The best series of the week, the worst series of the week: THE WALKING DEAD at your farewell

Finish The Walking Dead. The second part of its eleventh season has already begun. It is the last installment of such a successful series that its achieveme

The best series of the week, the worst series of the week: THE WALKING DEAD at your farewell

Finish The Walking Dead. The second part of its eleventh season has already begun. It is the last installment of such a successful series that its achievements have been paradoxically ninguished.

And he has them, go if he has them. The Walking Dead is, to begin with, the product that led to the Spanish payment television at full views. In 2010, Fox's successful decision from issuing it in our country at the same time as in the USA. He gave some spectacular results, also showing the way to the rest of the sector. Monday night the Walking Dead was seen and point. Because, in addition, the zombies series (forgiveness: walkers) was then one of the best in broadcast. Frank Darabont, responsible for the television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's popular comics, did a magnificent job, finding the perfect tone, distribution and aesthetics from the beginning.

Darabont put the machine in operation with such an indisputable authority and authors that, when 10 years later discussed the AMC chain, producer of the series, the distribution of benefits, it had to compensate for its services with 200 million dollars.

In a world without game of thrones or The Crown, the spectacularity of the Kirkman and Darabont series advanced the television industry. It was also a milestone its refusal to infrared its frames, to make them for all audiences. The post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead was never complacent or hopeful. The series, like the comics, took advantage of its premise to face the human being with its most primitive instincts, its deepest longings and the oldest fears of it.

Its many risky and powerful narrative decisions today seem to have stayed at all, buried by the weight of almost 200 episodes. But on the other hand that longevity has allowed us to witness some of the most interesting character arches of recent television. Carol's journey (Melissa McBride) towards power, the Daryl (Norman Reedus) towards the serenity or that of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) towards redemption are of everything but sharp. And, like so many things at The Walking Dead, they already belong to the Poso of a series that we can not eliminate from Canon.

Like the tired loss of the innocence of the child Carl (Chandler Riggs) that we saw play with pistols when he should be trapping in the school playground.

But what a school and what innocence, if there is no longer that. The Walking Dead, consistent since its first season with the portrays, a world without schools, a world without innocence, has had to be invented challenges and obstacles to continue advancing in an environment in which the advance is flee and hope It only exists in the short term. Its end comes with a new plot of, again, two sides. Again good and bad guys. Of course, who are the good ones at The Walking Dead? At this point, nobody probably.

The game rules of The Walking Dead are as perfect and so well greased that the temptation to convert the series into an eternal sketch must have almost irresistible from very early. Acts and all the possible experiments with her, sometimes it seemed that it was only lengthening it to infinity. Propose a new dilemma between nomadism and barricade, take a villain more nihilist than the previous one.

Up to these monsters have succumbed to the inertia of long-lasting television success. To dissolve Negan's chilling evil did not need more than a few domestication seasons. It was thus integrated into the side of good a bad one whose single appearance raised the profile of the series. The choice of the charismatic Jeffrey Dean Morgan to embody the Gross of the Bate was the television news of his year.

A few months later than that, the pornographically violent resolution of the cliffhanger of the previous season, the sixth, replaced Negan and The Walking Dead in the center of the seriéfila conversation. He thus demonstrated the fiction of AMC that his seventh delivery still had enough fuel, that narrative exhaustion did not have room in Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the people of him. Five years later neither Rick nor the son of him follow in the series and a denay supposedly resocialized does not finish square. The fatigue, in the end, did come to The Walking Dead and that is why The Walking Dead does well to closing the negotiated. Even Alpha, the fearsome Villana played by Samantha Morton from the ninth season, it seems, at some moments, wanting to look at camera and, in homage to Rosa Benito, letting go that of "I can not pull any more than the car".

To say that The Walking Dead is a zombie series is unfair. They would already want fictions with these conceptual limitations having endured more than a living decade. But the reality is the one that is: many spectators have gone from having an absolute loyalty relationship with this series (as I say above, Monday night looked at The Walking Dead and point) to see it by inertia. And from there to see her little or directly not to see her.

Who was going to say that renexites would be so sadly easy. One puts on the first episode of this last round of episodes and there are Carol, Negan, Daryl, Maggie and the cure that no one understands how he is still alive. People of the family. Heat of home. More of the same.

At The Walking Dead, there is still space left to spend things. In theory there is still party. Another issue is that your things care, that we really want the characters that follow the series and miss those who are no longer there. When Andrew Lincoln left the boat, the idea was that the British returned soon into TWD movies that then wanted a lot and now sound like Random participant of the fourth edition of OT watching yacht prices before not even having a record contract. They say that Rick equally returns to close the series. Well, well, well, I'm glad.

Date Of Update: 27 February 2022, 13:09

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