The government will only attend to technical nuances of the CGPJ with the Housing Law

In the government, these days do a disciplined exercise of biting their tongue. The decision of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) to make a new repo

The government will only attend to technical nuances of the CGPJ with the Housing Law

In the government, these days do a disciplined exercise of biting their tongue. The decision of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) to make a new report on the preliminary draft of the Law on Housing, which is expected negative, did not like it within the Executive. It has caused surprise and discomfort. Both PSOE and united we can foresee that this second report, which will replace an already performed that endorsed the regulation, will be "very hard". "In favor of protecting the interests of the real estate market and the vulture funds," they add from United. We can. But the conviction in the coalition is to move forward with the law.

"The CGPJ report is mandatory but it is not binding. The Housing Law is a Government's commitment, "expose from the Government to justify its decision to continue with the law even if the CGPJ report is opposed. Fulfilling what is promised is the priority and pretension, it is endorse.

If publicly, the Executive is talked about the need to "be respectful" with institutions such as judicial power, the truth is that you did not like the decision to make a new report that, as this newspaper has published, will go against the word written by the government «[The CGPJ] will not be surprised by our goal of converting the right to housing into the fifth pillar of democracy," government sources sentenced.

The discomfort that resides in the government comes from various issues. Because of the fact that a second report is going to be carried out, for the delay of the deadlines, and, above all, because there is consensus on the belief that the judges have become "extremely" in their work, since it was requested Opinion about three articles related to evictions and that they could come into conflict with the Civil Prosecuting Law, the consultation was limited to this regulation and that "the CGPJ had to pronounce on that" and not above all the content of the housing law It plans to do.

The decision is to continue forward with regulations, not touch the heart and essence of the same under the conviction that "respects legality" and does not invade autonomic competences, the position that defends CGPJ.

Having to write a large part of the preliminary draft of the law is not entered into government plans. "It is not expected to modify both the preliminary draft that we now have to start from scratch," ensure the sources consulted. "It is the Constitutional Court that must be pronounced on constitutionality and, a priori, those nuances [of the CGPJ] will not be modified in the law," they add.

In any case, the contemplated option only happens to change "technical nuances", "technical issues", to be able to be able to be made in previous regulations that received objections from the judiciary, which in some things has been ignored to the Recommendations Dy in others not. And it is that it aims to be the strategy to be followed by the Government when pronounced the Government Body of Judges: reducing their graves to technical things. Pedro Sánchez was one of the first to reduce "technical issues" yesterday the judicial rejection to the standard.

"We will look at it [the report] with absolute respect, we will look at all the technical issues that want to raise, but the Government's commitment is to build this fifth pillar of the welfare state," was the message of Pedro Sánchez, in that bet because the priority, The important thing and what is not going to stop doing is fulfilling what is promised. "The government is committed to a housing law that we consider is the fifth pillar of the welfare state," said the head of the executive after meeting him in the Moncloa with German chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The position in the presidential complex is that what may object the judiciary is reduced, already in advance, to these "technical issues". And, therefore, it would not be questioned the purpose of it.

«It is mandatory and not binding. We are going to study it and give legal security, but there is a mandate of compliance with citizens, it is a government commitment, "added Isabel Rodríguez, government spokesman and territorial policy minister, seconding the strategy woven from the Moncloa.

To demonstrate that the judicial power is not going to upset the plans nor the executive roadmap, this one wants to demonstrate its purpose that it progresses in the right of access to housing and that if the housing law does not approve it today. Council of Ministers is by the position of the Judicial Power. Thus, it is expected that today Green Light be given to the state access to Housing Access 2022-2025, the young bonus of rental aid, as well as the preliminary draft of architecture.

And in this controversy and new clash with the judiciary, there are also voices that argue precipitation for having announced that the Government planned to approve the Law of Housing on January 18 without having met the full CGPJ, which made it the day 14. The Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, anticipated the intention on January 9 from Dubai.

Date Of Update: 18 January 2022, 07:07

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