The 'crazy' of Luis Enrique

The day he was presented, a hot 19 July 2018, Luis Enrique already made him very clear what he was going to do with the selection. If not, just remember some

The 'crazy' of Luis Enrique

The day he was presented, a hot 19 July 2018, Luis Enrique already made him very clear what he was going to do with the selection. If not, just remember some sentences:

-I'm wanting to give my first list; There will be surprises safe.

-Good people from behind whom we are going to give confidence.

-I have done a first list to do and 70 players have left me.

Well, Luis Enrique has fulfilled his word. There has not been a single citation in which there have been no surprises, he walks towards that first team of 70 players and, above all, has given him confidence that people who came "from behind". In fact, on Wednesday in San Siro he made Gavi debut, for the story and as the younger player to put on that shirt, with 17 years and 62 days. "It is not that it is the future, it is already the present of the national team," said the Asturian coach on the same grass of San Siro, who attended the debutants numbers 26 and 27 (Yeremy pine) of the Luis Enrique era.

The numbers speak: In the 32 games he has headed to Spain, the coach has called 63 different football players, and of them, 27 have been for the first time in Las Rozas. That is, 42.8% of the calls were new. By situating Luis Enrique in the context of history, this percentage in the predecessors of him was always less except in the case of Vicente del Bosque, who was eight years old and, therefore, is almost not comparable. With Robert Moreno, only 16% of the calls were new. With Lopetegui, 27.2%. With the forest, written is 79%, and with Luis Aragonés, who was four years old and also made a revolution, it was 55%. "I do not look at the DNI," the technician usually said, that this Thursday allowed his boys to eat outside the Hotel Meliá Milano and gave them the free afternoon so they could distract a little.

They say who are close to him that extreme bets will follow. "And those who remain," announce, because if something is clear, the Asturian is that he does not want a kind team, he does not want a block. He wants about 40-50 players interchangeable with each other, although it is true that half a dozen seem to have settled. In the absence of knowing what they are to come, the follies, almost all blessed, by Luis Enrique are these:

In September 2020, on his first list after returning to the national team, Luis Enrique called for the first time to Uni Simón. After not smelling the grass in the first five games, suddenly, against Holland in a friendly in November, he put him. At that time, UNI had just a year as a headline in Athletic, a team that was not characterized by many goaliers at zero (10 in 34 games in 2019/2020). At that time, it was a porter more of first division, and while everyone debate if Kepa or GEA, suddenly the game with Simon's feet (24 years old) fell in love with the coach, who has put it in the last 17 games . Not even the pifia against Croatia in the eurocopa has made it varying the course.

After checking at the March of March of this year that Sergio Ramos was "stiff", as he was heard in Las Rozas that day, Luis Enrique went to the Federation in the Vorgine to nationalize Aymeric Laport for the fast track. Again an impulse, a risky bet, then, despite the evident value of the player, the truth is that in the City of Guardiola last year he played 15 headings of the 38 possible in League and, in addition, he had said "no" At that option in the past. In addition, he was (he is) a left-handed central, and he had to settle, in principle, together with Pau Torres, also leftover, one of the technician's bets from the beginning. Since June of this year, he has been holder in the 11 games. The rotations have been administered between Pau Torres, Eric García (another bet of the technician today something devalued) and Iñigo Martínez.

He can not be in this league of nations because he is injured, but he is one of the fixes of Luis Enrique. It was true that it was Robert Moreno, in the last appearance of him as a coach (November 2019) who made him debut, but later, since September 2020, Luis Enrique has done him his. When he was quoted by Moreno, Olmo played in Croatia. That is, in a very secondary league. His leap to the Leipzig, who in the summer of 2020 came to the semifinals of the Champions, put him a little more in the focus of the great public, but this German team is still a secondary that, however, has one of the Fixed for Spain.

The type with best average scoring that all large Europeans in their selections (12 in 21 matches) is, as well, a bet of Luis Enrique. He fell in love with him during the 19/20 season in Valencia, and when he returned to the charge of coach it became essential. Same as Guardiola in the City, he sees him as a front center because, despite his speed and overflow, the most attention is his ease to see door, something innate that justifies, for example, in the coach's eyes, the absence of A 9 pure in this list. Ferran, like the rest of his companions, was not, in any case, one of those names that people had in his head. But...

First. Just 200 minutes at first. Just 17 years old. Just 173 centimeters of height ... Just, just, just ... Just nothing, you should have thought the Asturian, who has had to deal with criticism since last Thursday until this Wednesday, just a week, when the youngest debutant of The story of Spain unfolded a football in San Siro who silenced the voices against. "It does not matter how the age you have, here is not regarding the DNI," repeats the alter, which has put on the Barça boy that dose of madness that accompanies him on the bench. The second: a Villarreal bullet who, to this call, meets six games as a starter (it is true that he participated in 24 in the 20/21 season). He is 18 years old and also looks like he has come to stay or, something he likes Luis Enrique more, compete with Olmo and Ferrán.

Of those 27 debutants, most are very young. This is how Luis Enrique is and these are the (blessed) crazy people. Ah! And a last sentence of that July 19, 2018.

-I do not think I have to be nice.

He has also fulfilled his word.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 05:51

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