The collection of booklets A and LDDS remains at a record level in may

This year 2020 is definitely an exceptional period for the savings. On Tuesday, the Caisse des dépôts has just released the latest figures withdrawals and depos

The collection of booklets A and LDDS remains at a record level in may

This year 2020 is definitely an exceptional period for the savings. On Tuesday, the Caisse des dépôts has just released the latest figures withdrawals and deposits on livret A and the LDDS (Booklet of sustainable development and solidarity). After the first few months of pomp, the sums deposited on these different products have continued to explode in may, with 5,14 billion euros collected in total. The increase compared to a year classic is notable : last year, on the same month, only 1.61 billion euros had been deposited on these two products.

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In comparison, the months of march and April had been particularly fruitful for deposits, with a net collection respective of 3.82 and 7,39 billion euro. Amounts already a significant increase compared to the same periods a year earlier, when the household had filed 2,52 then 2.48 billion euros only.

in the first five months of the year 2020 cumulative, the deposits have been particularly massive, exceeding the 22.4 billion euros on these two books. The booklet Has, in particular, has been especially popular, with € 17.4 billion deposited in five months, against tablet 11.06 billion euros over the same period a year earlier. Same thing for the LDDS, which garnered almost 5 billion euros since January against 2,67 billion euros over the same period in 2019.

Evolution of the deposits accumulated booklets A and LDDS Le Figaro, Caisse des dépôtsUne collection always more important

Containment forces, the French have massively put aside these last few weeks. To the point of worrying the executive, who sees it as a risk to the consumer, the growth and the recovery of the activity. Spending too frosty could undermine the recovery, and this while the French economy depends heavily on sales to households. "This is not the savings we need today for our economy, but investment", had said Bruno Le Maire, in mid-April, to the national Assembly. It must be said that the minister advised the French to diversify their investments, even before the crisis, citing the example of savings plans in shares or life insurance.

"The side savings prevailed, the resumption of consumption," commented economist and director of the Circle of savings Philippe Crevel. "The deflation of the booklet A and the prize pool incorporated has not yet begun, quite the opposite : the households have increased their precautionary savings". A continuation of the process initiated in march and that is "logical, given the context and uncertainties", considers the expert.

The collection of the booklet Has been and remains particularly dynamic : after reaching a record substantially historical in April, with close to 5.5 billion euros - the collection the largest was carried out in January 2013, with 8,21 billion euros, on the occasion of the raising of the ceiling of the booklet-it was nearing in may, 4 billion euros. Several factors can explain this success : "in every crisis, there has been a recovery of deposits, the household set aside as savings, liquid, guaranteed by the State is a safe haven," says Philippe Crevel. In addition, the closure of bank branches and the fact that the containment has to intervene during a usual period of collection of booklets have also been able to play.

On the long term, the government has, therefore, "work to be done to encourage households to redirect their savings or dip into their nest egg," said the expert. It will, in fact, reassure the French, who, in the last few years, were saving already growing, marked by successive crises such as the "yellow vests" or the conflict around the reform of pensions. "Everything was to this that the savings are massive, these days," adds the economist, noting the "wait and see "households", worried for the future. Cat gun-shy is afraid of cold water.

The editorial team conseilleL'soaring collection of the booklet in march concerned about Bruno The MaireSujetsépargnelivret AConsommation4 commentairesmistophorele 23/06/2020 17:35

This reflects the distrust justified of the French towards the management clientship macroniste,

FRANKI11le 23/06/2020 16:21

He should expect a stagnation of the compensation for long, very long years...

mberle 23/06/2020 16:16

The equation is simple :
* if you do something the system that the world envies us takes you 56%. Discouraging. a
* If you do nothing : ** Your little tunes, you place it without risk ** If you want to enjoy our nice social system, you sign up to the RSA, the unemployment, you're a child ... or even the catalogue.

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