The island of temptations: the reunion, live | Nico y and Álvaro and Rosario are still separated | Alejandro and Tania have resumed their relationship

Five couples decided to enter into 'the island of temptations, 4' to test their love, or to clarify their ideas. Nico y They still do not reconci

The island of temptations: the reunion, live |
 Nico y and Álvaro and Rosario are still separated |
 Alejandro and Tania have resumed their relationship

Five couples decided to enter into 'the island of temptations, 4' to test their love, or to clarify their ideas.

Nico y They still do not reconcile and have thrown harsh accusations. It is definitely an impossible love.

Rosario and Álvaro have the love that they feel for each other, but they are still unable to quote themselves to be together. They have returned to cry and embrace, but they also recognize that much damage has been done. Charo, Rosario's mother has not helped a lot: '' I see my happy daughter now, she is afraid that she returns with Álvaro. ''

Darío and Sandra have given a second chance, not conclusively, because Darío expects Sandra to continue fighting for him. '' I do not want it to be justified, I just want you to talk to me when there is something you do not like. '' Sandra has realized her mistakes, and she just wants him to become the father of her children.

Alejandro and Tania came kissing and today they left the same, although there were times when we think that love broke, they have recovered their relationship. Tania is tired of Alejandro hesitant, but he has not believed the story of Infidelity of Stiven, although at some point he has come to doubt him.

Finally, Joshua and Zoe have come out of reality together as in the end bonfire: she in her arms as if you had just married. Although Joshua recognizes that Zoe's almost sick jealousy has made him rethink the relationship in these six months, he continues betting on them.

Next Monday and Tuesday, this edition of 'the island of temptations, 4' is closed with a debate in which some and others will balance the climbing events occurred throughout the reality.

That will be next Monday and Tuesday on Telecinco set after 22:00

"The couples danced until the so many temptation, crossed unimaginable limits and confessed unsconfident secrets. They cried their absences on endless nights. They shouted under the alarm and ended up with it. They fled desperate with the bonfire and burst into it. Many of them broke their principles dreaming of happy endings. Here is the point and followed, on an island that does not understand definitive farewells. '' The presenter has dismissed this fourth edition of 'the island of temptations'.

Claudia and Dyriani send you a message: '' You would have fallen into temptation. '' It's what the two think.

Dyriani recognizes that Joshua is afraid of what his girlfriend does. '' If she were you, I would rethink things. ''

Joshua affirms that he reached the island to test.

Barneda believes that in his case the battle won her heart.

Joshua recognizes that Zoe continues to have sick jealousy.

You have been a time separated.

Joshua: '' I recognize that it is striving. She is hard for me to express my feelings, I do not say that I love her, but you are my girl ... ''

The moment of Zoe arrives: '' He is the man of my life. ''

Barneda welcomes them. Zoe: '' I stir everything. We have had many ups and downs. We are doing a very big interior job. '' Joshua: '' At first well, but not so well, well ... ''

They put the summary video. Joshua recognizes that he is an imperfect person. Zoe looks distrustfully to Joshua. Then Jennifer and Joshua come recognize that he knew her and at the bonfire gave some details of her anatomy to show that they have been together.

The last thing is its departure from the final bonfire.

Zoe recognizes that Joshua has to improve some things. The moment she infringes the rules I understood what she loved me.

Alejandro: '' You have lied to me if you have gone to breakfast with him. '' Tania recognizes that I do not tell him because I did not want to hurt him.

Tania: '' The quota of trying to convince is to zero ... what come back to doubt. '' Alejandro: '' Let's talk ... ''

Barneda says goodbye as a couple, although he tells them that what has been seen in the program has to be solved as a couple. Alejandro: '' I did not like that that boy has told me that he has slept with the girl I love ... '' '

Will they continue together in the future? Will they return to television to tell it?

So strongly arrives. Stiven arrives. '' I went to bed with her in Rosario's room. '' Tania replicates: '' From the first moment I told you I was in love with Alejandro. I have defended you before many people and I said that you are a gentleman. ''

Tania denies it slightly.

Alejandro wants to know what the room was like. Stiven tells Alejandro: '' I'm manipulating you. ''

Tania denies it for the third time. Alejandro begins to doubt and asks to show it but Stiven can not do it.

Before Alejandro and Tania are kissed again. Do not greet each other and Stiven says that he wants to talk ...

'' I mean I've had a disappointment with Tania. '' It goes to Alejandro: '' In Madrid, Tania deceived you. She respected you on the island at all times, but she went out of the island she did not. She slept with me. ''

Alejandro sees the reunion between Tania and Stiven after the end bonfire. He recognizes that he would leave with her: '' As the person next to her does not take advantage of it. ''

Tania remembers that his relationship dangered by other things, but not by Stiven. We have exchanged a message but I told him I want to try with Alejandro. For him it is important that it makes it clear.

