The island of temptations 4, final debate, live | Sandra Barneda announces fifth edition at the time of the farewell

'The island of temptations, 4' very intense encounters had been reserved. The first occurred between Alejandro and Tania. The Gaditano offered an image in

The island of temptations 4, final debate, live |
 Sandra Barneda announces fifth edition at the time of the farewell

'The island of temptations, 4' very intense encounters had been reserved. The first occurred between Alejandro and Tania. The Gaditano offered an image in which it seems that therapy begins to work and he acknowledged that he had not liked his passage through the island and that, on many occasions, he had missed badly with Tania. She has only asked to express what she feels and that she does not have to be white or black in her's relationship.

Zoe ended crying disconsolately, not finding in Joshua a partner in which to be able to trust since the jealousy remains an obstacle to coexistence, although it seems that it does not lack reason.

Rosario and Darius were elected the favorite contestants of the public in this edition. Darío accompanied Rosario on the throne and in the bouquet of flowers. Rosario, very surprised by the recognition and Darío launched a message about forgiveness when there is love, although he does not know if he will continue with Sandra because what he repeated, again and again, during his speech was that he was disappointed, and he did not know if Before that feeling you could forget.

The other couple who has already been said everything they felt is that formed by Alexander who has recognized possible infidelities and lied to the program about it. On the other hand, Tania, first said that there were only Kiss with Stiven in Madrid, and then a sexual relationship that did not culminate, something that has raised ampoules between the presenter, Rosario and Nagore, among others. Tania apologizes, and between tears she recognizes that she was very afraid of losing Alexander and that's why she was not able to tell her the truth at first. The therapy that she has recognized being subjected Alejandro has made her realize her insecurities. '' I know I did and said many things I did not feel ... '' '

Sandra and Darío are trying to give yourself a new opportunity, but he is shattered and acknowledged that he does not know if he has a dream.

An optimistic message from Sandra Barneda about love and above all how good it has 'the island of temptations'. And she ends up announcing new edition.

He has confirmed the official Mediaset account. There is no date, but it may be for next spring. Until then, we found tomorrow in the secret of Secret Story: the House of the Secrets. From the sovereign hand we will discover the first expelled of this second edition.

It gives them thanks to the contestants. You are brave! You have all learned. This program makes me better person. What we do not talk about couples. You make it possible for people to speak at home or with their friends on their partners. ''

Thanks for the equipment. You teach me that if I do not leave my skin I am not at your height.

How well we see each other on the island of temptations 5!

It achieves 45% of the votes. Receive a bouquet of flowers. '' I have entered a person. I have forgiven infidelity, and I am proud because I have done what my heart asked me. ''

Nagore is going to break the magical moment: '' I hope you are able to grow together. ''

Darius: '' I want that as a person learn from the mistakes committed. ''

Rubo: '' I do things from heart. She did not and said that our kiss was out of spite, but for me it was her heart. The boyfriend of her should have told him the truth. ''

Sandra: '' You took advantage of a moment of weakness. ''

Nagore accuses Sandra: '' You are a book manipulator. What do you say that at a low time, she has taken advantage of you, it is not true. ''

Darío says that Sandra is very pretty: '' When we left the island we should have given us a while because it is affecting me. ''

Sandra: '' I have not felt dear. I did it wrong. I must have spoken. The emission has been hard. It hurts me to see him suffer. I'm very very. There are days that I have not been able to see the program. ''

Nagore asks Darío about the photo she sent him in Pajama. Sandra: '' I am fighting for him. ''

Darius: '' The feeling of disappointment does not leave. I said several times that I do not believe in the second opportunities. I'm not giving 100% in the relationship. ''

Sandra points out what has said to Darío during the minute of advertising '' The rest of my colleagues know what they want, I do not ... That's why I'm not happy. ''

'' I'm dusting. I showed how to forgive one person. I saw that Sandra did not love me. I am hurt. It weighs me a lot of everything. '' Sandra asks about her words in 'reunion'. You told me that you had returned: '' I said it was a period of acceptance. I'm not with Sandra as before knowing that she had been unfaithful. She has hurt me that she has lied to me before the program and that she has hidden it. ''

"When I discovered that I had been unfaithful, I did not want to enter the island." "He says the favorite of the audience.

