The cars that lead-by-contract football players most famous

The car collection of Cristiano there Are many football players that declare themselves to collectors of important sports and jewels of the automotive industry

The cars that lead-by-contract football players most famous
The car collection of Cristiano

there Are many football players that declare themselves to collectors of important sports and jewels of the automotive industry. Surely the amount of its tokens is permitted, but in addition the own teams have contracts of sponsorship with firms automobile through which your stars travel on board of cars as Audi, Cupra, Jeep, Nissan, MG, Renault or BMW among others.

These stars of the ball they become the best showcase to teach the flagships of the catalogs of the major automotive brands. DAPARTO, the comparator spare parts of car, has made a follow-up of the sponsors of major football clubs of the continent. Although not all the news is good, because as we can see, any team has come to be a victim of a scam after sign the that would be the first sponsorship agreement to give a car brand china.

Real Madrid: a love story with Audi

theirs is a marriage in every rule. Audi and Real Madrid kept an idyll that is already moving forward with a firm step to the age of 16. Since 2003, the players meringues premiere cars of the brand of the rings. Among the models that have led the technicians and players real madrid during the last years we found the Q7 and Q8 or the Audi R8 Spyder, among others.

the surprise of The Barcelona: a break with Audi and negotiations with Cupra

After 13 years of relationship, the FC Barcelona and Audi “cut”. I don't know know the reason of the rupture, certainly economic, but it has been reported that a new agreement between the FC Barcelona and Cupra for the next few seasons. Players like Leo Messi and Gerard Pique have had to return their SQ7 and must seek among the catalogue of the Spanish brand, with models like the Cupra Ateca or the Cupra Leon, who will come to the end of 2019.

A trademark in south korea to a team of highly authentic

Atletico Madrid and Hyundai signed in June 2018 and a contract for three seasons, until 2021. Last December, 2018 could see the then-Atletico, Antoine Griezmann, to receive one of the Hyundai Santa Fe, great SUV brand in south korea with seven seats and automatic eight gear.

Arsenal: the victim of the wiles of a con artist

In April of 2018, it was announced the signing of a contract between the Arsenal and BYD, the manufacturing china electric car, which has provided buses to public transport in london. The Arsenal became with this agreement in the first club of the Premier League was a sponsor of electric vehicles. The Daily Mail revealed that the contract that was signed by the gunners had been produced by Li Juan, a person who is not even working at the company. BYD reported the facts and Li Juan was arrested.

Manchester City opt for the way japanese thanks to Nissan

The City have been renewed in July his contract with Nissan to be your sponsor global. From 2014, Nissan and Manchester City have a relationship that has made Guardiola an ambassador of the brand. But not only the English Manchester City will benefit from this sponsorship, so will the Yokohama F. Marinos, Manchester City women, New York City FC and Melbourne City FC.

The champions of the Champions league by the chinese-british MG

The erstwhile benchmark of the british industry of the car, and since 2007 under the control of the chinese state-owned SAIC, MG Motor, is the official sponsor of Liverpool FC. Currently, MG has with models like the MG ZS EV, an SUV electric of chinese origin which is the first of its features of this company. Tip of the spear of a strategy to enter the european market of electric cars, the MG ZS EV has a starting price in the Uk of 21.495 lbs, a few 23.716 euros.

Paris Saint-Germain opts for the industry, the French national

The champion galo began the past month of July 2018 their love story to the French with Renault, leaving behind his former lover Citroen, which remained faithful to the Paris Saint-Germain until 2017. The expected duration of the contract is three years. As a result of this synergy, Renault took the occasion to present a special series of its Mégane Gt-Line.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Jeep ® and Juventus: 17 billion a year

The american brand, crown jewel of Fiat Chrysler has been in recent seasons one of the great benefits of signing Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus, thanks to the greater exposure of The Vecchia Signora in the international media. Jeep disburses annually 17 million a year for appearing on the front of the shirt.

Agreement broken with BMW and continuity of FC Bayern München at Audi

The champion bavaro continues its relationship with Audi, after the announcement of the rupture of negotiations between Bayern Munich and BMW. It was planned that BMW became a sponsor and leave in the coffers of the German club € 800 million in ten years. In return, BMW would acquire the participation of 8,33% of Audi in the FC Bayern. In the end, no agreement was reached and it is reported that the club German has asked for a compensation of between 10 and 20 million euros for the damage caused.

The Ajax follows the line classic Mercedes Benz from 10 years ago

In 2009, was signed by Ajax, and Mercedes Benz, a contract that will extend until June of 2021. In this way, the brand of luxury cars sponsors the team revelation of the last season in the Champions League. The earlier players of the team of Dutch, Frenkie De Jong and Matthijs De Ligt will no longer be able to get behind the wheel of the AMG GT or the legendary SLK

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