After the kiss of the Barneda principle acknowledges that many things have passed in these six months. Tania says that until today they continue together. Alejandro: '' It was the surprise he had for you, "he tells Sandra.

Alejandro asks for forgiveness to Tania and her family. The two have forgiven each other. He continues to distrust Tania.

Barneda recalls that Alejandro said to have found the love of his life. The Exmister Spain arrived safely, but Tania decided to break with him. What happened then?

The first thing that Alejandro recognizes is that he left very sad about the island: '' I had a great time. '' The images of Alejandro's passage are seen on the island. The first thing he says is that he is going to show that it is no longer the Gulf that he was. ''

Alejandro's comments about Tania hurt so much because they were about his intimacy and with many criticism towards her. Tania only asked her for her's decision.

Alejandro is justified. "Now I see the massage and it seems silly. I was weird because she had said that she was not going to do it. I recognize that the ways in which she said things are not the most correct. Tania was disappointed. Stiven liked it, but I have never felt that she looked at me like me. I do not know if they had something, I think not, although I would not be surprised. ''

I'm still wanting Tania. I think she keeps me wanting me. The good thing I have is the heart. I am a cocoon but then I ask for forgiveness

Tania in the viewing room recognizes that he is when he is needed.

Nothing else enter Tania sees the summary video of his passage through the program.

Tania: '' I feel safe, and some things do not think they can put our relationship at risk. '' He decided to leave the island alone. '' It has been a very hard experience. I have realized that a person who believed perfectly is not. What has hurt me most is that he spoke as he did it from me. ''

Barnedale remembers that he falls apart from the first bonfire. '' I saw a grudge and I did not expect it. I think he hurt you to see me play. I realized that it was not so bad to play. I raised the relationship when I saw the bonfire. When I remember it hurts. I love him very much ... That's why he might hurt so much ... I expected to reach the final bonfire and that Alex was understanding. I decided to be loyal with myself and that's why I decided to stay alone. ''

Sandra understands that Rubo will be illussed, but there was nothing. Darío recognizes that he is not jealous, but he does not believe in the second chances.

Darío asks him not to cry anymore and Sandra says he wants him to be the father of his children. Darío only hopes that he continues on the road that he is at this moment.

Barneda wishes them to be happy and rejoices that they are together.

It's a meeting at three. They greet each other friendly.

Sandra asks Rubo how he is and if he wanted to see Sandra again. '' She has been a person I've had love. We had a small contact at the beginning, but she decided that she wanted to go back with Darius and I respected him. As a mature person I am I decided to give them the space they needed. ''

Darío: '' I think he did it out of spite, because I counted something he did not want him to be counted. I did not feel jealous. I always knew that Sandra does not like Rubo. ''

Rubo believes that Sandra liked, but Sandra recognizes that her physicist was not her prototype, but she was a very good person.

Rubo: '' When I returned from the island, I spoke with my family and then with Sandra. HO I am like that ... ''

Darío enters direct '' Remember that I told you that I would have me like a friend, even if I did not follow you. ''

Sandra Barneda remembers that Darío has kissed her when entering.

Darío: '' I'm better, on the island I was super bad, I regret not having enjoyed. I found out about infidelity by a friend. ''

The presenter asked what happens after the island. Darío recognizes that he did not want to be with her. '' In the hotel he recognized me that he had been unfaithful a second time. He had touched background and did not hurt, but he did not want to leave her either. ''

Darío acknowledges that it is at a time of acceptance. '' We do not live together as before. I love her so much. We have spent very difficult times. ''

Sandra Apostille that the two have been wrong and have helped. Darío recognizes that she is fighting a lot for him.

Darío does not want Sandra to put a justification for what he did. Sandra recognizes that her mistake was that she had no courage to tell Darío what she felt '' I'm not justifying it. ''

Sandra cries and cries, I have decided to fight for the relationship. '' I confessed another infidelity. I understand that she can not continue with me. ''

Darío in the viewing room Arrado: '' He says he's wrong with her, and that he wants to hurt him and he does it to me ... I do not understand anything. ''

Sandra recognizes that they did not want to hurt, but Darío does not agree in the viewing room. Sandra recognizes that she did not love him when she entered the island. She made the mistake of seeking approval in another person. '' The Rubo was because he made me feel loved. I kissed Rubo by spite because I thought the first one who had told the infidelity was him and not Sergio. ''

Barneda: '' I do not know what happens to me tonight, but I see you all much more handsome. ''

Sandra and Darius left the island after a bonfire of confrontation, knowing that Sandra had been unfaithful to Darío a month before entering, and then with Rubo on the island.

