The castle festival in Bad Vilbel: show the flag in the water castle

As you: costume designer, robe, master, technician, sit – all United under the Ginkgo tree in front of the water castle. Just not so close to each other, how el

The castle festival in Bad Vilbel: show the flag in the water castle

As you: costume designer, robe, master, technician, sit – all United under the Ginkgo tree in front of the water castle. Just not so close to each other, how else, but through the two chairs separately. This is one of the essential conditions of the theatre in Corona times. Suddenly the boss is standing on the Mat. Claus-Günther Kunzmann, Director of the castle festival in Bad Vilbel, leads its guests through the moat – into the venerable Sandstone walls.

Claudia Schülke

Freelance writer in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

On stage a red crane: A technician the lighting cable attached there. For now it is, even if different than usual, but still Theater in the water castle – two pieces in front of a little audience, as required by the Corona conditions. The usual covered grandstand is missing, only a few rows in an unusually wide distance from each other remained. Almost cute this audience seems to be room for 206 visitors. The chairs are grouped: the two, three and four. Fully Seating the Mini-grandstand would offer 403 persons room. But so many of the Land of Hessen had not allowed.

In his capacity as Vilbeler head of Department of culture has Kunzmann also need to cancel the "Hessentag" after three years of preparation. But apparently, he has taken on the motto of Scarlett O'hara to yourself: "Tomorrow is another day" – "Tomorrow is another day". Probably not coincidentally, Kunzmann "moonlight and magnolias plant" as the second Premiere in this Torso-season: 1. August Director Ulrich Cyran show the audience with a Four-person Comedy, how it came to be in 1939, to the legendary Hollywood film adaptation of the novel "gone with The wind". "There! This young woman didn't know a week ago that they must now compete for the sample,“ says Kunzmann and shows over the barn for the tithe. Janice pack, Berger will represent the Secretary, between the Director, screenwriter and producer behind the Scenes of the dream factory.

complications in the mask

"The people have now more than ever the desire for good entertainment," justifies Kunzmann his two firsts. 27. July, the water castle opens its doors with "Ladies Night – All or nothing", a stripper and a Comedy from England, had taken care of twelve years ago, already a sensation. Director Christian Voss it has to do only with four gentlemen and a lady – more actors don't fit on the stage, under the current rules of hygiene. Although the rule has been repealed five square meters of space per Person, but still, three square meters would be recommended, explains Kunzmann. "The distance of 1.50 meters, with the remains, families need not a distance." Large families in the ticket sale, the rescue would be so now. A few days ago, the 10,000 Tickets are available in advance, for 50 performances. "Otherwise, there are 230," says Kunzmann.

But he sighs. He fights for. "Everything is solvable, but complex," he says. On the music theatre, he had to abandon because it would have increased the distances for the singers because when they Sing, the more aerosols are free as in speech. Complicated it is, even in the mask. His goal: "An operation that approaches the normal conditions." The aim is to distribute 200 people at the catering pavilions, the distance and also in the courtyard. The distances would be below, would apply a mask of duty, as when you go In basically. Who sits in the audience, can remove the mouth-nose protection, but any "meeting traffic" lying under the mask of duty. A traffic light males should regulate the access to the toilet. "And it is disinfected by the ton. Afterwards no blade of Grass“, so Kunzmann grows there.

support policy

On 3. July have started the rehearsals for "Ladies Night". Not even four weeks so the Director and his Ensemble to the Premiere, in the case of "moon light" for a couple of days more. The actor out of Europe, from the short-time working: anything, as Hamlet is said to be. Kunzmann is especially proud of his new scheme of short-time work, because not all of the already committed actors can now also stand on the stage. "We are increasing the short-time working money this year to 80 per cent, for the actors to work in the next year for 80 percent of this year's agreed-upon fees." That means for the Team for two seasons, predictable contracts, and for him, that he is prepared for 2021.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2020, 19:20

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