The island of temptations, live | Álvaro and Rosario separate, as well as Gal.La and Nico

After the last gala, six months after leaving the Dominican Republic, many things have passed. Today the end of the relationship between Rosario and Álvaro h

The island of temptations, live |
 Álvaro and Rosario separate, as well as Gal.La and Nico

After the last gala, six months after leaving the Dominican Republic, many things have passed.

Today the end of the relationship between Rosario and Álvaro has been known. The tears of him have not been enough to get a reconciliation, although there has been a hug between the three, that is, the couple and the mother of Rosario with whom he lived a season.

The second couple who had a lot to be counted were Gal.The and Nico, but the strongest has come in the last moments of the program. Miriam and Miguel have kept a night of passion, to the surprise of the couple who had chosen them as possible substitutes.

Tomorrow we will know what happens between Joshua and Zoe and, also between Alejandro and Tania, after a brief Intervention of Stiven in the program where he reaffirmed his statements during the reunion.

Will we resolve doubts tomorrow or there will still be a pending situation between tempting and couples? On the island of temptations everything is possible ...

Until tomorrow!

Remember that tomorrow we will see what happened between Zoe and Joshua and the messages with Jennifer, as well as the relationship between Tania and Alejandro and the possible infidelity with Stiven.

More tomorrow! At 22:00, all our doubts will be resolved.

Nico does not give credit ... Barneda believes that Nico has just found ... and asks Miriam if he went to bed with Miguel after doing it with Nico.

Nico: '' I trusted you ... '' '' 'I did not know but I could imagine it. He does not care, but it bothers me that it is with Miriam. ''

Miguel tells the story: '' We both coincided in a work event and she asked me if you could come with me to the hotel. ''

Miriam: '' I did not tell Nico because we were not together and out of fear. If he told him he was going to break with me. '' Kiko believes they're going to break now.

Nico: '' Miriam, you were on your right. '' Miguel, he also accuses Miriam from having also lied with Alberto. '' It's not true, "says Miriam.

Nagore recriminates Nico to accuse them of infidelity when he has also done so.

With 77% the public decides that Rubo will be on set demonstrating whether Sandra has been unfaithful with other men after leaving Guadalix's house.

Nico: '' I see myself with Miriam, but if we are not together it's because I'm taking care of myself. There has been a lot of sincerity between the two. ''

Miriam: '' I make my life. I have met people because they have not been transmitted to me. I'm not waiting for you, but I like it. ''

Marta attacks you as soon as you enter: '' You have left Gal.The '' Miguel: '' I explain it on the last appointment 24 hours that I'm not going out with her. '' '' You have to understand that I need explanations. I have asked you for forgiveness ... '' 'Nico:' 'Night has not finished ...' '

The contertulios laugh, while Nagore believes that Gal. It knows how to turn the sentences.

Nico: '' I ask for forgiveness for the theme of chocolate. I did not get anything beautiful about '' Nico is justified. '' The things you have said on the island, you never told me. ''

Nagore recalls that the attitude of Gal.The was that he did not feel free after Nico was not on the bonfire of confrontation.

Nico believes that the bonfire asked her for the benefit of her. GAL.LA: '' I was wrong because I had seen images. I did not feel well, but that does not justify you so as not to go to the bonfire ... I respect you the decision but you hurt me. I do not regret not having gone to the bonfire ... ''

Zoe Ask Nico: '' What would you have done if your partner does not show up on the bonfire of the confrontation. ''

Nico now recognizes that if she had left he too ... Nagore does not believe it.

Nico: '' I did not want to go because I did not feel like. '' '' I do not know if it looks but I'm looking at something for Miguel before the bonfire of the confrontation. ''

Nico: '' I did not think about GAL.LA. He decided to kiss Miriam. Until I did not give the relationship for finished, I do not lie with ''

Marta does not understand Nico. And he defends himself saying that he did not want to continue doing what GAL.LA said.

Nico: '' There is a key point. ''

Now Miguel, Miriam and Rosana enter.

