The emergency department at the Camp Nou

The riddles around Messi are on tenterhooks at the barcelonismoValverde: "I have Not wanted to read the interview to Messi""to Win the Copa del Rey was the t

The emergency department at the Camp Nou
The riddles around Messi are on tenterhooks at the barcelonismoValverde: "I have Not wanted to read the interview to Messi""to Win the Copa del Rey was the trigger of the impeachment"

Barcelona and Valencia they met again today after the final of the Copa del Rey that the whole che won last may 25 in a picture very different to that we lived that night at the Benito Villamarín. Land the set to the east at the Camp Nou in the throes of an inconceivable institutional crisis, with an unexpected and criticised relay on the bench and forced to overcome to pacify a fire that Peter Lim, the owner of the club, has taken charge of spread. is Albert Celades , the child of the Fifth of the Mini that he shared a locker room with the Galacticos of Florentino, takes on the challenge without any type of experience in a locker room of elite, which is where Marcellin has left Valencia , classifying it to the Champions league in the last two seasons and winning the Copa del Rey.

Precisely, the pursuit of the trophy, ko, held in Mestella high for everything, has been one of the causes that has led to his unexpected departure. The Cup final is nearly cost him the position to Valverde after the defeat but surprisingly the deposed has been the coach winner, who has reported the express order of "pull the Cup", something incomprehensible for a team that accumulated eleven years without winning a title. "We did not receive any greeting in Seville on the part of the owner. When the 19 of July I went to Singapore, congratulated me for the Champions league and not the Cup . You will be able to understand my surprise. For the club it was a competition of high school and put at risk the classification for the Champions league... when the pass against Getafe was key for what we get", desvelaba yesterday Marcellin .

A poisoned Cup

The technical spaniard was ratified in his complaint: "I Am sure, absolutely, that the trigger of this situation was the Cup. During the season we receive direct messages, and other people that we had to reject the Cup. The fans wanted the Cup. The players also. is We, the coaching staff, we wanted to fight and win the Cup . Win it was the trigger of this situation. Who I was going to say."

Facing the Valencia one of their weeks that are more complicated (after their match against Barcelona visit Chelsea next Tuesday in their first match of the group stage of the Champions league) thrown in depression, traumatized and divided . If the template has shown its support to Marcellin, the slipway has openly criticised Peter Lim and Albert Celades has already received its first criticism without having made his debut yet. " Dispense Marcellin is an outrage tremendous , has achieved their sporting goals with a vengeance. I think that Celades did not know where it has gotten, has lost all concept of honor and ethics," he atizaba Santi Cañizares, a myth in the history of Valencia and authoritative voice in the analysis of the timeliness of the club on the river Turia. "We're going to try to earn the respect from all over the world with our work, and in the best possible way, We are dealing with to be able to work and manage it in the best way", defended Celades in his first public appearance in front of the Valencia.

Rodrigo and Gameiro will be headlines tonight. The two strikers who scored to give valencia the Cup that has cost the job of Marcellin. "What if the property has asked me to not compete for the Cup? We have not discussed anything," says the new coach of Valencia, give continuity to the project of Marcellin because "we have not come to break with what he had and we want to take advantage of the good things that have happened." The irony in a situation so surreal is that playing in the Camp Nou for Celades will be balsamic taking into account the environment that could be found in Mestalla.

A club with emergency

The Barcelona faces the duel with the duty-to-beat and convince after a hesitant start to a League where you only have got four points. The absence of Messi, the poor performance of Griezmann and the misplacement of De Jong are interspersed with the discontent of Rakitic, the disenchantment with Dembélé and the failed attempts to get Neymar. With this panorama will Valverde for the avoidance of doubt and reconquer a Camp Nou that already gives priority to win ahead of playing well , according to data from a satisfaction survey submitted by the club itself.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 10:00

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