The killer of Pioz, in his last word: "I Ask forgiveness, I do not deny it, I've caused too much damage"

The whatsapps of the killer of Pioz your friend in Brazil: "you Open someone in half gives too much work -" 10 keys on the judgment of Pioz: personality p

The killer of Pioz, in his last word:

The whatsapps of the killer of Pioz your friend in Brazil: "you Open someone in half gives too much work -"

10 keys on the judgment of Pioz: personality psychopath killer to the penalties that could meet

Patrick Nogueira has made use of its right to the last word, and apparently penitent, have been submitted to the jury as a sick person who beseeches treatment : "I ask for forgiveness, not deny him, do not question myself, I have caused too much damage," he said, "but I also suffer, I suffer because I am a man of single target, I've dug my grave of child, are a accumulation of crimes, of shits... an evolution of misfortunes, one after the other. I drunk until not endure more, I have changed cities, but simply nothing has changed. I have come to this point and I can not fix the past, I can not change anything more. I would like to say that I would, because the impression I have is that things are going to get worse and is going to continue the same shit I've always been. I don't care that I make an incision in my head, that I empastille up to the balls, whatever. I want to change and ask for forgiveness for all that." His words have put an end to the judgment of Pioz, pending that the nine members of the jury receive the object of judgment and deliberation.

The final day started with a request entirely contrary to that of Patrick, the attorney Dew Red who told the jury in his closing argument that had no fear of condemning him to the permanent prison: "Think of the victims, think that they have not been able to be here to tell us what happened, think that psychologists and forensic scientists have said that it is very possible that you will re-offend, think that Patrick is not a sick person, is a person with a tremendous evil, which as such, by that tremendous evil to commit these acts, shall be punished with the maximum penalty provided by the Penal Code, which is the permanent prison revisable. And don't be afraid to apply the permanent prison revisable because the permanent prison, as his surname indicates, is reviewable. We're not going to forget Patrick in a prison forever. Are you going to revise that sentence, with a minimum and after a few years. And when Patrick is in conditions, when you have been able to teach to live in harmony and to not be bad, then will come out of the jail.

Red has kept its request to qualify the crimes of Mark Fields, his wife Janaina Santos and their two children, Carolina and Lvad, as murder and has requested the permanent prison revisable for being two of the minor victims, and considering a killing spree.

The Prosecution has focused its case on trying to dismantle the arguments that the defense has to be to reduce the penalty to Nogueira to 25 years in prison in total: one who suffers a brain injury, that he confessed and cooperated with the Justice and that the process has extended more than due perjudicándole. "They pretend that we are the first that apply in Spain this theory that a person with an underactive kills", said Red in reference to the famous image of the brain of Patrick, who has set a precedent for being the first time that it is accepted in a medical test of this type to try to prove that the defendant committed the murder because a brain disorder and affected its conduct. "Today this theory does not exist", said Red. "Hopefully within five centuries or 10 we can examine the heads and say that this person is going to commit these crimes, and is so simple as to subject him to an operation and conclude that it is not going to commit more", he added.

On the same line, the lawyer Alberto Martin, who represents the family of the late Mark Fields, has qualified in his writing, the theory of the brain damage of "invention" and has put in question even the validity of the cited neuroimaging. "We don't believe or we allow ourselves to believe that such a picture corresponds to the head of Patrick, because it has been conducted outside of the public health services and of the judicial control for this type of testing," he cited.

In the final report of the legal defence, is the last to intervene, the issue of brain damage, how could it be otherwise, has also been the protagonist. "What this party says, repeats, insists, is that Patrick presents a diseased brain that predetermines to commit the acts for which they are judging, and this is indisputable fact," said Barbara Royo, who has defined Nogueira as a "psychopath who also has the brain as a swiss cheese".

"I am defending a person who has killed four humans, two of them with an entire life ahead of you, certainly, two children, and is very difficult. If I put myself in the skin of the jury, I come only two words to mind: tough. If it were you, I would come out of the womb, from the guts, send him to prison for life, that is pudriese in prison. But Justice will not be done with the guts, with the head", was the counsel to the members of the jury, to which he has asked to leave "of the repulsion and fear that they may produce Patrick" at the time of issuing verdict and that "to do justice and not prosecution".

Barbara Royo has also asked the jury to recognize the brain damage as a defense incomplete by appealing to that it is necessary for you to receive treatment in prison, and so that such damage does not progress, and eventually leaving him "absolutely shattered for the whole life". "The only way that it is treated in prison is given by proved that you have depleted your powers," he said. Has also been argued that Patrick worked with the justice to be delivered and that the deaths of Janaina and Mark were homicides and not murders because they were able to repel the attack: "Mark had three wounds in the hand, on three fingers, tried to stop that knife.... Janaina is stirred, gives you a bite".

"what Collaboration?", wondered Red to then list the reasons why we do not consider that you cannot apply this mitigating factor to Patrick: he fled to Brazil when it was discovered the corpses, denied the facts when the brazilian police interrogated him for the first time, blotted out the "terrifying" whatsapp messages he sent to his friend Marvin, in which he told me how he executed the crime, gave himself because he thought that Spain was going to have a trial and a prison are more favourable.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 04 November 2018, 20:01

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