'' 'I thought we were going out together. If he felt repressed he had to talk to me. He was his head as he saw with so many girls. And he let himself be influenced by his colleagues. ''

ARANTXA: '' Entrasteis in the contest with secrets. You had a sexual deficiency. You came with a problem. You were closing a stage and starting another. ''

GAL.LA: '' I want to close this topic and that everyone follows with their life. I think we will not reach an agreement. We do not continue to attract ourselves. ''

Sandra reminds the passage through the island of temptations between Gal.La and Nico.

"I reaffirm what I told the other day. I think the public has seen what I said and the reasons why I did it. '' Sandra tells STIVEN that 92% of the audience wants him to be on set.

The third survey of the night is launched. Do you want to be rubo tomorrow in the final, final debate?

Barneda tells Sandra to listen to very harsh declarations of Rubo. Repeat the audio: '' I'm a little tired of that she is acting with falsehood. I think the infidelity that she had with me is not the last. ''

'' It has been a pleasure to have you. ''

But the program has to continue.

The public decides for 92% that STIVEN appears on the set in the debate, '' final, final '' tomorrow.

We still have to discover the relationship that has been forged in these months.

Barneda points: '' You have very different positions. Álvaro You have to focus more on what happens with you. '' Álvaro: '' I'm letting her come to me because she wants not because I ask him. ''

Arantxa: '' Álvaro I think you're on the road. You arrive late. When you arrive, we do not know where she will be. You have aid. You are fantastic both. You are very young. ' Kiko: '' The lesson of Rosario is a lesson of lack of love, when it is no, it is not. It hurts for them. I put myself in the place of Álvaro and I know that it is happening fatal. '' Rosario: '' I feel responsible for you to be like that. I'm not leaving Air of your life, I promise you. I'll help you be better. Up, please. ''

Álvaro: '' I want to be with you. '' Rosario: '' This relationship has not done well. There is nothing left to show ... I'm sorry in the soul because I know how you are. I do not want to be with you. I cry because I do not want to hurt you. It could have been very nice but it has not been. This relationship is over. ''

Álvaro: '' I do not believe it. '' Rosario: '' point and end for the good of the two ... ''

Álvaro: '' I think things have been bad, we had the opportunity to fix it out but we disappear it. I do not hide. If I want to be with her I tell him. I have learned a lot, Sandra. Love is everything, but you have to know respect yourself, be faithful. You fall and you get up ... I was hoped that our love could survive. I do not know how I'm going to be tomorrow. I have not stopped trying it. ''

Tania is crying and says: 'I know that when you want someone it is difficult. I think Rosario is doing the right thing. She is thinking about her. ''

Sandra, his companion adds: '' What she suffers from her. ''

Nagore explodes: '' Tips I have that I do not have ... ''

Zoe crying: '' Farce psychological help. It grows. If you still want you, it will be for you ... ''

Arantxa addresses Álvaro: '' Now comes the duel. You have to leave him the space of him. That is also love. ''

Before speaking Álvaro, ask to give him a hug and give it to him. Charo: '' four years have passed with very strong moments. We have lived very hard situations. ''

Álvaro: '' I feel a lot of love towards her. I understood that she was so hard with me in the reunion, but she did not expect it. ''

Charo: '' My daughter has not done well either, but I think that in the way you want it is better than everyone else follows. I have nothing more to say.''

Charo and Álvaro give a hug before saying goodbye.

'' If you want to reconcile with Rosario I understand it but do not say you did not miss what was going to happen in Mallorca. ''

Álvaro: '' I do not regret the trio and in Mallorca it was a friendship relationship. '' Kiko believes that Álvaro equal had a double personality relationship.

Álvaro does not agree with what Rosana is telling what happened in Mallorca. '' I wanted to sleep. ''

Rosana did not hesitate to do a trio. '' I let myself go. I did not like Álvaro. He had a colleague relationship. '' Rosana admits that she invited Álvaro to Mallorca and he says that she just wanted to disconnect from the overwhelming that he lived in Elche.

