The big clubs are wary of trainers who do not know how to play football

"In the first defeat, the easier it will be to say that I don't have experience," the case of The national coach of football, Robert Moreno, is atypical in

The big clubs are wary of trainers who do not know how to play football
"In the first defeat, the easier it will be to say that I don't have experience,"

the case of The national coach of football, Robert Moreno, is atypical in every way. A technician without any experience as a player in the team where you train, no experience as an elite player and without experience in the sideboard. A challenge to the trend imposed by the triumphs of Zidane in the Real Madrid, Simeone in an Athletic or Guardiola , Luis Enrique and Valverde in Barcelona; players of the club before their trainers.

"I have many friends that are coaches with a similar history to mine who are interested in me doing well. It motivates Me to open the way for other coaches, strangers who are very prepared and that by the fact that they have not been players do not have the opportunities," said Robert Moreno, in an interview with ABC at the end of August.

In recent seasons, the benches of the top clubs in the League are increasingly occupied by exfutbolistas, in many cases former players of the club. On the benches of the three main title contenders in this League are sitting trainers who put on the team jersey: white, Zidane, of barca Valverde and atletico Simeone. Valverde has been coaching up to three teams where he also wore the short: Athletic, Espanyol and Barcelona.

"I Understand the process of any president or athletic director or even fond the time to assess any technical support for your computer. I understand that to attach to the person that they already know that you will have generated emotions, feeling, affection... it Is much easier to go to one of those than another's that they don't have any information", said the coach in his interview with ABC. And he thought: "There are cases such as that of Guardiola that makes us think that this is the pathway, but how many top players have tried to be coaches and failed by the way?".

Robert Moreno, seleccionacior national of Spain - REUTERSBarcelona

In Barcelona, from the successful emergence of Pep Guardiola, has primacy the choice of coaches with experience as a player at the club, with Luis Enrique and Valverde as the champions of this strategy. It has only been interrupted by the late Tito Vilanova , formed in the lower categories of the club but without experience in the elite, and Tata Martino , with a professional career exclusively in South america. The failure of the argentine underpinned more still the bet for the former players home.

Since Johan Cruyff came to the bench for Barca at the end of the eighties, Vilanova and Lorenzo Serra Ferrer have been the only two coaches without experience as elite players. Two seasons of 31. And only Bobby Robson and Tata Martino, a season each, in addition Radomir Antic (half a season) were not, prior to coach the team, a pre-existing relationship with the club or with the Ajax, who is considered to be twinned in style.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid has bet more than Barcelona this century by technicians with no experience as a professional footballer. Not trod the turf professional Benitez , Mourinho , Juande Ramos , Lopez Caro or Queiroz . Although only Mourinho remained more than a season on the bench white. Del Bosque, Camacho, García Remón, Schuster, Zidane and Solari played in white before the train to Madrid; and Lopetegui did in the lower categories before their voyage by other clubs.

The Atletico Madrid has achieved a stability never seen in its history with Simeone since he took the reins to half of the 2011-2012 season, replacing Gregorio Manzano. Only it exceeds in number of matches another coach that wore atletico, Luis Aragones on the bench atletico intermittently. No coach with no experience as a professional player has lasted on the bench for Atleti most of a season in this century.

The Athletic Bilbao and Espanyol are other clubs with a strong commitment in recent seasons by technicians with experience as players in their respective clubs. On the contrary, the Sevilla is the club of the great of the TWENTY-first century that more have opted for coaches with no experience as a football player. And with success, credited his achievements. Or Joaquín Caparrós , Juande Ramos and Unai Emery played in the elite. Only Manolo Jiménez triumphed over short.

the First division, 2019-2020

despite the fact that in the clubs with more budget bets by coaches exfutbolistas are more frequent, in the whole of the First division, the presence of technicians who have not gown short is significant. Of the twenty top clubs this season, eight never played in the elite: Arrasate (Tricky), Garitano (Alavés), Bordalás (Getafe), Martinez (Granada), Paco Lopez (Lift up), Escriba (Celtic), Galician (Espanyol), Ruby (Betis) and Mendilibar (Eibar). Five wore the shirt of the club who train: Zidane, Valverde, Simeone, Sheriff (Real Sociedad) and Calleja (Villarreal).

The rest did race in other different clubs that train in the present. is Marcellin (Valencia), Lopetegui (Seville), Garitano (Athletic), Sergio Gonzalez (Valladolid), Pellegrino (Leganés). However, all of them made their debut as a coach in the elite teams where they had played: Marcelino (Sporting), Lopetegui (Rayo Vallecano), Garitano (Eibar), Sergio González (Espanyol) and Pellegrino (Valencia). The focus of the address was a trainer of the house. Also had a fleeting step in First the current coaches of Mallorca, Vicente Moreno and Espanyol, David Gallego.

Spanish team

In the TWENTY-first century, until Robert Moreno, all of the selectors national had been international with the absolute (Camacho, Saez, Aragones, Del Bosque, Lopetegui and Luis Enrique). You have to go back to the sixties of the last century to find a technician without any experience as a professional footballer. Sports journalists, directors of clubs, referees or military profession as José Villalonga, champion of the european Championship 64, occupied the bench of Spain before the technical figure of out valued as crucial.

Date Of Update: 11 September 2019, 22:24

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