The first thing that happens is that Barneda asks for an explanation to Rubo for the statements he made about Sandra in which he assured that she had been unfaithful to Darío more times.

'' I feel disgusted, ashamed ... I am very puddy about my privacy. '' Sandra asks Arantxa about trust. '' The spy behavior, everything you have done is invalidated by that act. ''

Barneda tries to redirect the relationship.

Jennifer says that messages are on December 23. '' I talked to Joshua until January 16. ''

Joshua: '' I was playing to be a tronist. ''

Nagore: '' You've been scaming us. It assumes that you have been fooling up after. ''

Conversations appear. LEEN NAGORE AND COURSE.

Joshua: '' You do not see that this Chavala is coming here for the program. ''

Jenny to Joshua: '' I have no looking for a protagonism. '' Zoe replicates Jenny: '' If you care so much you should have said when I pass. ''

Zoe wants to leave.

Joshua: '' I'm lazily ... '' Recognize that they were before, but now

Zoe: '' Conversations have been repeated, that's why I'm like that. ''

Nagore Question: '' Knowing this, do you want to continue with him? Zoe cries '' I'm just feeling shame, my father is watching, my mother, the family of him ... ''

The island of temptations makes a casting to test love. Sandra: '' I do not know what was your evolution. And I do not judge you! ''

Zoe: '' Do not remember many things that are important to me. I am trying to see an evolution in him ... he forgets what is important. He explains many more things -Avanza Zoe among tears - there are many times that with these attitudes the only important thing is you. More sincere I can not be. ''

'' If I fall into temptation I am real and upside down, no. '' Marta: '' You have not put yourself to the test. '' Joshua: '' There has not been a Chavala who has surprised me. ''

Barneda asks Joshua if a reality was organized '' You are very organized. Did you organize the reality? I think you have played you in mind, did you do a sketch? Zoe asked me to be faithful. But I did not promise it and that's why the distrust of it. ''

Arantxa thinks: '' It does not matter if a sketch was made, the important thing is if they maintain it or not ... ''

Josue. '' I am angry. They are conversations of the past and do it for having their minute of glory. ''

Sandra insists that Joshua was not like that. '' When she was on my throne. I have been a gulf, but those conversations are before being with Zoe. At the end of the throne is not what she is reading Jennifer. Now you will have ... ''

At the bonfire and in the reunion you are together. '' Nobody gave a tough for you, "Sandra tells him. Joshua returns to justify himself. "There was a foolish when he started with Zoe, but it is not these conversations that he is reading. And I told Zoe. She knew it. ''

Sandra Barneda recalls Joshua's strategy. '' You had everything organized and ordered. ''

Nagore believes that Joshua's presence in the program has been a scam. '' My idea was that if I was left over and exaggerated my personality I was going to produce a rejection. ''

Zoe has asked for the word '' I always give everything for my partner. I have faced my companions. I know him. I asked him about the messages. '' Joshua says there were messages, but not images or videos.

Before Jennifer we see the video of the passage through the island of Joshua and Zoe.

Xusion gives you a bouquet of flowers. Rosario: '' I feel like a Miss at this time. I started very badly, but when a person is real, transfer the screen. I'm glad that my truth has arrived. Thanks for your love. ''

Alejandro starts. '' He has been mounted on networks. At a given moment of the island I have gone crazy. With Tania we are trying. From the reunion we have had many fights and reproaches. I have also seen things in the program. I've behaved very badly with her. ''

Marta asked if Alejandro believes that he has before his relationship to be well. Alejandro: '' I want to finish my step and

Tania: '' I have had a ruling and I did not want to recognize it. My relationship is complicated. I do not know if it's going to work. This last month I have wanted to leave it many times. '' Alejandro: '' He never takes his face for me. '' Tania: '' I love you. We have to improve both. ''

Sandra recognizes that his passage through the island of temptations left many things to talk, yes, in private.

