The first death by Jaime Ostos in the Plaza de All de Tarazona

On July 17, 1963, a part of death from Torero Jaime Ostos was drafted to which extremely being given. It was the first "death" of the right career recently

The first death by Jaime Ostos in the Plaza de All de Tarazona

On July 17, 1963, a part of death from Torero Jaime Ostos was drafted to which extremely being given. It was the first "death" of the right career recently at age 90.

That day Ostos participated in the Taurine fair of the town of Zaragozana de Tarazona, sharing a poster with the Rejoner Angel Peralta and the Matadores Santiago Martín El Viti and the Snail, with livestock of Andrés Ramos.

One of the afternoon bull, named one name, gave him a brutal corn in the groin that seed him the iliac vein.

The reflections of Angel Peralta, by introducing his fist into the wound, from which he was blood to burbotons, were fundamental to prevent the bullfighter from dying in the same sand.

Jaime Ostos was immediately transferred to the nursing of the square, where doctors did everything possible to save his life in a few conditions that have nothing to do with those of today.

Pilar Carcavilla, Taurian Taurian Chronicler, recalled in Radio Zaragoza that "Jaime Ostos entered the infirmary with a minimum of seven tensile, who then went down to five and continued down. They almost play it, but thanks to the bravery first of Peralta and after the local doctor Félix Ylarri and Dr. Antonio Val Carreres, managed to save him life. "

The bullfighter was operated in the same infirmary, where "he was milvaged, somehow all those veins and arteries, keeping him a sufficient tension to move it to Zaragoza."

The cornada occurred over 17.45 hours in the afternoon and the bullfighter came out of nursing at 00.7 in morning, heading at a Zaragoza clinic. There were 19 hours of fight for his life.

The TuriasOnses turned to donate blood for the bullfighter: "The people of Tarazona threw themselves as flies to go to donate blood," said Carcavilla.

Up to five liters were necessary, as reported later in a letter, the doctors who attended it.

But the situation was so critical that, in the same nursing, the bullfighter was given the extreme and realized that his death certificate was drafted.

"The priest came from the square, they called him because he was dying. But I repeat, there they moved Ylarri and Val Carreres so that did not happen," says Carcavilla.

Once recovered, Ostos came to make statements in which he questioned medical performance in the Plaza de Tarazona, which caused a claim on the part of the children of Val Carreres. The demand was withdrawn in the same judgment, "after receiving the apologies and the gratitude of Ostos."

His relationship with Aragon went back to 1956 when at the Feria del Pilar de Zaragoza Jaime Ostos took the alternative on October 13, the hand of Miguel Baez Litri and in the presence of Antonio Ordoñez.

And in the laying there was an exceptional viewer, the writer Ernest Hemingway.

The Nobel Prize for Literature had come to Zaragoza in search of the tasks of Ordoñez, then considered as "the best bullfighter who puts the world in the world at this time."

The writer, who took advantage of the visit to know the Aragonese territory, would attend, then, at the alternative of Jaime Ostos.

Outside of the wheel, on October 6, 1964 he was baptized at the Basilica of Pilar Jaime, second son of Jaime Ostos fruit of his marriage with Consuelo Alcalá.

The baby, who was called Jaime María del Pilar, received the baptismal water wrapped in a walk of his father's walk with the virgin embroidered and, as the tradition sends, was passed at the feet of the column of the Virgin in the hands of a Children's

By celebrating the ceremony in full parties of the Pilar, the mayor of Zaragoza, Luis Gómez Laguna, the queens, his bridesmaids and well-known families, was considered "a social event".

The godparents, María Rosa Orad and José Tormo, and the parents of the little one had to make efforts to cross the "human wall" that focused on the doors of the temple.

The aperitif and a cold dinner to celebrate the event, enlivened by an Aragonese Rondalla, was held at the Great Hotel in the Aragonese Capital.

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