The keys to the economic ruin of Barcelona

Barcelona is at a limit point. "Debt is 1,350 million euros. More or less broken down, there are 673 million bank debt, 389 with players, either by commitmen

The keys to the economic ruin of Barcelona

Barcelona is at a limit point. "Debt is 1,350 million euros. More or less broken down, there are 673 million bank debt, 389 with players, either by commitments acquired by signing fees, loyalty fees or termination of contracts, plus deferred salaries, 56 by Espi Barça commitments, 90 million per litigation in which it is expected that they will not estimate our claims, the 40 million subscribers that we will not charge them this year and some 69 million advance of 50% of the League television rights, "he explained The president, Joan Laporta. "The challenge is very big, but it does not scare us, because we will be able to reverse the situation," he sentenced.

Your press conference lasted for just over two hours. The numbers and the open letter of the predecessor of him, Josep Maria Bartomeu, were the great protagonists. In the case of the former president, the current leader did not hesitate to note that the letter of him was "full of lies" and denounced that it is an attempt to avoid responsibilities that he does not plan to consent. "It is the reaction of a people who have led the club to ruin. From the letter of him, he knows that there are irregularities in the management of him," Apostiló Porta. And as for the figures, how has this economic situation been so desperately reached? According to the intervention of it, at least four key points can be identified.

From the point of view of Porta, the management of the Sports Area has left much to be desired. Very especially, from the Sound Sound and Neymar to the PSG, in the summer of 2017. "Bartomeu says sports salaries shot up to compete with the state clubs and with the Premier League. And it is not true. It is true that the Sports Policy has been disastrous in recent years. Above all, since the sale of Neymar for 222 million euros. They spent them disproportionately and at the speed of light. That fired wages and amortizations, and that's where we find ourselves Now. The sports policy has been erroneous, the test is that a sportingly has not gone well in recent years, I think I should have been more believed in the Masia and make more proportionate investments, with more logical, "he argued.

"The salary limitation policy with the league has also been very erratic. For season 2020/21, the limit was 237 million, and was approved with a mass of 417 million, which without reductions with deferred payments was higher than 600 . All that we are dragging and the league has us for a non-compliant club. Now, we have been affected, because the league, in its first writing, only let us sign a template with a salary mass spending of 83 million euros " , a laporta abounded that remembered, further, that the previous board did not achieve any reduction in that salary mass. What he did in this case was, as he says, hanging him the dead to him. "We found a signing context and erroneous sports salary policy, which also generates many damages for the entity. The pyramid was inverted: Veterans have long contracts and young people, short contracts, and that makes negotiation very difficult. The reduction of 68 million was not such, it was to defer the payment, because we find ourselves with different types of premiums included in the contracts, "he added.

The Board of Bartomeu, According to the Laporta, in addition, came to fraction several contracts to avoid any type of audit. "Everything was part of a modus operandi of the management that jumped all internal controls and assembly. Invoices were fractionated, such as those of I3 Ventures, the one known as Barçagate, or of the Spanish Barça, and the debt contracted was also fractionated , so as not to go through the Assembly, "he denounced. Around the Espai Barça, in addition, he explained, there were also multiple irregularities. "In the Spanish Barça, the eighth point of the letter of Bartomeu, we find another series of lies. First, it is based on a series of falsehoods, there is a lack of information and lack of transparency. More than 12,000 members had to pass first Third grader. And it is not reported that the remodeling of a stadium with a periodic assistance of 85,000 people is complicated and involves unhappy risks and expenses. The project is undervalued, in many games. The Johan Cruyff stadium, for example, was budgeted. For four million euros and cost 20, "he said.

According to Laporta, the previous directive calculated a budget for the 2020-21 season of 1,000 million euros, but it was based on a series of allegedly less than unrealizable. Very especially, regarding Barça Corporate. "Talk about some letters of intentions from investors prepared to execute account from 49% of certain rights. Sure, if this was passed, and the Superliga, and CVC ... is the account of the dairy. You already know that a president From Barça breaks the confidentiality of contracts and behaves that the club generates lack of seriousness. We have analyzed the letters of intention of each of the investors proposed by Goldman Sachs and we have come to the conclusion that none was acceptable, "he stressed. "That he says that signing with CVC, it would have been arranged, it is not true. It represented to mortgage Barça's audiovisual rights for half a century. All this demonstrates the short-term vision that the Bartomeu board had, covers short-term holes although hypotheche the long term. This is how he has left us and that is why the inheritance we have is disastrous and the financial, dramatic situation, "he sentenced.

Date Of Update: 16 August 2021, 20:45

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