The flight to Portugal of the mother denicalist and the antivacunas video that made his children record

Cristina M. C. Hidden with her children in the Portuguese municipality of Aljezur so that the father of the children could not vaccinate them. Up to this town

The flight to Portugal of the mother denicalist and the antivacunas video that made his children record

Cristina M. C. Hidden with her children in the Portuguese municipality of Aljezur so that the father of the children could not vaccinate them. Up to this town of neighbor Algarve followed her the trail of her the Civil Guard with intention to stop her and return the children of her with her father, who had been seeing more than two months without seeing them. The surveillance remained along Tuesday on the same street where the family had been located.

The agents waited throughout the day to be left on the public road. But the day had left rainy and did not have a trace of the fugitive or her children, maybe because the atmosphere was unpackable. On Wednesday, early in the morning, the woman returned to Seville with her children to appear before the guard court.

Convalenting of pneumonia, according to his lawyer, Cristina gave himself directly to justice with the confidence that he would avoid the trance to finish in a dungeon. However, the Civil Guard stopped at the Judician Headquarters and moved it to the Command of Montequinto (two sisters), where the night would go before the judge, the holder of the Break of Instruction Number 10 of Seville, I take a statement predictably This same Thursday.

Thus ended the flight to the desperate of this woman, 46, in his unsuccessful attempt to avoid immunization against the VOCID-19 of his children, influenced by the antivacional movements to the point of reneging not only of the specific formulas against the Coronavirus but other drugs of similar nature.

The mother had previously tried unsuccessful to convince the justice that the risks of the coreavirus vaccine are unhealthy for her children, after months of keeping a pulse with the father on the matter.

Given the determination of this vaccination the children when possible, the woman presented a judicial lawsuit that she lost. In fact, the judge granted the Father the unique custody exclusively for the purpose of vaccination against Covid and in relation to other vaccines that had pending.

In the process, the Institute of Legal Medicine of Seville had issued a report in which it certified that there was no health reason that led to fear some kind of contraindication for any of the children in relation to vaccination.

The Judicial Resolution could be executed immediately and was then when Cristina decided to go with the children to Jerez, to take them away from his father, which also supposed that the children stopped going to class at the SECONDARY SECONDER OF TUMETS (SEVILLA) The one who are enrolled.

By then, David K. I could still talk on the phone with their children, who did not understand at all why they were in Jerez and why they could not continue with their studies. Cristina's lawyer sent him a Burofax in which he warned him of the decision made by the woman, who justified before the fear that the children were vaccinated without the consent of it.

The contact in the distance remained until mid-December, when it was a sister of Cristina who denounced the disappearance of the woman with her children. On December 16, the judge had temporarily retired the custody of her children to give it exclusively to her's father.

And, from that moment, David could no longer contract his children. This has been all Christmas, recalls the lawyer of his father, José Javier Toucedo. Included on Christmas Eve who, according to the distribution of the agreed times before the family relationship is disturbed, the children had to pass with their father.

At some point in the getaway, the woman would have recorded a video of her children in which these supposedly manifest that they do not want to be vaccinated. David's lawyer, José Javier Toucedo, grants that document very little credibility and judicial journey, because it is a picked testimony after undergoing children at an unbearable emotional pressure, isolated from his friends, from his father and the rest of his their families. And fleits from your country. Subsequently, the minors, and together with their father, would have reported that they received instructions on what they should say and how.

The woman's lawyer, Borja Gómez Martínez-Fresneda, considers "inhuman" the detention of Cristina, given that this had voluntarily presented himself before the judge and had given his children. He remembers that the woman is convalescing and that this has been known to the court in the writing previously sent to the presentation of her before justice.

It also considers that the crime of minor subtraction only occurs in unpretestified situations. And, in this case, the opposition of the mother to vaccination is a "reasonable justification".

However, José Javier Toucedo recalls that the judge already resolved in favor of being the Father who makes the decision about vaccination and, therefore, justification is not acceptable from the legal point of view.

Cristina has become, that she knows, in the first mother in Spain that flees with her children to prevent them from being vaccinated against the Covid. She chose to hide from justice a white town of the Portuguese Algarve, of Arabic origin, with a bustling harbor that in the past was a refuge of navigators on the route to America and today is an enviable tourist destination. There, she also made the decision to end the flight of her subjected to the pressure of the media after knowing the case of her and the follow-up of the Civil Guard.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 04:03

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