The judge imprisons the radical wing of the CDR by betting on terrorism

The Attorney-general rejects the deferment of judgment of the "procés" at the request of JunquerasBildu, JxCart, ERC and the CUP are defending the detainees i

The judge imprisons the radical wing of the CDR by betting on terrorism
The Attorney-general rejects the deferment of judgment of the "procés" at the request of JunquerasBildu, JxCart, ERC and the CUP are defending the detainees in the CDREl Parliament approves a proposal to ban the correbous in Catalonia

The Justice linked yesterday –for the first time since the days of Earth Lluire– wing more radicial of the secesionismo Catalan with terrorism. The magistrate, Manuel García-Castellón imprisoned without conditions to the seven members of the CDR defendants of forming a terrorist group to achieve the independence of Catalonia by any channel. They were sent to jail in madrid's Soto del Real after a long day in the National Audience.

According to informed legal sources, the judge seen indications that the prisoners were part of the ERT (the teams tactical response of the COR), "an organization with a hierarchical structure that aims to introduce the Catalan republic by any means, including violent". The office of the Prosecutor of the Audiencia Nacional asked the prison without bail for seven, with the objective of preventing materialize their plans and to avoid that they destroy the evidence.

The Public prosecutor's office justified the arrests by the "certainty" that the alleged terrorist actions were going to cause between the first anniversary of the referendum illegal on the 1 October and the judgment of the "procés", which is expected in the first half of October. The cause, led by the central court of instruction number 6, is under secret of summary.

In the car, the magistrate accused of the crimes of belonging to organization or terrorist group, possession of explosives and conspiracy to the crime of havoc; the crimes attributed to them by the Public Ministry. We are at the beginning of the judicial investigation.

The magistrate finds that the grounds required by the law to send them to prison without any condition you can avoid them , despite not having been judged and condemned: the severity of the penalties of the crimes brought against them, the ability to destroy evidence, the possible removal of the action of the Justice and the risk of reiteration of the offences.

In their appearances before the judge, two defendants admitted they participated in the purchase of explosives seized "to test", without knowing how to justify which would be the reason of these alleged trials, reported ABC sources close to the investigation. These two imprisoned ratified their previous statements to investigators of the Guardia Civil, in which we recognized such facts. Before the judge, that yes, dropped a few degrees the tone of their confessions.

In electrical and electronic equipment requisitioned to the investigation, in the records of the operation, have been found location maps of several barracks of the Guardia Civil in localities of Catalonia. Not only located in the municipality of Canovellas (Barcelona) , as it transpired in the beginning. It also had photographs of police stations of the Mossos d'esquadra, have reported the same sources.

In one of the cars delivered to the defenses, the judge says, "the ERT is an organization with sufficient capacity as to carry out tactics and maneuvers with a high level of professionalization," reports Efe. Quote an event from the September 15, 2018 , in which is planned the meeting with a person profile dangerous.

The seven imprisoned were arrested last Monday in Operation Judas, developed in various localities of the province of Barcelona, in which we were detained two other suspects who were later released. Investigators seized guides explanatory for the manufacture and employment of explosives, a lot of documentation, some 170 electronic devices (which now need to be analyzed); as well as a gun of nine-millimeter, ammunition and blanks, and material to make explosives.

According to has been able to know ABC, the researchers attributed to two arrested a leading role in the plans of the alleged terrorist group: it is Eduard Garzón (49 years old) and Xavier Duch (50 years). The others were placed in lower levels.

The two imprisoned that distanced themselves by the rest –who were defended by their respective lawyer– admitted to the Guardia Civil their participation in the procurement of this material after being shown videos and graphics documents in which they appeared with the other arrestees, in one of which are performing physical tests with the explosive in a quarry. The core group of those arrested, who refused to testify to the Prosecutor's office, are represented by the same attorney, from the organization Alert Solidària , next to the entity pro-independence radical Arran. They denied their links with the terrorist activity and alleged devotion to family and social for not to escape.

in the early hours of the morning, they expressed their support in the vicinity of the court representatives of ERC, Junts per Catalunya and Bildu, who spoke of "mounting police".

Date Of Update: 27 September 2019, 04:02

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