unanimity" in which this week should be slowed down the crisis with a sharp movement, according to another. "The widespread opinion is that if you married García Aegea, he can have a containment dike," the sources relate. "That is what generates more consensus and I do not believe that the meeting is necessary," adds another one of the presidents consulted, which corroborates the coordinated movement of the regional leaders who do not govern. These have also spoken with the barons, those who married yes reported this crisis on Thursday night.

"You have to take a step forward and cast ourselves on your back. We want to see us with married to see if you have to do congress or just throw García Aegea and sign peace with Ayuso. And we want it to be Feijóo who propitiates the Meeting Saturday, "a regional president of the PP tells this newspaper. "Nobody concrete nothing, but it is talked about taking García Aegea. And there is a movement for us to listen to us," he adds.

The voice that has unleashed this mobilization is that of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, one of the Morale Leaders of the Party, that which is always regarded as a reference of popular formation when they come curves. Feijóo invoked a quick and forceful solution in yesterday morning and pointed to García Aegea. And he even invoked the possibility of an extraordinary congress. That he does not want, but that he remembers that he can be the outcome. "Feijóo has gone to the forestra and has resigned comfort, because we need voices that are not in any of the trenches," explain to this diary in the PP of Galicia.

"When you put your leg and put it deeply, you have to solve it," said the president of the Xunta in ESRADIO yesterday. That's why "wait" that Ayuso and married do it as soon as possible. The Baron believes that the president of the party has to take letters in the matter. And he pointed out without appointing it to the Secretary General as a person who must assume responsibilities of this implosion.

"Here there is a very intense conflict and the management of that conflict has been absolutely misguided," said Feijóo. "We must act and the only one who can do it is the president of my party," insisted Feijóo, who continued his criticism of the married team like this: "If there is a conflict with an autonomous president or with a president of the government and management, the President of the Party has to act. And you can not act to increase the problem. It must act to solve the problem. The address of a match is not to expand a problem, but to solve it. " This depth burden became unavoidable, as it appealed directly to married with the double message that he is responsible for a part of this crisis and, in addition, has to do something to try to zoom it.

For the leader of the Xunta, the President of Madrileña and the leader of the opposition - kindly intimate friends, which is not a frivolous or minor detail - have to "sit alone, without intermediaries, and give a solution to that problem that has been Created in those circles "(in reference to the teams of both)" and to which the others are assisting astonishment. "

"The rest of the party does not have to endure" that, Feijóo said once again, acting at that moment as an informal spokesperson of his companions, who move mostly between amazement and embarrassment at the erosion of the brand that is taking place Under the spotlights, in Prime Time and without lookouts.

Feijóo judged that the crisis unleashed on Thursday places the PP in "one of the most delicate moments of his story." "We have made a mistake in a forceful and pertinz" and "the obligation is to apologize to all Spaniards, voters and give explanations." "This game was founded to serve Spain and yesterday we have not done it," he insisted. In one of the key moments of him, the president of the Xunta de Galicia assured that he hopes that the PP does not need "reaching a congress to solve a problem" or forcing an extraordinary conclave. That is, the leadership is given in the National Conclave of the Party, scheduled for July ... or in advance. That is what dropped.

Asked about the possibility that he presented to that congress, Feijóo replied: · That decision took it and is taken ·. · I'm going to remain loyal to married. Our party is of loyalties. I'm giving my opinion loyally. If he had aspirations, the most advisable thing would be to remain silent ·, he observed.

President Andalusian, Juanma Moreno, claimed "unity", dialogue and "mutual respect" to solve "conflicts" and "differences", and the performance president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, wanted to "move the indignation and The concern of voters, affiliates and mayors because of the situation we are living. " President of PP of Aragon and Mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, asked that Married and Isabel Díaz Ayuso "feel dialogue and focus on the most important thing that is to know the truth." Others, such as PP president of Orense, Manuel Baltar, were positioned yesterday with marriage with greater rotundity than Feijóo.

Date Of Update: 19 February 2022, 00:55

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