Nagore: '' I can not praise the attitude of Sincerity of Tania, and nothing happens. I have disappointed. But I praise your courage. I have supported you the whole contest. Alejandro, I have been very difficult with you in the program, but today you are having a stellar performance. '' 'Tania is defended phrase after phrase.

Alejandro: '' I have suffered a lot. You have horny from me. I'm still betting as Tania. I feel a little gi ... '' Marta incides whether he's going to be able to forgive Tania: '' When I'm with her I'm very happy. ''

Arantxa: '' It uses this to be wiser ... Tania does not have to be perfect. This Tania today has a slide, it is more real ... collects that subtle information. There is no perfect couple. You have to look inside each couple. And talk about sex. ''

Alejandro: '' I have to work things. But I'm left with the tania before the island and with the one in the last six months. ''

There is less to discover the relationship between Joshua and Zoe ..., but also Barneda asks for a reconciliation between Rosario and Tania, after the harsh accusations tonight.

And he says there is someone who is lying. Nagore says that she feels disappointed with Tania. '' You have always been the flanger of the truth. She complains of having used Rosario. Feel free. Keep calm. We are all imperfect in perfection. ''

Tania breaks and apologizes for the words he has dedicated to Stiven '' when leaving the island was confused. That was the truth. Alejandro, if I did not tell you it was because she was not ready to lose you. ''

Alejandro recognizes that he called Stiven and hung up. '' I'm not going to tell what we're talking about. ''

Marta accuses Tania to try to look good.

And announce that Jennifer has 300 messages. '' If you get so on me, I tear the little clothes that you have left. ''

Joshua renteens that these messages were earlier to his relationship with Zoe. '' I hope you see the dates and that it is very clear that I did it when he was single. ''

Rosario and Suso Give his version because they were also like that. Rosario denies the Tania version.

Tania to Stiven: '' I sent you a message telling you that I am in love with Alejandro and that I wanted to return with Alexander. '' Stiven replica: '' I felt used because I was excited about you. ''

Nothing else enter Tania affirms: '' I lied because I have kissed with you. You have humiliated me by social networks. I did not get up for that we have not slept. ''

Stiven: '' I did not cry ... I talk about what he did before. ''

This becomes a circus. Sandra lashes against Stiven and Tania, she believes that both have been rude to tell things that should not have counted.

Tania: '' That is not sincere on one occasion does not mean that it is not sincere now. ''

Tania and Stiven have different versions of what happened when leaving the house. Enter video

Stiven recognizes that Tania had an 'affaire' with him. They accuse each other of liars.

Tania: '' I think I have to be perfect at his side. I am very much in love with him, but there is a part of me who does not like it. I respect the things of him that I do not like. I want when I heard me talk. If I do not like what I say to tell me. ''

Tania: '' We have not put ourselves on the skin of the other. '' Alejandro: '' The distrust was believed when entering the island of temptations. ''

Tania: '' You have to put from your part '' Alejandro: '' and I do it, baby ''

Nagore: '' You still want to see a part of Tania. You pinthe it in a way that is not real. It's not bad what she does or what she says. ''

Alejandro: '' What would have happened if she had seen me like that? '' Tania: '' It's your ways that I do not understand. ''

Alejandro does not understand the free part. Sure of herself, Tania likes to talk about sex and be able to express what she thinks of other men.

Arantxa: '' Alejandro you are a lucky man. You have a couple that is spontaneous. It is better to be transparent. The other is the anteroom to the dissimulation. It is better that to suffer for a lie. ''

Tania: '' On the island I did things well, but not all. Today I have to admit that out of the island I have not behaved the same. ''

A mess is mounted between Nagore, Tania and Alejandro.

Alejandro confesses that he has hidden something to the program: '' There were two occasions. A girl with whom I exceeded me. Another night in a nightclub I kissed me. ''

Tania: '' Conversations arrived. ''

Sandra does not understand that Alejandro says things and do others.

Minutes later he will Stiven. Alejandro gives a kiss to Tania, but nothing to do with the view in the reunion, six months after leaving the island.

Arantxa: '' I'm glad to see you, see that you have recognized your mistakes. ''

But the conversation between Nagore and Alejandro becomes tense.

When we arrived in the Dominican Republic we were two or three days together making totals. The last we were together telling us what we did not want to see.

