The judge cites declaring the president of the CIS, José Félix Tezanos accused, by alleged embezzlement

The Court of Instruction Number 29 of Madrid has cited to declare as accused on October 29, at 12.30, the President of the Sociological Research Center (CIS), J

The judge cites declaring the president of the CIS, José Félix Tezanos accused, by alleged embezzlement

The Court of Instruction Number 29 of Madrid has cited to declare as accused on October 29, at 12.30, the President of the Sociological Research Center (CIS), José Félix Tezanos, as a result of a complaint filed by VOX by An alleged crime of embezzlement of public flows.

Legal sources have reported Europe Press that the instructor magistrate has already set a date for appearance. The decision takes place after the Prosecutor's Office asked the Court to file the complaint when considering what is exposed "are mere suspicion, conjectures, that relate in an adequate manner, the inefficiency in the realization of surveys with the fraudulent administration of the institution Cis ".

The complaint filed by training led by Santiago Abascal argues that the functioning of the CIS since Tezanos was appointed president in 2018 is "irregular". He accuses him, among other things, to manipulate how to make the surveys to benefit the PSOE.

The Prosecutor's Office, however, assured that the VOX brief did not comply with the necessary budgets that may legitimize the beginning of a judicial investigation by the alleged commission of a criminal offense, in particular, a crime of embezzlement of public flows. In this sense, he indicated that the party had not accredited "nothing" regarding existing signs concerning the commission of the denunciated crime.

The Public Prosecutor's Office insisted that the accusations that are reflected in the complaint and those collected in the expert report have only a different base of press and television reports, "as well as comments and opinions on networks". He stressed that "although it is true" that the development of surveys is part of the functions assigned to the CIS, this task can be questioned for its effectiveness without this questioning to demand criminal responsibility.

According to the note released by the Prosecutor's Office of Madrid, the State's advocacy - in representation of the investigated - appealed admission to the processing of the complaint. Legal services argued that criminal investigation has a prospective nature considering that there is no concretion of the facts object of the complaint. They also defended that there are no indications that justify the crime of embezzlement of public flows.

Vox announced last August that the 199th Instruction Court of Madrid had admitted the complaint filed against Tezanos. According to the party, the instructor required the CIS to submit the acts of work in which the elaboration criteria are agreed between the 2018 and 2020 exercises or in which it figure justification for the "change of techniques" applicable to These instruments. He also requested the regulatory compliance and crime control program and annual accounts from 2018 to 2020.

The complaint is based on an expert report in which - suggests the well-known and notorious deviations towards the PSOE in the results of the CIS reports ".

VOX argues that the document aims "high costs that pays the cis by the subcontracted surveys" and makes clear the "lack of rigor" in the performance of the center that presides up Tezanos, which "is not casual or random" and that "it departs from The technique and professional rigor that should apply in a public institution at the service of all Spaniards. "

After knowing the citation of Tezanos, the PSOE has come to defend the work of the CIS and has accused the Abascal Party to "resort to justice again and again as the main weapon of its political action."

Cristina Narbonona, President of the PSOE, has also suggested that if VOX has led TEZANOS to the courts is not to give them better forecasts in the CIS surveys, even though they are then fulfilled, as it has defended.

For his part, the vicealdese of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has charged against "the PSOE placed network" in public companies with the aim of being "servile arms of the government", so understand that they need "a minimum of independence , of credibility ".

"I would like public companies to be no servile arms of the government, and so that they can not be and may have a minimum of independence, minimum credibility, with how important it is for the cis, which is a very important institution," he said The leader of citizens.

Vox, the complaint driving party, has been congratulated because "a judicial body feels on the bench" to Tezanos. In the opinion of Javier Ortega Smith, General Secretary of Training, the performance of Tezanos is a "criminal because it is to use public funds prevaricatively for political purposes of government."

"Spaniards can not accept that public money and a public institution such as the CIS, under the appearance of surveys, to do something else, propaganda maneuvers to the government's service, use the surveys to manipulate public opinion, to misrepresent the data And to send a message of support to the government, both in the question and in the manipulation of subsequent data, "said Ortega Smith upon arrival at the institutional act of Madrid City Council for the day of Hispanicity.

Date Of Update: 09 October 2021, 14:34

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