Sandra has suffered a lot since then and is time to remember her passage through the Dominican Republic, including the moment in which Sandra decided to think about her.

Darío believes that the good thing for the two would leave the island alone, and but Sandra also recognizes that he does not want to continue.

This conversation with her had her the last time we see each other. Álvaro recognizes that much damage has been done and it is very difficult to go ahead as well.

Sandra: '' You still have not resolved what you feel. ''

Álvaro: '' I'm going to stay with the positive tonight. '' Rosario: '' I'm flipping ... I needed this moment. What I said I said of a heart. I wish I understood what I feel for Álvaro to be able to explain it. ''

Sandra wants each of them the best.

Sandra Ask Charo: '' I hope you do not give a second chance. My daughter will not be happy with him. He has been treated as a son. When I have seen my daughter suffer in that way, I take off her uñitas. ''

Rosario asks his mother to talk to her. Charo sees her daughter alone and focused. I see it much better: '' To Álvaro I do not want to see him or in painting. ''

The presenter says goodbye to Charo. And she asks Rosario for what she thinks about her mother.

But second then recognizes that they can not continue together because they hurt. Rosario: '' The love that I have felt with you I will not find it. I've mistreated you a lot I know! You are not a bad person with me you have behaved very well ... ''

They embrace

Charo the mother of Rosario enters. '' If I tell me I do not believe it. '' She accounted for Álvaro by movie. ''I dont believe it. Four years of lies ... ''

It is Sandra Barneda who has to remind Álvaro who was with Sabela. She just greets Álvaro and does not do it to Rosario because she believes she does not want.

Álvaro and Sabela have not greeted because he was the one who wanted to cut the relationship. '' He does what Rosario wants. ''

Rosario: '' Sabela was the cause of our rupture. '' Álvaro recognizes that he did not act for revenge. Rosario says it was not true, and if she said it was because she was what she wanted.

Sabela is not believed to either of them.

Álvaro: '' I was not right. Life hit me an oyster. I was not prepared to fall in love with anyone. ''

Sabela does not want to say anything negative.

Álvaro: '' Rosario is put in front and I forgot everything. I'm wrong in many things. My life has been a shit ... ''

At this moment Rosario asks to give Álvaro a hug.

Álvaro, now, he sits next to Rosario.

Sandra dismisses Sabela: '' With Álvaro, it could not be. I thank you and I tell you the same as on the island.

Review your first attraction per Suso, then the appearance of Simone, but realized that they were only for laughter.

Rosario: '' I think Álvaro is the love of my life. We do not know how to tell us that we love each other. He is a very important person for me. He gives me a rage ... ''

Sandra Barneda wants to know if he ever told Álvaro that. Álvaro in the living room says he can not see her cry.

Álvaro appears and Sandra tells him that he is very handsome. He decides to sit in front of Rosario to talk. Álvaro has not wanted to sit next to Rosario because she knows that tonight is going to be very complicated for him.

Álvaro recognizes that it has been very impressed by Rosario: '' It is the woman of my life. I know that things have passed that are not right. It was the last chance. I still think I want it. ''

Rosario believes that he would have much to show him, although Suso went to see it to Elche.

Álvaro: '' I can not keep you looking at my face because I see you as the mother of my children. That is not going to forget me! ''

Rosario's mother believes that Álvaro is not being sincere.

Sandra wonders if Rosario saw Álvaro again, if he continues with his own because he decided to go with him.

Rosario: '' I was blind from Álvaro. He went to the island and changed everything. '' She broke with Álvaro and opened a door to meet Suso. '' I excited myself very fast. ''

Rosario acknowledged that he had a story with Darius. She then affirmed that she was with her she was in a cloud. '' It's a very, very strong physical attraction but I want to continue advancing with him. ''

Álvaro decided to leave the island alone and Rosario acknowledged that he wanted to leave with his.

Rosario: '' I have felt all at a time: disgust, love, attraction ... ''

I do not want to continue with him. Nico recognizes that if gal. He needs her to take care of her there he will be.

GAL.LA: '' Here Nico has been shown as a rude. He loved me to see Miguel. I know he will not get to a love, but it will be a friendship .. '

Miguel and GA.The they go together

GAL.The recognizes that he is happy because he has seen his successes again in the program.

Miguel says he is going back to the routine in Málaga super well. Nico tells Miguel that he is a ghost and a salesmote.

Nico continues to call Liar to

Miguel gives his version. Gal. It came to Malaga because Nico did not leave the house. I told him that he was not prepared for a relationship. '' It was a decision of mutual agreement. ''

Miriam is flipping.

