The horror of Jane, the victim of Epstein and Maxwell to which they captured in a summer camp with 14 years

After Jeffrey Epstein's suicide in strange circumstances in Manhattan's Metropolitan Detention Center, the foci of justice and public opinion point to what wa

The horror of Jane, the victim of Epstein and Maxwell to which they captured in a summer camp with 14 years

After Jeffrey Epstein's suicide in strange circumstances in Manhattan's Metropolitan Detention Center, the foci of justice and public opinion point to what was his right hand with the hope of knowing the truth about the multiple accusations of sexual abuse of minors who committed the employer. Crimes that, according to New York Prosecutor's Office, were not possible without the intervention of which was the ex-insistant, assistant, intimate friend and now defendant, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The trial against Maxwell has started this week and is being one of the most media of American judicial history. This British socialité -hija from the magnate of the press, Robert Maxwell- is accused 6 six crimes (3 charges of conspiracy, a charge to incite a minor to commit illegal sexual acts, a charge of transporting a minor with the intention of participating In illegal sexual activities and a fee for sexually traffic with a minor) for which it faces a pity that could ascend up to 80 years between bars. A facto life chain taking into account that Maxwell faces this judicial process with 59 years.

A trial that has not started anything well for the defendant who, in addition to the devastating allegation of the prosecution [that he says that Maxwell "took advantage of the situation of vulnerability of adolescents and manipulated them to be sexually abused by Epstein"] that confront the testimony of one of his victims: the protected witness known as Jane.

Jane has counted between sobs, how he met Epstein and Maxwell during a summer camp for young musical talent in Michigan in 1994, when he was 14 years old. The first to approach was Maxwell with a Yorkshire that attracted the attention of the girls and their friends. After a while chatting, both women stayed alone and Epstein appeared, who asked the girl where he lived and "casually" were both from Palm Springs, Florida. Epstein was presented as a rich benefactor and, to celebrate the coincidence, exchanged telephone numbers.

Weeks later, to earn the trust of the family environment, Epstein called the young woman and invited her with her mother to take the tea and send her a driver to pick them up earning the confidence of both by giving them to understand that Epstein and Maxwell "were Friends from all over the world. "

The couple managed to earn the confidence of Jane's mother and the girl began to travel alone to the Palm Beach House of Epstein where Maxwell adopted an attitude of older sister "Something strange and peculiar, though friendly" that took her to the cinema and to buy Tshirts.

However, little by little the gifts were becoming more inappropriate. Maxwell led her to buy underwear in Victoria's Secret, began talking to her sex and promoted in Epstein's house in which he was in the pool "in the company of several naked young people doing topless."

At the same time, Epstein took advantage of Jane as an actress aspirations (nowadays is professionally dedicated to interpretation), presumed before her contacts in the world of celluloid and told him that "he could make things happen."

Then, "suddenly," Epstein took Jane by the hand and took her to the pool. With the ragged voice of her she remembers that she "fell frozen" while the millionaire "masturbated" before her. Hours later, Epstein took her to her room and "Maxwell and Epstein began to touch" and guide her to join them during the sexual relationship.

Likewise, later, Jane has remembered that Maxwell also gave him concrete instructions on how he liked the massage to Jeffrey Epstein.

During the time in which Jane was seen with Epstein and Maxwell, the woman also recalled that she was introduced to Donald Trump and who traveled on the same plane as Prince Andrew of England, although she has not accused any of them to have a behavior inappropriate. A testimony that coincides with the pilot of the Lolita Express, the Epstein plane, which also participates in the judgment as a witness.

Witnesses who are part of the heavy artillery of the North American Prosecutor's Office, which has endeavored to present Maxwell not only as an accomplice, but as an essential piece so that Epstein could abuse young people.

However, the defense of Maxwell, led by the prestigious Bobbi Sternheim lawyer, strives to present his defendant as an expirational scapegoat after the death of Epstein. "Ghislaine Maxwell is here by things Jeffrey Epstein did, but she is not Epstein," she said. Likewise, she is focusing on her strategies to question the credibility of witnesses.

In the case of Jane, Maxwell's defense has endeavored to highlight the differences between his statements and to question his testimony "for things that happened 25 years ago". In addition, they have questioned that Jane put these facts in knowledge of the authorities after the suicide of Epstein and that Jane had received 2.9 million dollars from the Jeffrey Epstein Victim Compensation Fund to settle a civil litigation initiated by this victim.

However, it is the first of the four Victims of Epstein who will have to declare during this process with dozens of witnesses. These will take appearance during the next six weeks that is expected to last the process until the final deliberation of the jury. A process that, by the way, is celebrated a few meters from the place in Epstein himself took off his life.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 19:33

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