Rosana sits next to Sabela. Álvaro recognizes what happened between them when leaving the island. '' A point arrived at which I realized that I could not because I was still wanting Rosario. I decided to make the move and go to my floor. Separate us. I wanted to go to Mallorca in summer to disconnect. I slept in bed with Rosana, but on the third day I decided not to follow. ''

Rosana gives his version. She was sincere with Álvaro and she knew they were going to share the same bed. '' Things passed ... '' Álvaro: '' 'I did not know we were going to share the bed.' '

Sabela, heading to Rosario: '' You seem a very nice girl, if we had met in other circumstances we would be friends. '' Rosario: '' I thank you for apologizing, but I have also asked for you. On the plane back I gave me a version and in the reunion another different. You did not talk to me. ''

Nagore criticizes Rosario's attitude. She does not believe that she has to be so hard with Sabela.

Álvaro: '' I find myself better because I said what I thought. '' Rosario: '' I asked for self-criticism and he has done it. ''

Does Stiven have to come to the set?

Tertulians want to know if Tania wants me to be or not. And she answers yes.

It is what Nagore thinks.

Rosario: '' You have lived in the rosary that he is going to think of herself. You do not know the Rosary for four years ago. ''

Sandra Barneda introduces a variant: '' If we all examine ourselves, we would be in some of these situations. '' It goes to Álvaro: '' You have to learn that in love you spends. You have to express yourself. I do not believe that you are not sensitive. But there is a shell. You go with another and then you repent. ''

Álvaro: '' Everything I know is for her. What little I know of love has taught me. I really say it. ''

Álvaro: '' I recognize that I have not helped me the images we have seen on the island. '' The Contertulios recall the insecurity of Álvaro

Now speak Arantxa: '' Álvaro you have to talk about your feelings. You have to talk about what you feel. It's what Rosario liked her about her. The two can be faithful when you do not leave home. It is a factor that does not help you to be faithful. ''

I do not believe the speech that he loves me, but Rosario does not believe his love. Rosario: '' I left the reunion thinking about taking the relationship with him, but he is unable to make self-criticism. ''

Barneda: '' You're really fucked up. ''

Álvaro: '' We were the clamp in there, "reading his performance on the island," there are jealousy and possession when we are not together. ''

Kiko Matamoros who thinks they are fine is when they are alone and asks him to make self-criticism. Nagore insists that if this Álvaro has seen it more times. In the reunion and in the bonfire. '' I have only seen it at that time, but I do not understand that he behaves like this. ''

They insist Álvaro if he is able to be faithful. '' We have had many fights. We were not together and at that time they hurt, but we realized that we wanted to be together. Long time ago.''

The presenter retires and let Álvaro and Rosario speak. He recognizes that he is nervous because he has not seen Rosario for a long time. She thinks: '' She has not treated me well. It was full of rage. '' Álvaro recognizes what is like that. '' I care a lot about Rosario. I did not understand what she had done. I know I have not made self-criticism. '' Álvaro continues to say that he did not behave well with Rosario.

Sandra Barneda: '' I saw you annoyed in the reunion. It is time for you to open with her. '' Álvaro: '' You know I've behaved fatal. She has left the piston ... The time I have not been with you I've missed you much less ... Rosario has behaved very well with me when she was not right. When she exploded I am terrible ... I feel bad ... there are times as I feel that I lost it. I want to ask for forgiveness. I need you in my life... ''

Rosario: '' It's emotional dependence, it's not love. It's usual. You feel at home because we have been together for many years. ''

Simone gives his explanations, while Kiko wants to know which of the two he wants to be ... but Simone does not know.

Simone: '' With Tania I have not spoken, today I think I have more affinity with Rosario. ''

The first thing that the presenter wants to know is if Simone has seen Rosario: '' In Madrid, but doing nothing. '' Sandra Barneda: '' Again?

The rifirrafe between Rosario and Tania are going to light by Simone.

