The false theory that Dolores Vázquez was in love with Alicia Nosos

There is a legal aphorism that reads like this: "Give me the fact and I will give you the right." The 'case Wanninkhof' is the clear example that it was n

The false theory that Dolores Vázquez was in love with Alicia Nosos

There is a legal aphorism that reads like this: "Give me the fact and I will give you the right." The 'case Wanninkhof' is the clear example that it was not fulfilled, so it is still one of the most serious mistakes in the history of the modern Spanish judiciary. The DocuSerie Dolores. The truth about the Wanninkhof case looks like the room of a forensic anatomical laboratory where Alice Hornos and Dolores Vázquez is booted from cupping the hearts so that they flow to bobotons the found encounters that still suffer after twenty years.

On the surface of the investigation of the 19-year-old dew murder underlies a leskophobic story that in 1999 acquired dramatic dyes because the love between two women was little less than a sacrilege. The love-hate-passion relationship between both is reflected in the narrative of the documentary. They are the face and the cross of the same story told from the rescolds of a fragmented memory since the two are pieces of what they remember. The words of Loli and Alicia are nailed to each other.

When tan toñi - warrant and producer executive-scrutiny, arrange afrees (IN) satisfied that transit between the truthful, how can I can see and the plausible. Maybe in the mendaz? By voices to the voices of the two sufferians, their sentimental relationship describe it according to the experienced perception. Alicia is naked: "I notice that I'm falling in love with her because I feel many things for her stomach, many rare things when I'm with her and when I'm not, I miss her. With her I get nervous, a rare thing (... ) With her I felt things that I had not felt with my husband. I was that she did not see her as a woman, I saw her different because women do not like them. But she liked it. " In another plane, from the most absolute serenity than many fortified, dolls sentence: "For my part there was no infatuation, it was rather by the part of it."

In this story of meetings and disagreements, dew and its brothers (Guillermo and Rosa Blanca) are those who maintain these two women together. Both work, feel passion for creatures, but the income gap is evident. The economic theme is not inappropriate, rather there is an internal struggle to see who wins in the affection of those three young people who are blooming towards adulthood. When the mother can not be aware of them, Dolores is going to look for them at school, he gives them to dinner, bathes them ... "She is very affectionate with the children and with me," says Alicia.

There were details that each one interpreted them according to its own frame of reference. "He was a very detailed and very splendid person, I was lying down and woke me up with a bouquet of roses or was very tired and she opened a bottle of champagne," describes Alice, while in another plane, Dolores emphasizes that "Yes, things. So I like them a lot. They are times that I sometimes like to remember because they are part of my life too. " Alicia returns to recalcate at another time of the interview that "Loli is a generous person, but then she is charged it, but it is generous. It is not stingy. I have also been generous with her. And mine too. We have been all generous, with each other. "

The days and the three siblings are converted into change coins. The feeling of possession comes among those two women who decided to get to know each other better when they took the tea for the first time. The architect of that meeting was Guillermo Wanninkhof, the Dutch Grandullón whom Alicia had known at a hotel in one of those Veranos Ibizos in which an extra diner was taken after collecting olives in the Father's Jienense field. They married in 1974 and moved to Torremolinos because he offered him a job at a hotel. Who was going to tell you that Guillermo was the architect that between Alicia and Loli a 'something else' would arise.

La Gallega had just bought a house in the exclusive urbanization El Chaparral (Mijas) and as neighbors wanted to get along. "Really she thought she had a relationship with her's ex-husband because we were talking, it was Amenos, she had a foreign mentality similar to mine ...", confesses Loli. However, what none expected is that those infusions exercised pothom for a romantic story between two female that ended in tragedy. At that moment, Alicia was divorcing.

Both were cultivating their relationship, although collecting different feelings. At one point, an extrovert Alicia decided to take a great step: "My parents spoke very clear about what happened to me and my parents understood perfectly, we are seven brothers and their partners and a lot of nephews, twenty-first nephews. Yes , everyone knew that we had a relationship. For my part. For the part of it, no. She never admitted our relationship ". The reaction of Dolores did not wait: "It was a somewhat strange relationship for me because it bothered me a lot that I had commented on it to her sister." That was the first friction point.

And the mother of Dolores appeared. She came to live with them. She was impeded and her daughter took care of her, that's why pains currently receive 415.22 euros per month. It is not a pension. Refrigeration rejected and the reproaches arrived. "His mother began to put a lot of tares," Alicia alleges, who describes creepy events: "We were eating and Loli threw the table and on another occasion he pulls it to the ground and drags her hairs because the mother insults me." The reaction of the daughter did not wait: "If Alicia says that I hit my mother she has no forgiveness of God (...) She was jealous of my mother." But there is no thing, since the Jienense felt as if she were maid and pains the lady who arrived home and left the briefcase to give it all done. Once again, the children were in the center of their controversy: "I noticed my nervous child, it was a punishment about punishment. A Rocío punished her without going to the beach or the pool in the middle of summer here on the coast. What Before it was all love and all well-being was the opposite. " The former condemned is not considered violent, "but I say what I think and if I have to call you daughter of p ... I tell you. And if I have to put on the street in the street, I'll put you."

That October 9, 1999 everything changed for the couple. Twenty-four days later, Rosa Blanca identified the corpse of her sister. There were no evidence, only assembled signs on possibilities and not about probabilities. Even so, Dolores spent 519 days in prison. "At that moment I feel impotence, anger, because at the same time I love her very much, but at that moment I am hating her to rage. And what I want is that she rot, that she dies." Dolores was absent. Alicia's pain leads him to affirm that "I was threatened because he did not want to go back to live with her because he already had a relationship with a man. I told him that ours was over forever (...) Then she told me: ' You're going to cry blood tears and I'll give you where it hurts more. " Before Toñi Moreno, before those cameras that she has always hated, Loli wonders: "Do not you think that did not influence the jury, which did not influence people day by day?

More than two decades later, Alicia is still alive. He admits that "sleepy nightmares, I wake up often crying, screaming, I imagine it has had a good life. But it had to have been a life of hell, like the one I am suffering from and how my daughter suffered." Alicia longs for a face-to-face encounter to be able to talk. Dolores does not feel in the same way. Forgiveness does not seem to be in the dictionary of her. When Toñi asks Loli if she still wants her, Alicia answers that "I can not tell you that in front of a camera, if you turn it off, she answered you. It is very strong."

Meanwhile, Loli replicates: "I have also loved it very much, but not that way, it gives me a lot of grief. Penalty in the good sense of the word, that feelings have not been reciprocal in that way.

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