The illusion by the back-to-school depends greatly on the parents

How to put in home the counter to zero when your child repeats cursoVuelta the cole: when the syndrome postvacacional affects the niñosDiversidad functional: 2

The illusion by the back-to-school depends greatly on the parents
How to put in home the counter to zero when your child repeats cursoVuelta the cole: when the syndrome postvacacional affects the niñosDiversidad functional: 2 out of every 10 children go to special education schools

The return to working life always comes accompanied by the dreaded syndrome postvacacional that the children perceived and projected in their attitude back to school. It is important to show a positive attitude and share with the children the preparations of back to school, becoming the start of the new course in a true adventure, in which participates the whole family.

To achieve this, the schools CEU make their proposals for parents to work with their children from a dynamic regenerative and exciting:

· Create some routines back-to-school make it into something fun and that the previous days (including the first day or first week) the recurrence by getting involved with them. Children will appreciate the closeness of the parent and its accompaniment more than any other thing.

· The children take their parents as an example , and they adopt their attitudes so that, if the parents are aware that their own attitude back at work, will be lived in a way to the future for the children, it is best to share the experience with them and how to live as a "team", demonstrating with the example and a life attitude and positive return to work or school has many good things.

Take your time and give it the importance that it deserves to this issue. Do not circumvent it or take it for granted because it requires a dedication.

María José Bello, director of the college CEU San Pablo Montepríncipe, highlights the importance of "analyzing mainly the positive things that implies the new school year: reacquaint yourself with your friends, meet new kids, learn new things, outings, theatre, activities...". Give a fun approach can also help at this stage "if the parents will speak of you to you to your children and ask him, for example, who is the partner with the best to take, and how are his coworkers, as he received them, your boss... etc, While the kids they tell you about their friends or about how they received their new teacher".

One aspect to bear in mind, continues to Beautiful, is to "express explicitly their desire to get back to work with phrases such as what a desire I have of seeing my peers, how to you also? How I want to come back to my desk, what do you want to come back to your cole?".

Mark objectives together

Make the preparations for the first day together (as, for example, to prepare the clothes that we're going to make to go to the office and prove to us together in uniform or the clothing of the first day), accompany them on that day, assuming the time of separation as a natural process with a farewell short and affectionate), to give a temporal dimension to assistance to school ("it's Going to be a little bit full of emotions, and then again at home"), return to the childhood and to share with the children the emotions of the college, convey confidence and give a positive approach to your school ("in a little more than a college will be your family") are points in which the principal of the college CEU San Pablo Montepríncipe has put more emphasis and, one last recommendation: " do not forget that according to act, talk, and behave, they will act, talk and behave ".

So the result from the college CEU San Pablo Sanchinarro, its director, Carlos Ortiz Sanchidrían, who points out that there is that "to be very affectionate with the children, and mark personal goals academic for the first quarter , acordándolos with them to commit to and to accompany them in all their advances, especially in the first few weeks". "Also, he adds, to encourage autonomy from the first day, and that it is they who hold them to account and prepare their working materials, in addition to get them to see that the daily work is the key to the ultimate reward. It's useless to say "we have not yet done anything".

Any student of the stage that is has spent work time only daily , even if it is reading".

Power and sleep

To Maria Luisa Ruiz-Austria, director of the college CEU Virgin Girl Vitoria, the power in the first few days of course is crucial , "because the children are accustomed to the routines of the summer, usually more lax and disorganized". It is important to eliminate from the diet the "vagaries of the summer" and "take into account the trend of obesity that is occurring in the school during the last few years." "Choose with them the snacks and lunches by avoiding commercial baked goods and including fruit." As well as the night's rest is imperative for a good performance in the classroom. "we come to school completely asleep in the classroom, it is important that families control the hours that children spend in front of digital screens, especially late in the evening".

The work of these points, coupled with an optimistic attitude on the part of the parents, it is important for the children to face the back-to-school with enormous excitement and joy, they conclude from schools CEU.

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Date Of Update: 20 September 2019, 08:01

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