The birds unviable could recover the functionality of their wings

Bet on the "wise" and "immemorial" use of cattle that birds do necrófagasEl Bearded vulture is played back in the Peaks of Europe 70 years despuésAsí reintr

The birds unviable could recover the functionality of their wings
Bet on the "wise" and "immemorial" use of cattle that birds do necrófagasEl Bearded vulture is played back in the Peaks of Europe 70 years despuésAsí reintroduced birds of prey with success and little investment

to Investigate. Discover. And apply the most successful techniques. So work the members of the organisation Action for the Wild World (Amus) from 24 years ago. At that time, in Villafranca de los Barros (Badajoz), your hospital started to record the first cases of wild animals in distress. Each year they serve more than a thousand specimens of birds -mainly-, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. 63% of them recovers and returns to the natural environment. For the "non-viable", now has come an expectation that Amus will try to confirm within a pioneer project in the world. The objective of the course will consist of regain the functionality of the bones necrosados -or have lost tissue- the wings from new surgical maneuvers and cellular .

today, a multi-disciplinary team tested various protocols -related to, for example, with the asepsis and the vasculización - so that you can replicate, without problems, in all the centers of wild fauna. What it manages as Amus is a bank bone cryogenic for birds and attempts to set another as soon as possible to assign material, at any time, the entities that demand it. The bones stored in this way (in nitrogen liquid and at - 80°) are preserved in perfect state for 5 years.

Freezing of bone and bone implants

"The range is very low for an animal with a fracture that leads lying in the field, without being found for several days", explains Álvaro Guerrero, director of the hospital of Amus. Most of the birds that are entering in he suffer from some kind of trauma, being one of the worst prognosis is, precisely, the prior statement; above all, when the bone is exposed to the sun and the wind , because it pollutes and is generated by the necrosis. Such a process of bone death and tissue adjacent forces, on many occasions, the amputation of the wing or the leg. Some specimens, even, should be humanely killed . Alternatives that the NGO is striving to banish thanks to the freezing of bone and carrying bone implants.

all it takes is a heterologous bone (of the same species) so that the operation is run. The ossification would take about a month, and the total recovery is dilataría between two and six months, depending on the complexity of the trauma resolved. "The animal carries the system nails about 30 days and once he removed the surgical material must undergo physical therapy and bodybuilding ", concrete Warrior.

One of the first tests by mounting the orthopedic to anchor the bone graft. - AMUSMedicina traumatic unprecedented

"Given that trials are very expensive and the banks of donors are very isolated, has never tried a medication traumatic of this magnitude: with a few protocols, with a committee of bioethics, with a team of researchers, multi-purpose and with the aim of perform a scientific article that validates or not the method. It's not going to be a trial in an isolated animal, the number of individuals operated is large," admits the coordinator of the project, which puts the accent on the peculiarity of the patients who will benefit from the initiative that leads Amus from almost a year ago. It is animal migration who need some structures alar robust to cope successfully with displacements that sometimes cover thousands of kilometres.

Amus will give this step along 2019-2020 with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition. The target species of the programme, within its first phase, include owls, kestrels, busardos mousers and storks . Afterwards, we extrapolará to most threatened species: vulture, vultures and eagles . In fact, the organization has already been applied to study the possible case of a bearded vulture.

Anthropisation of the territory

"we Save the lives of animals doomed to die; some are in danger of disappearing even as a species", emphasizes Warrior. Conservation work that Amus deployed both in Spain as in various countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa, all contribute to "the natural spaces continue to be there for the generations that come after us are able to exercise their rights to know, enjoy, and protect" the biodiversity that they host.

X-ray of a short-toed Eagle operated of a fracture of the epiphyseal in the humerus of one of his wings - AMUS

The bird, in particular, for their anatomy is characteristic of the bones tyres, face numerous risks as a result of anthropisation of the territory. is electric Lines , buildings with large floor to ceiling windows, wind farms, fences , doors and windows in housing developments and plots, road traffic, shooting ...

"The freedom of our actions as an organization are essential to generate a company sensitive, critical, and compromised with the defense of nature . We do not know, nor have we expected to know, if someone will do it for us", concludes the director of the Hospital for the wild fauna of Amus and coordinator of the Bank bone cryogenic to birds.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2019, 17:02

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