The cuban artist that has put in jeopardy the marriage of Alejandro Sanz

So is the new girlfriend of Alexander SanzLas tears to the couple's most famous for this summer This Friday, the journal "Heart" was to cover the world excl

The cuban artist that has put in jeopardy the marriage of Alejandro Sanz
So is the new girlfriend of Alexander SanzLas tears to the couple's most famous for this summer

This Friday, the journal "Heart" was to cover the world exclusive of the new partner of the singer Alejandro Sanz . After several months of investigation after announcing his separation with Raquel Perera , with which he was seven years married and two children in common, Dylan and Soul , finally puts a name and face to that third person in discord. Is called a Rachael Valdes , 30 years old, artist and model of cuban origin. In the end, the time and images have shown what many are reluctant to believe, or defined as a distance with many possibilities of renconciliación. In fact, this week many media echoed the assistance of Rachel to the concert in Miami with his son Dylan, giving to understand that she had closeness.

Nothing could be further from the reality. It is true, as stated by the singer, which are going to remain a family and maintain a good relationship. In fact, Rachel, after spending the summer in Spain, he returned to Miami a few weeks ago for the start of the school year. For the moment we have moved with their children to a nearby house to the mansion that, until now, lived with the singer. And it has also been seen in the offices that this is in the center of the city.

The new muse of the singer, which, coincidences of life, is called just like his ex, he met through friends in common in both of music and of art. The model starred in the music video "Traitor", from Marc Anthony , and is a successful artist who has conquered Times Square two years ago by presenting three huge panels of mirrors three dimensional. She has a son of 5 years, the result of a previous partner. For a few months, maintains a relationship with Alejandro, to the point that has accompanied him on the first concerts of the american tour. Both travel in a private jet and have visited New York, Chicago, Orlando and Washington. The model enjoyed a lot the stay in Chicago, where he dared to hang up some pictures of your visit to the Pavilion Jay Pritzker, a temple of music designed by the architect Frank Gehry . Also in Washington, the couple went out to dinner and visited some historical monuments, including the obelisk, or monument of the city. All of this under some security measures, since the singer is very jealous of his private life and doesn't like to be captured by the paparazzi.

Installed in MiamiLa still wife of singer, Raquel Perera

on The 5th of September after his concert in Orlando, the couple decided not to spend the night in the city and came to Miami on a private flight about 1:30 in the morning. From the airport they were held up to the mansion the singer was in Miami, where Rachel is now almost installed. So much so that both were seen a few days ago at a supermarket near you. Hence, to many of us to call the attention that the recording of the program of Bertin "My house is yours", the past month of June, would not be held in the mansion of the singer and used a rental. Then the break was already underway, and were not present for visits.

The environment of the singer is already familiar to Rachel, and even make sure that he himself wants to formalize the relationship in order to avoid speculations, but neither is left to see. This Tuesday, taking a break from the tour, both took to navigate through the canals of Miami to board your luxury boat, being very complicit and loving. Before the romantic walk, the safety of the singer is instructed to verify that there was no photographers in the surrounding area. But in the end the paparazzi Group Diarma the hunted.

Sources close to the couple claim that Rachel also has been this summer in Spain, enjoying a few days on the finca in Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres). A stay in which would have taken the opportunity to get to know the two eldest children of the singer, Alexander and Manuela . Both the least and the follow through of the social networks. This is not the first time that the cuban will visit our country, since for years spend a lot of time in Barcelona, where he expanded his artistic studies and has located its headquarters creative where you assemble the materials, large-scale imports from Germany.

creative Freedom

Rachel is very loved in his country where he graduated from the Academy San Alejandro, in 2010. And two years later exhibited in full Malecón habanero a large panel of mirrors where the cubans sitting they could see reflected their own misery. A work reflective. It is one of the artists claimed in The Biennial of Cuba, and from a few days ago participates in a collective exhibition at the gallery, Havana. Ensures to feel free, never tied to a single posture, technique, and expressive. A creative freedom which it shares with Alexander, who also dared to paint a year ago, when he made an exhibition neoexpresionista next to his friend, the artist contemporary Domingo Zapata , in the HG Contemporary Gallery in New York. Rachel, they say, will inspire many of the upcoming songs that Sanz debuts soon. He was right when he said that his heart was beating in another direction. An encrypted message that only the experts in poetry were able to decipher.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 06:00

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