The heat of the testes of the postmen wins the science prize unusual

IgNobel for a Spanish study on the insults to the volanteEligen the ten scientific research most absurd of the year and win a españolaDiez unusual experiments t

The heat of the testes of the postmen wins the science prize unusual
IgNobel for a Spanish study on the insults to the volanteEligen the ten scientific research most absurd of the year and win a españolaDiez unusual experiments that cause us to doubt (a little) of the science

the temperature of The testicles of the postmen, the animals that make poop cubic, a machine for changing diapers, or the anti-cancer properties of the pizza are some of the unusual investigations that have been honored this Friday with the Ig Nobel prize in a ceremony at Harvard University in Cambridge (USA). This parody of the Nobel awards each year, the scientific studies more nonsensical that "first make you laugh and then make them think". [These are the Ig Nobel 2018].

In the edition number 29 of the awards, the humor magazine scientific "Annals of Improbable Research" (Annals of the Research Unlikely) chose ten meritorious research. The Ig Nobel in economics was to stop the team composed by two Dutch scientists and one Turkish, who have found something we already suspected: the money is dirty. Have discovered that the paper money is a great source of transmission of bacteria. Logical thing if you take into account that it is something that goes hand-in-hand, but what no one does asci.

The researchers say that the tickets are a big source of transmission of bacteria, in the ceremony of the Ig Nobel - Reuters

One of the findings most celebrated, with great reason, was that of the Italian scientist Silvano Gallus. By promotion of one of the star products of his homeland, urges the society to consume pizza for their enormous health benefits. Says that this dish is anticarcinogenic. Of course, she was given the trophy of medicine.

Gallus accepts the award for her study on the benefits of the pizza - Reuters

In this aspiration to honour the findings of the daily life, the iranian Iman Farahbakhsh highlighted in the category of engineering by inventing a machine that automatically changes the diapers. It was patented in the united States in July of 2018. My god, where do they sell it?

The saliva of a child

Following on with the children, five japanese won the Ig Nobel prize chemistry for his study on the volume of saliva produced daily by a child of five years, published in 1995. One of its authors, Shigeru Watanabe, of the University of Meikai, attended the ceremony in Boston along with their adult children, who participated in the study 25 years ago.

A French team that couldn't make the trip, he won the prize of anatomy , for his work on the asymmetries of the temperature of the scrotum between mail carriers and bus drivers, dressed and nude in France, published in 2007. The results say that the temperature left scrotal when they are dressed was higher than the temperature right scrotal.One of the authors, Roger Mieusset, is a recognized expert in reproductive medicine of the University of Toulouse, the inventor of an "underwear thermal" that can be used as birth control under certain conditions.

Patricia Yang and David Hu, the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, they held their second Ig Nobel ceremony. The researchers obtained the first in 2015 by discovering the "law of urination", which states that all mammals empty their bladders in about 21 seconds. This year, they have taken the prize for physics for you to discover how the wombats, a few marsupials chubs of a meter long-and short-legged natives of Australia, make poop cubic, something unique in the animal world.

One of the wonderful researchers of the poop cubic - ReutersCirujanos trained like dogs

The award of psychology has gone to the German Fritz Strack, who found that holding a pencil in the mouth makes us smile necessarily, but it does not makes us more happy. For its part, the medical education has gone to two scientific americans by using a technique of training animals to train surgeons to do orthopedic surgery. We, the doctors were preparing as if they were dogs. And the biology , an international team discovered that the cockroaches magnetized dead behave differently to cockroaches magnetised to live. (what?)

In regard to the award of the Peace , was what led another international team of seven researchers, who published in 2012 the results of a study to measure the pleasure of scratching an itching. That gives a lot of peace of mind, yes.

The japanese Shiguru Watanabe accepts the Ig Nobel prize in chemistry Nobel real Richard Roberts - Reuters"Stop, I'm bored!"

All of these awards were presented at a gala madcap participated in the Nobel prizes of truth. As is traditional, the audience threw paper airplanes and a man, dressed in a kilt, took the stage to play the bagpipes.

The rules of the gala were also little conventional: the organizers put in place extraordinary measures to avoid that the winners would exceed the time that had been granted to give a speech. When the speeches were widened, a "sweet" little girl of eight years was a bit shrill: "please, stop, I'm bored!".

unlike the Nobel, the winners of these awards do not receive money and spend very soon into oblivion without influence on the science. Yes, enjoy a good time and take home a diploma signed by several Nobel truth, and in something less valuable but much more practical, a paperboard cup with a toothbrush.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 15:01

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