The first body examination of Esther López does not throw signs of violence

Since last Saturday a hiker will find the corpse of Esther López in a ditch at the transpinedo entrance (Valladolid), the Civil Guard is centered on the most di

The first body examination of Esther López does not throw signs of violence

Since last Saturday a hiker will find the corpse of Esther López in a ditch at the transpinedo entrance (Valladolid), the Civil Guard is centered on the most difficult questions: what happened to him and who left his body there. The coordinates of the disappearance of it and later death of it begin to be ordered with the passage of hours and the first conclusions of it, as sources point up close to research, are inclined because the nature of Esther's death could not Be homicated. However, the autopsy, whose results will be known in the next few hours, will determine if they are right.

In the first inspection of the corpse, no external signs of violence were appreciated, they support sources close to research. The 35-year-old woman appeared dressed in the same clothes with which she left the house of her afternoon-night of January 12 and retained all her belongings. She was wearing her black hunter.

In parallel to police and forensic work, politicians imposed some bewilderment in the Sunday Day that, at this time, is open in Canal. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, at the act held in León on the occasion of the elections of next 13-F and when he spoke about feminism, a homicidal condition gave the death of security forces and bodies From the State they are working so that it does not "impune" its death, and for its authors, he stressed, "end where they have to end."

For his part, the delegate of the executive against gender violence, Victoria Rosell, indicated that the death of Esther López had a "violent" nature. Rosell slid her conclusions through Twitter and, after referring to the death of Esther as a "violent" death, she gave the condolences to her family and asked to avoid "elucubrations" and "information they can do more damage" . Sources close to the government's delegate against gender violence, which is a career magistrate, clarifying this newspaper that in the forensic area the term "violent death" is not synonymous with homicide but, they explain, "it is all external cause, Including accidental, suicidal violent death or any other non-natural ".

Beyond he was the President of the Popular Party, Paul Married, on Saturday that on Twitter he came to ask for the revisionable Permanent Prison. The tuit of him received harsh criticism. To the condolences of Esther's relatives, the Popular Leader added: "We vindicate the revisionable permanent prison, who wanted to repeal the left, to prevent these savages from recuridating."

Also citizens, through the same social network that married, was pronounced in this regard by asking judicial responsibilities. "We hope that all the weight of the law falls on those who have committed this horrible crime."

Esther's lifeless body was found at ten thirty on Saturday morning in a road to the transpinedo entrance, in an area that had already been slaughtered and it is located right on the opposite side of the area in which the researchers had activated their most powerful radar: the house (and its surroundings) of the so far unique accounted for by Judge, Ramón C., Alias El Handyman, a man with a police sheet truffled background, among them, by drug traffic. It is investigated if the case could be related to this end.

Next to him, the agents have investigated two other people: the Carolo and Óscar, the two friends of Esther with whom he was at dawn in which he disappeared after having seen a football game at a bar in the center of transpinedo, a locality Of just 1,200 inhabitants. These two men have provided statement several times before researchers and Óscar has offered several versions at this time.

The Handyman came to spend six days stopped, in which he initiated a hunger strike as protest, and the judge who instructs the case released him at the lack of solid signs against him. He was released with charges and remains accused. Esther López appeared in an area that the researchers had not established as a priority, because they were focused on the urbanization in which the trail was lost to the woman and also in the River Douro.

Date Of Update: 06 February 2022, 20:49

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