The frustrated romance of King Jorge VI of England with a married woman

At seven thirty on the morning of February 6, 1952, the Valet Real knocked on the door of the room where Jorge VI slept at Sandringham House (Norfolk), the wint

The frustrated romance of King Jorge VI of England with a married woman

At seven thirty on the morning of February 6, 1952, the Valet Real knocked on the door of the room where Jorge VI slept at Sandringham House (Norfolk), the winter residence of the British royal family. His obligation was to wake him up at that time. And, after insisting several times without the monarch became alluded, he decided to open the door and penetrate the bedroom. He found the dead British sovereign. The doctors would determine immediately that his heart had stopped beat shortly after midnight, while he slept, suffering a coronary thrombosis.

The past Domigo 70 years of the death of Jorge VI, head of the United Kingdom and their domains that then encompassed vast territories in all the continents in which one in five inhabitants of the globe lived, even though London had lost A few years before the jewel of the crown, India, and with it Jorge VI had stopped being emperor.

The fulminating disappearance of the king at 56 caught everyone by surprise. Included, of course, the first-born daughter of him, Isabel. The princess had traveled with her husband, Felipe de Edinburgh, to Kenya, where the royal couple planned to start a long tour of Africa and Oceania. Complications with communications from the time and a problem with the key encryption system employed by the British Embassy made the young Isabel find out what happened.

That day he had risen as a heiress princess in the formidable facilities of a Kenyan Hunting Park and he would end up receiving the entourage that accompanied marriage, besides the condolence, the treatment that as suspicious corresponded to him as a new Head of State. Isabel II, which according to historians will pass posterity as the Great, is the queen who has pulverized all records. And this 2022 the United Kingdom and the entire Commonwealth are already prepared to celebrate their platinum jubilee on the occasion of its seven decades of reign, ranges that seek apotheosics and that in Buckingham they trust that they are not blurred by any scandal of the Dynasty, especially the judgment to Prince Andrés for the thorny issue of sexual abuse.

Well known is the anecdote that was lived when Isabel II and her husband landed in London a day after the death of the king. The monarch had to wait a few minutes inside the plane until a palace stewardess came with a black suit to be able to change clothes and let himself be seen at the end of rigorous mourning. Since then, among the locker room that has accompanied the sovereign in the infinite travel of it during these decades has never been a jet-up set.

Jorge VI expired after a rapid deterioration of his health, shortly after being subjected to a lung cancer operation. For the British people it was a real shock, because the unexpected king, the man who had been forced to sit on the throne without wishing it, the second he never received preparation to assume the crown, had worked as a magnificent monarch in a stage As difficult as World War II.

It seemed at this point that everything was already known about his biography. And yet, on the eve of this round anniversary of his death, he has known a letter from Eduardo VIII-brother of our protagonist- who would demonstrate that, in his youth, Alberto - name of who would become Jorge Vi- would have Maintained a loving relationship with a married woman, the Australian socialite Lady Sheila Loughborough. The prince, very young then, was still a single. And the Affaire would have prolonged between 1918 and 1920, when Alberto's father, King Jorge V took letters in the matter and forced the dear second son of him to cut mooring with the little appropriate lover of him. Shortly after the prince would receive the title of Duke of York and would meet Isabel Bowes-Lyon, belonging to an old dynasty of Scottish aristocracy, with which he contradicts marriage in 1923.

How important it would be Isabel in the reign of Jorge Vi ...

Alberto, born in 1895, was the second son of the future Kings Jorge V and María de Teck. Bad student and with a severe stuttering that would mark him all the life of him, he was predestined to a continuous role that he married well with the introspective character of him. But any change with the earthquake for the British monarchy that supposed, in December 1936 the abdication of Him's brother Eduardo VIII - in the throne for less than a year - forced to renounce the crown for the great love of him , Wallis Simpson.

Few gave a tough by Jorge Vi as King. And yet he saved the institution and consolidated it with extraordinary levels of popularity, thanks to the role that real marriage played during the Second World War, with so accurate decisions as to stay in London all the contest. The magnificent film The king's speech portrays the efforts he had to make, stimulated by the woman of him, to overcome his speech problems. The sovereign won the respect of a people who later gave it to him also. But that is another story.

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