Nico was going to say hello to '' You're hurt ... '' Gal.The attacks: '' Viniste sold as a footballer and you work as a locksmith. ''

Sandra asks if she asked Nico to go to Málaga with her to see Miguel.

The time of discussion arrives with the bitch.

Miriam complains that Gal. She does not look at her when he talks to her. '' I believe that the relationship with Miriam is not real. ''

Nico accuses Gal.The all the time of liar.

According to Nico, Rosana is all day saying that and invites Mallorca, but has done the same with other colleagues. '' It does not make me feel special. ''

Rosana enters the room and is angry, believes he has cheated it.

Rosana believes that Miriam and Nico are of the hand does not mean anything and it is ridiculous. '' I have heard comments with her who is tired of her. I see nothing. I think he is pretending. I wish you that you are well. ''

Barneda believes that they will not reach a good port, not even Mallorca.

What happened between Nico and Miriam?

Nico: '' I owe him to 'the island of temptations, 4', be the person I am. I do not want to be with her, but if she calls me I'm going to take care of her. The program has taught me to be happy for what I feel and not to see a smile on the face of GAL.LA. '' Sandra says that you are only seen by the dog and asks you do you recognize the gal. The one you have seen tonight?

In the summary video it is remembered again the moment in which Nico could not say anything positive about GAL.LA and the moment of denial of going to the bonfire of temptations. Then the 'nonsense' arrived with Miriam and Rosana, and when he decided to choose Miriam for the last appointment, and although he was happy with her. He wanted to go alone.

Sandra asks by Miriam and by Rosana '' I decided for Miriam because she is a special girl. I have seen this time and it is recognized that she is a special girl. '' At that time Sandra announces that Miriam is going to enter the program.

In the Vieving Room GAL.La says that Nico has been with 25. Nico says: '' I can not be with you, you know I'm not prepared. '' Miriam feels surprised, and that he will wait for the time he does lack.

Sandra Barneda reviews her story. Gal.The decided to go with Miguel, but her tempting decided to reject her offer, what happened in these six months?

GAL.The recognizes that he has realized that he has to abandon things that do not do well, I feel safer. Sandra tells her that she sees her sweetest. Nico, in the viewing room, says that '' I hope you realize her mistakes. "After the affirmations of Nico, Gal.The asked for a bonfire of confrontation, then decided to take the relationship of it to the limit to do Cry Nico.

Nico continues to insist that I could not say anything beautiful about GAL.The:

GAL.LA: '' I did not remember half of things. I compared myself with my companions, I came very down. I started not meeting Nico. He thought of me, but in the Villa I saw him talking badly about me, of our relationship. Nico was a child in an amusement park. I was very sure of our relationship. I never thought he was going to make those comments about me. When you do not show up on the bonfire, I changed the chip ... and enjoy. I was excited with Miguel. I understood that he told me that he did not want to come with me ''

Nico insists that Gal.The is grudging.

GAL.LA: '' I have learned to value me. '' When leaving the island they were together five days, but we saw that we did not work as a couple. '' He has always given me the feeling that Nico wanted to return with me. I have not considered me back with him. ''

This has come the five couples who wanted to discover if they were with the love of their life or not.

Follow a summary of the most 'hot' moments of the program.

Today they will have to answer the big question: 'Heart or temptation' ...

We contextualize the latest program of 'the island of temptations, 4'. First, the videos of the progress we have seen from the reunion. Then follow the videos of the final bonfires: the tears of Álvaro, the cold meeting between Gal.La and Nico, the departure of Joshua carrying Zoe and the rifirarafe between Tania and Alejandro and the despair of her.

The relationship that surprises us the most surprise is that of Joshua and Zoe, because after the progress it seems that they have not endured their jealousy, even though they were very happy and recognizing that they were the love of their life.

Gal.La and Nico do not seem to have much future, and the worst is not. His dispute over the bitch they share is going to be apotheosic.

They also do not have easy reconciliation Sandra and Darío. She is destroyed and repentant of what she did, but she does not know if Darío is going to be able to forgive her.

Alejandro is still shattered, despite his infidelity to Rosario. It does not seem to have surpassed, will they have a future together? In half an hour we will begin to solve all the unknowns.

Last night we saw in the last moments of the passionate kiss between Alejandro and Tania, after a very dramatic farewell in the Dominican Republic.

The island of temptations, 4 comes to an end in the program tonight. In today's gala we will see the reunion of the five participating couples and we will know if after six months its relationship has definitely broken or a reconciliation has occurred.

Date Of Update: 18 January 2022, 21:50

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