Tania denies that she felt something for Simone, but the Contertulios do not agree. '' There is a time when we realize that Simone is playing two bands. ''

Everyone speaks, the talked talks are not heard. Tania and Rosario face Telecinco by Simone. Nagore puts the points on the IES.

In the set everyone wants to know if Suso and Rosario were together in Elche and so it was, but from that meeting everything broke. Suso: '' When Rosario became sick she started talking to Álvaro and she did not want to be twice as pringed. ''

Rosario: '' Six or seven months ago we see each other. He came to see me and then no more. '' Suso: '' I day more. Maybe I was faster than she could. I think Rosario went with me on the island for an act of charity ... ''

Barneda and Matamoros protest for these affirmations.

Rosario: '' Suso blew me. My feelings towards him were confusing. I do not regret having left with Suso. ''

Rosario: '' Open a relationship because yours does not work is not the best option ... ''

Álvaro arrives with a knob. Speak ARANTXA: '' The two you like a lot, like sex. You have an active life. It is difficult for you to commit yourself. That's why a couple with being characteristics it costs it to commit itself. ''

Rosario: '' I have no problem to be faithful '' Arantxa: '' Did you know the relationship? ''

Rosario: '' When I get to the island I needed attention. That's why I turned in Suso. ''

His companions think. One of Rosario's problems was that she did not feel pretty and desired by her couple. Álvaro thinks about Zoe's words: '' Sandra, I think he did not show what he felt and appreciated her. He had ugly comments with her. They are nonsense! But she would have to have told him what she felt! The companions of her thought that Rosario was a tempting.

Barneda Suso catches you or seduced you? Rosario: '' I seduced me, I had a great time with him ... I was careful ... Álvaro moved by Renor. ''

Rosario wants to zan out certain things ... '' I would like to see it and face my pending conversation. She still puts me ... it's normal ... ''

The same question about SUSO generates a silence. What happened to you with SUSO? '' What starts very fast ends very fast ... ''

The video of the Infidelities of Rosario is shown with Suso and Álvaro with Sabela. And then, the separation six months later.

Rosario: '' We are lofish. Therefore, love that existed that it exists. Why have we done so much damage? We believed that love can with everything and that is not like that ... ''

It is what the Tertulians say about this gala.

She wants to close cycles. '' We still have things to tell us. It's time for Nico to talk and tell me what he is capable. ''

Nico: '' He behaves differently with other people and not with me. We speak when we exchanged the dog ... ''

A survey on Zoe, another of Tania and another of Tania.

Zoe is going to be with Joshua to tell how his relationship is going. The first survey is about the tempting that you would like the audience to be tomorrow in the program.

Sandra reminds him of tears that spectators have released with his story with Álvaro. '' Tonight I will know what I feel from Álvaro. ''

Álvaro appears: '' To this day, Rosario is everything ... and I am trembling. It's very complicated.''

Rosario's face is a poem.

Rosario: '' I'm on shock. I do not know what to think ... ''

Sandra Barneda: '' I can only say that you are both beautiful. ''

Suso: '' I come with the truth ahead. Rosary for me is someone special. On the island there was a before and after. ''

Zoe, Tania and Sandra will be the stellar guests of the debate. They appear very brunettes, smiling.

Sandra appreciates having been a double leading leaders during the past week and hence the need to have two debates this week.

The first pump: A couple that we did not expect so far !!

The past of the contestants

Some of them have revealed some photos of their past. GAL.The before was brunette and wore a bangle, but we must recognize that now, her features have been swecked. We show you.

On the set there will be the five couples and some singles, those who had to see something with each of the couples. Darius has given Sandra last chance, but will it have worked?

These will be the collaborators of the night: Nagore Robles, Suso Álvarez, Kiko Matamoros, Terelu Fields and Arantxa Coca.

From 22:00 we will see the first debate on the island of temptations, 4. Many pending issues, among others, if Álvaro is believed what Tania has told you about the possible infidelity with Stiven.

Date Of Update: 24 January 2022, 22:03

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