The epiphany of the historic standard of Superdepor with his son Nico

That had something of Epiphany. Or, at least, that's what Fran González thinks, legendary legged boot of that novierter and distópic superdé that put Spanish

The epiphany of the historic standard of Superdepor with his son Nico

That had something of Epiphany. Or, at least, that's what Fran González thinks, legendary legged boot of that novierter and distópic superdé that put Spanish football legs up. Fran, who never stopped playing Pachangas which blessed sickness of the ball, was leaving his ankles with some of those companions with whom he conquered a league, two glasses of the king and three supercopes of Spain. Nico (La Coruña, 2002) -Although Fran, his father, prefers to call him Nicolas- he looked at everything that old glories did from a corner. He was almost always sitting. But that day he began to imitate gestures, movements. Seeing it was for Fran a revelation. To know what the hell he saw him, but he was not wrong. The Rubito Child who resisted playing football debuted last weekend with the first team of Barcelona. The plan is that he inherits the post of Busquets.

Although Nico, we said, was not born with a ball as a pillow no matter how much his father was still active when he was born. The mountaineers, Modesto Club Coruñés who during a good stage planted face of the friendly to the deportivo in the lower categories, was going to be where he learned. But Nico, after a couple of weeks training, said that he did not return there. He spent a year without playing. As a prebenjamin that he was, what he played then was playing in a closed pavilion, and not in an outdoor field. It was the only thing he asked.

He finished the season, and Fran tried to find a way that there was a second chance. Again in the mountaineers. And he reached a covenant with those responsible for him. Nico would not have to step on the pavilion as the rest of the age of his age. He could play in the field. But with a peliaguda condition: upload a couple of categories and play with two children or even three years older than him. So it was. And so he hooked into a train that did not stop anymore.

Another determining moment arrived: the Alevín Tournament that is disputed in Vilagarcía de Arousa, showcase where the talent collectors are distributed the possible stars of the future. The mountaineers, which few expected at that summer celebration of 2012 that brought together the best clubs in Spain together with others on the continent, coincided in its group with Real Madrid, Porto and, yes, with Barcelona. Nico said like few. And he scored two goals to the azulgrana, prelude to what he would arrive.

The press put the focus. Real Madrid stood strongly. It also did the Barcelona. And sportsman? Logic was not such in this case. The interest of the Spanner in Nico went to Rebufo of the other offers. Although Fran wanted to hear what they proposed, he finished weighing more the past, the problems he had had former footballer with the Eternal President, Augusto César Lendoiro. Fran. During those conversations, which did not end well, he requested that his son could be wrapped by some of those who had been his companions in the mountaineers, hired by the Dépor. He did not like the answer, and there he finished everything.

Fran, who is now head of the quarry sportsman, who during his career and despite the opportunities he had never left La Coruña, was going to give the step this time. But otherwise. The priority option of Fran for the son of him was not that of Barcelona. But there weighted the opinion of Gema, the wife of Him, and the one of the Nico himself, haunted by the Mitomania of the Great Barça of the Xavi, Iniesta or Messi. Together with the other two daughters of him, Macarena and Carlota, the family left everything to go to live in Sant Cugat. Nico was 11 years old.

Emotional adaptation was never a problem. In fact, in the studios the things that happened when they offered him to take first and second of that at the same time, he did not hesitate. He took both courses in a year and with a note. After passing the selectivity he began administration and management of companies in the UCAM of Murcia. Although a year ago he decided to take a while to focus on a dream like a blue hazard who, for some time, was questioned.

In Barcelona, after several tests, they predicted that the child would end around the 1'90 of stature (they were not wrong, it now measures 1'88). So the sports management understood that despite the ability of him, passability and rue of him, and besides completion, he should be torn as a mediocentro. And that Fran, by the technical characteristics of him, preferred to see it more advanced. For four years he had a total education as six. At age 15 he grew more than 20 centimeters and rose 20 kilos of weight. His body uncovered and in the lower categories of Barcelona they became doubtful before Fran's growing concern, who saw how his son was not a determined club bet. While the future was chiseling from promises such as Ansu Fati or the now section Ilaix Moriba, Nico was always in the background.

Even when Fran spent two years with the City working on the Sub-18 team, he had the option to take his son with Manchester. But Nico, stubborn, did not want. His father always thought that all the obstacles he was dealing at the Masia made him stronger. A year ago, in fact, he was doing the preseason with the youth in honor division. Fran, demanding and consistent in the role of his father, was scared. But he also evidenced that the worse things were painted, the more he yielded. He resisted. Nico ended up carrying the handle of a subsidiary in which he came to leave an afternoon playing on the right side. Koeman threw his eye. And he was convinced that he would need his game, to one and two touches. And that of his physical of him, robust and contradictory of him before him with the dwelling.

Fran have asked him all his life if his son looks like him. The first impression of whom she looks offers a rupture refusal. For being a careful and he left, for his physique, for his position ... but Fran's mirror, the one who counts, insists on returning the same image of his greatness times, the same ruling, the same feeling of doing what Let him come with the ball. With that parsimonious and Galician expression that nothing happens. But everything happens.

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