The best destinations to discover the autumn in a motorhome or camper van

The best rv to travel with the house to cuestasLas "minicaravanas" that have become fashionable this veranoConsejos to enjoy a trip in a motorhome with childr

The best destinations to discover the autumn in a motorhome or camper van
The best rv to travel with the house to cuestasLas "minicaravanas" that have become fashionable this veranoConsejos to enjoy a trip in a motorhome with children

Romantic, adventurous, with routes in the middle of the nature or full of family games. The landscapes of autumn, give you a unique opportunity to explore different nooks and crannies in distant cities or near our environment with one factor in common; all of them are full of the color of the new time of year will begin, at least officially, on September 23.

You get the rain and the cold is not a reason for not going out to explore and travel. In addition, if it is done in a motorhome, it will be like to be shielded and at the same time ready to embark on the adventure between the new shades and plans, such as collecting mushrooms or pinecones, or make the perfect photo among the blanket of leaves. For all of this, Indie Campers, the leading company for rental of motorhomes and vans campers in Europe, draws up a list of some of the best places to discover the autumn and exit from routine when the time comes to take a coat or an umbrella.

- Spain : In our country, the oldest park of Catalonia, surrenders to the fall of the leaves in a special way. The Natural Park of Montseny is located only 50 kilometers from Barcelona and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco. The greens, ochres, reds and golds of its landscapes are one of the best scenarios to take a long walk, eating chestnuts, and stand to photograph their corners. In addition, to find out more about this space, we organize tours through games and guided routes to discover the nature and gastronomy of the area.

- France : whether the visits will be the City of Light as that of Love, Paris never disappoints, and least none of their parks with those who know its art and history; the Garden of Tuileries, the largest and oldest of the city, the Forest of Boulogne, visitable by boat, or the Park of Belleville, the garden's most high from which to enjoy unique views, without underestimating the height of the Eiffel Tower. The romance of its streets is ideal to sit in one of their famous cafeterias watching the sunset and eating some of the delicacies that abound there.

- the Netherlands : The bike is an ally to go the Netherlands because they have the best network of signposted paths to do this. The Dutch are accustomed to doing your routine on two wheels so imítales and travels through the canals of Amsterdam, the route of the mills, the national Park De Hoge Veluwe, in whose heart hides the Kröller - Müller Museum, which houses the second most important collection of the famous painter of sunflowers Vicent van Gogh, or the Vondelpark, a perfect place to spend some time in family parks for children and an outdoor theater.

- Italy : lake como, situated in the region of Lombardy, in Milan, offers a double vision of some of the landscapes more amazing of the nature. Contemplate the reflection of the change of season and the high mountains on its surface, it is inspiring. Throughout its more than 140 square kilometres, a myriad of small towns occupy its banks, as Bellagio, in the center, right where it splits its flow and which can be reached by road or ferry. The pastel tones that characterize this place are contrasted especially well with the fall.

- Germany : A show of yellow, brown and reddish fills Hamburg. An example is the cemetery Ohlsdorf, one of the largest in the world. So much so that it has two bus lines to explore its park of almost 400 acres. Although in principle it doesn't sound very appetizing to your visit, you must know that also consists of a recreational area and tourist attraction, with concerts, theatre performances and film sessions. If that still doesn't convince you, another option is to go by the Hamburg Botanical Garden, with parterres of plants of China and Japan

"The autumn is the time of the breakaway. It's not too cold yet and they can arrange new plans, including dishes of the season or destinations that you know," says Hugo Oliveira , CEO of Indie Campers. "Therefore, it is not surprising that to explore any landscape in the near future, a motorhome is the best ally; plan outdoor activities from your motorhome and inserts in the middle of the nature. What more can you ask for to enjoy the change of season? Only, perhaps, a hot chocolate," concluded.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2019, 13:01

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