The defense of Ana Julia offered a covenant to the parents to avoid the trial

A helplessness atrozAna Julia Quezada was three hours in the estate of Rodalquilar on the day of the crime Ana Julia Quezada is the first woman facing a sente

The defense of Ana Julia offered a covenant to the parents to avoid the trial
A helplessness atrozAna Julia Quezada was three hours in the estate of Rodalquilar on the day of the crime

Ana Julia Quezada is the first woman facing a sentence of permanent prison for the murder of Gabriel , eight years. The request by the Prosecution and the private prosecution exercised by the parents of the child. His defense is asking for that to be convicted of a homicide, reckless or of a subsidiary, for culpable homicide, a fork of between three and ten years. However, their attorneys, Esteban Hernandez and Beatriz Gámez, turno de oficio, were willing to Ana Julia to accept a greater penalty –for up to fifteen years, the maximum for manslaughter–. That, before they go to trial.

The lawyers provided to the opposing party to a covenant, to achieve a accordance for the statement of the case with a double objective , explained to ABC. The fundamental reason was to prevent parents passing by the trance of a trial and having to relive the worst days of her life, they argue. The other reason, less altruistic, was out of Ana Julia the horizon of the maximum penalty, and perhaps be able to reduce the amounts that it claims the Attorney-in concept of reparations for moral damage : 600,000 euros to the parents, 160,000 for the maternal grandmother and other 170.000 for the medical expenses in respect of injuries and psychological sequelae. But it was a covenant failed.

The attorney who represents Angel Cruz and Patricia Ramirez, Francisco Torres, believes that Ana Julia committed a crime of murder with malice and venom , in addition to two offences of injury-psychic, and two against moral integrity. Torres was only willing to such an agreement if the defence accepted the permanent prison. With these differences insurmountable, it will be the first warden and the judge Alejandra Dodero after those who decide the future criminal accused of killing Gabriel.

completion of the shift of the witnesses and experts of the Civil Guard, tomorrow will take place behind closed doors –demanded by the parents and agreed to the Hearing of Almeria– a session decisive and raw. Coroners, medical examiners and doctors from the National Institute of Toxicology expose the causes of the death of the child and several experts explain the psychological damage and the sequels that dragged Angel Cruz and Patricia Ramirez to the root of your child's crime.

Two hematomas

on the one hand, attend the coroner who handled the autopsy of Gabriel and the histopatólogos who completed that test. The report determined that the boy died by "mechanical asphyxia by suffocation" to cover the accused with his hands the nose and the mouth "using a force disproportionate with respect to the child to overcome the resistance of the victim," according to the Prosecutor's office. Up to there the story, the choking, matches the version maintained from the beginning by Ana Julia.

however, since the first day of trial, the lawyer Paco Torres advanced to on what basis the shaft of his indictment. A second forensic report (of part), which, as explained, holds that Gabriel agonized between 45 and 90 minutes before the accused it would stifle follow-on.

Previously, according to this thesis, before you hit the child with force against the floor, against the wall or even using a blunt object . That sequence of the macabre would explain the two bruises that presented in the head –in the back and front– that, in no case were consencuencia of the choking, but that is caused when Gabriel was still alive, according to Torres.

The lawyer in your initial report, huge hardness, spoke of the "somanta de palos" , he explained that the child vomited while he was alive and finally the accused so suffocated, almost an hour after. Was eloquent to ensure that not killed him by accident, as it ensures your defense, but premeditated and with vengeance, hence, Gabriel had no option of getting out alive of the estate of Rodalquilar. "Why not called the 112, someone?" Instead of doing this, Ana Julia was devoted then to paint a door and smoking, explained, and spent three hours and twelve minutes in the place that evening, according to the experts of the Civil Guard traced his phone.

The Jury will listen to all the medical experts and will decide what version you create to motivate your verdict. The object of the verdict is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, after the conclusions and final reports. Ana Julia has the option of taking back the word. It is unlikely that any of the parties to vary your position. The lawyer of the accused has been presented during these days several complaints to the magistrate to consider that it is violating their right of defense when the judge has prevented cross-examine or return to the floor. The sources consulted are inclined to a verdict express.

Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 08:01

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