The communities press Pedro Sánchez so that the next Presidents Conference addresses the 'Covid fund' that rejects the Government

The Government prepares the next conference of presidents who will meet in January in La Palma. The Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, has gath

The communities press Pedro Sánchez so that the next Presidents Conference addresses the 'Covid fund' that rejects the Government

The Government prepares the next conference of presidents who will meet in January in La Palma. The Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, has gathered this morning with the communities to prepare the appointment. A meeting in which it was expected to address the reform of the Conference Regulation, but that the autonomies have taken advantage to pressure the Executive with economic issues: Economic Financing, the creation of a Covid Fund and the European Funds.

The economic facet has led to an appointment that was persecuted to lay the foundations of matters to be dealt with by presidents in La Palma at the beginning of January. The regions are determined to give battle for the creation of a Covid Fund for 2022 that the Government rejects.

The government lost the pulse before the opposition in Congress, during the processing of the budgets, and managed to include a COVID fund of 9,000 million that the executive rejects executing. This causes discomfort in some regions, which do demand and demand that this fund exist and that if, in addition, it will be included in the draft budgets, it will be published in the BOE, it must be executed.

The Minister of Economy and Finance of the Board of Castile and León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, has expressed the need for the autonomies to have in 2022 also with a Covid fund, as they have counted in 2021, because, has expressed, "the pandemic does not It is over "and the expenses derived from it" persist ". Andalusia has pronounced itself in the same line and asks for a fund of around 1,000 million: "The pandemic has not finished and 40% of the covid spending is already structural," said Elias Belief, Counselor of the Presidency of the Board of Andalusia, who has sued Sánchez that "can not withdraw aid from the autonomous communities".

From Valencia, the Adviser Hacienda and Economic Model, Vicent Soler, has shared the debate raised by the Set Autonomies on the need for the Government and analyzes together and broadly the totality of grant and subsidy and aid linked to the Covid

By Cantabria, Paula Fernández Viaña, Counselor of Presidency, Interior, Justice and External Action, who has claimed to extend the Covid Fund for 2022, given that for the next year "additional public services are maintained to deal with the Pandemic, especially in the sanitary field, but also in the educational with the reinforcement of professors and coordinating personnel. "

At the appointment in Madrid he has attended the Catalan Council of Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, who has also flagged the need to extend this Covid fund, alluding to the "Necessity of the Communities that the Covid Fund is extended for next year" . From Catalonia they expose that many communities "we are taking measures yet, and we still need the money" to be able to face the socioeconomic consequences derived from the pandemic.

The only community that has not attended the meeting convened by territorial policy has been the Basque Country.

Since the executive not only consider that this COVID fund is not an executable, but discarded to include the subject on the agenda of the meeting between Pedro Sánchez and the autonomous presidents. Minister Rodríguez has explained that neither this issue nor that of autonomic financing will be addressed, due to different positions that maintain communities. In La Palma, only one in which there may be consensus, such as cooperation in civil protection, European funds, and the reform of the Rules of Conference of Presidents.

In the Government, the budgets that Congress has approved this week "already contemplate a set of items to reinforce health and other areas that have been affected by the pandemic. As we understand that budgets already contemplate this," explain Socialist sources.

Another of the melons to open that some communities have exposed is that of autonomic financing. Hacienda will present next week its proposal for the adjusted population criterion - the one who guides the distribution of money- as a basis for negotiating, although from the department that pilot María Jesús Montero prevents setting a calendar of approval and slow down the rushes of communities.

In the autonomies, however, they are therefore in a hurry, they argue, they need to improve their financing to provide services such as education, health or social services that, after the crisis caused by the pandemic, their payment could be at danger. "We have raised the imperative need that on the agenda, it is a capital issue as it is the financing of the communities," Belief said. "Andalusia and other regions We need that system to change as soon as possible: we lose almost 1,000 million per year by this deficit system."

A requirement shared by regions such as Valencia, Aliado de Andalucía in the struggle for financing. His ConselleRervicent Soler has requested that the next Conference of Presidents address the reform for being "a matter of State and not only a problem that affects Valencians and Valencians."

As Other Communities alert, Valencia considers that renewing the expired model since 2014 is a fundamental issue "not only to end up building the institutional architecture of autonomic Spain, but above all to sustain the welfare state, being the CCAA responsible for guaranteeing citizens the fundamental services of education, health and social services ".

Also Castilla y León demands this requirement not to delay the deadlines.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2021, 11:50

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