The cradle of the revolution returns to the polls forced by the Chavista fraud

The polls are opened this Sunday in Barinas (Venezuela), but there were already: Nicolás Maduro ordered his repetition after the historic opposition triumph in

The cradle of the revolution returns to the polls forced by the Chavista fraud

The polls are opened this Sunday in Barinas (Venezuela), but there were already: Nicolás Maduro ordered his repetition after the historic opposition triumph in November and before the symbolism that enlarges for the Chavistas the land that saw Born to Hugo Chávez. For 22 consecutive years, the Father and the Brothers of the "Supreme Commander" ruled in the crib of the revolution, no one else.

An immense power that has not been avoided that this Llanero State cruelly suffers from the Bolivarian collapse as the other regions of deep Venezuela.

In the political parody that are the elections in Venezuela, Chavism even changed its flag (replaced and with internal anger to Argenis Chávez, brother of the "Messiah de los Pobres", for his son-in-law, the former chancellor jorge arreaza) and he caused the opposition candidate, after the disqualification of the elected governor, Freddy Superlano; Of his woman (still nobody knows the arguments to prevent his candidacy) and other possible competitors. The so-called scarce "gradual improvement of electoral conditions" exploded before the first obstacle: a strategic electoral defeat for mature.

"The people want to change and leave this tyrant regime. We will rescue from Barinas together freedom and democracy. Having the eyes of the world about us, we will light the Light Lighthouse to recover our country," SERGIO GARIDO, SERGY QUIRED Democratic, leader of second row and man of the land that has surprised by his empathy with the people of Barinas.

Garrido not only faces arraza, a candidate without charisma and that he only knows barinas thanks to his tourist trips; Above all he has against the power of the revolution, which has not spared in the use of public resources. The last governmental maneuver has as a protagonist at the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), which has been deployed in Barinas as if to explode a war in the cradle of the Revolution.

"Barinas will have six times the average security troops that by federal entity are assigned to guard electoral processes in Venezuela," revealed Rocío San Miguel, President of the NGO Citizen Control for the Army. In this way, each electoral center will have 44 military and police willing to comply with mature and general orders.

Before the military deployment, Chavismo launched its usual machinery of pre-election abuse, which this time included the distribution of appliances of Chinese origin, which had not been done for a long time. The impulse was so evident that he finally forced one of the rectors of the new National Electoral Council (CNE), the opponent Roberto Picón, limited to the protest or public denunciation to the majority that held chavism in the electoral body.

The "Concerted Action of the State" included on this occasion the use of public facilities and buildings for campaign acts and storage of "goods to be distributed" and the use of vehicles and goods of public organizations for proselytening events, the promotion of arraza for the Means of the State, detailed pico.

The official advantageousism was much further, including the gas distribution (usually rationed), the arrangement of wells in a territory with serious water distribution problems and endless other actions. "Desmadre of misdeeds, abuse, blackmail and purchase of votes. Clientelism at its maximum level, corrupting population. Chavism had always done so since he assumed power, but he had never reached these levels," said Andrés Caleca, an expression. of the CNE

In addition, the black hand of the State intervened in the media: not only suspended the radio program of the opposition candidate, it also prohibited them from being interviewed in other stations.

"At this time Barinas is the capital of Venezuela, we have gasoline, gasoil, gas and have solved some problems, but that is only until January 9," said Garrido candidate, who must also face two false opponents, sent by The government to steal a few thousand votes.

Despite everything, in the last survey carried out by a prestigious surveyor, Garrido maintains an advantage of about 6%. The first big question is whether it will be enough before Chavism will turn on its machinery from abuses on electoral days, trained for two decades. And if despite all the opposition, he again beats, another question remains to be resolved: Will a new elections be re-imposed mature?

Updated Date: 08 January 2022, 21:44

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