Nagore attacks Alejandro and he feels very attacked. '' I'm not perfect ... I just want to justify my words Have you understood me? '' Nagore: '' I find it hard to understand you. ''

Barneda: Alejandro, you give great importance to sex? Why have you changed? Alejandro: '' After the program I have gone to the psychologist. I have to be more empathic. I have to count to ten, but there are things that hurt me. I have raised in a neighborhood of Cádiz ...

Sandra: '' You have always asked for an opportunity and you will give you. What is the first thing you want to say? ''

Álejandro: '' I entered very much in love, even madness. Losing the person who wanted me to say things that I regret. I recognize that I have not acted well. I do not consider myself any of the things that have been told. A moment of rage and anger ... without being able to send a message, without your family. I think anyone had acted like this. ''

Barneda: '' You also had good times. The things you said of Tania are wonderful. ''

Enter Alejandro video. Including the kiss in the reunion.

Ask him to be taken seriously. She sits next to GAL.LA. ''Thanks. You enabled the light when you came to my life, I was at a very dark moment. I loved you a lot as a couple, now I love you as a person. Here you have a friend for a lifetime. '' '' I feel happy and I appreciate that you have said something nice of me. Now the stage is closed, I needed it. ''

Darío costs him to trust Sandra. ''I've had a very bad time. I'm scratched ... I'm confused. ''

The presenter shows some images of Sandra in the program. '' I'm not going to put it easy for you '' An audio is heard about Rubo's words in which he accuses Sandra to have had relationships after the island.

A survey on which the boy and the favorite girl of 'the island of temptations, 4' is chosen.

He arrives with a pink hair, '' a change to close the debate. I'm not worried about what Jennifer can tell. I know that if Zoe sees the images she is going to hurt him, but I'm going to tell the truth.

December 23 is his anniversary date, Zoe takes him on a medal and is very safe.

Joshua: '' From the messages with this girl more than a year ago. I had a foolish. She wants to take him out after a year ... I recognize that it was at the beginning of the relationship. ''

Advancement of messages.

Zoe: '' As a couple it is not easy. If they are while there was our relationship I will take my decisions. ''

Hello to Rosario and Álvaro. Rosario talks about Tania and Alejandra: '' The story is not mine, but I was present at the time of the meeting between Stiven and Tania. ''

Álvaro recognizes that they then talked because '' I left Destrozadito '' Nagore asks if he is going to seek help and recognizes that yes: '' with my family and with my friends. ''

Rosario says that it came out fatal from the set and that was why I wanted to continue talking to Álvaro on Plado. '' I'm not excited about any person. No one...''

Arantxa: '' It has been a not very smiling ... '' Álvaro believes that Rosario continues to feel something for him. '' I could see it. ''

Today Sandra Barneda arrives at the set of black, with a blazer full of drawings and letters on white. '' Today it will be an exciting night. ''

Greet Alejandro. '' Right now I'm nervous, '', remember the contestant. '' I have not had a great time. From the 'reunion' have passed many things. I have reviewed my passage through the island of temptations. ''

Then Sandra talks with Tania (with a green dress bottle with a long-sleeved body and with transparencies and bright.)

Sandra goes entrance to Stiven before showing his last accusations. '' It's not a matter of versions. I want to put on the table the tests I have. ''

Barneda talks to Stiven tells him that the audience was surprised with the new version of Stiven, as aggressive and direct, after having been so conciliatory on the island.

The tempting that tried with Joshua is still present. After yesterday the audience made the decision that she was today on the set, with a forceful 65% of the votes., Today we can make us live the most striking moments of this edition.

Undoubtedly, yesterday, one of the best moments of the island's debate, 4 was when Álvaro returned to ask Rosario to be together, but she with a lot of feeling, but after reflecting a lot he decided that, after Four years of relationship, it was not the best for them.

Today we say goodbye to 'the island of temptations, 4'. Yesterday we knew the break between Gal.La and Nico and between Álvaro and Rosario, despite the love they feel on each other, she, sheltered by her mother has to live her life and think about itself.

Date Of Update: 26 January 2022, 00:59

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