The king that one day left for love and who ended up enjoying his wife humiliate him and degrade

"I find it impossible to fulfill my king's duties as I wish without the help of the woman I love." Thus justified the Almighty Eduardo VIII, King of Englan

The king that one day left for love and who ended up enjoying his wife humiliate him and degrade

"I find it impossible to fulfill my king's duties as I wish without the help of the woman I love." Thus justified the Almighty Eduardo VIII, King of England, of the Commonwealth and Emperor of India, his decision to renounce the throne for Wallis Simpson, a two-time divorced and insufferable character that, according to those who treated her in the Intimacy, scratch in the perversion. "Damn imbecile," Wallis said, when she learned that she would not be queen.

This December 10, 85 years of an abdication that copied the covers of the world press, since Eduardo VIII, who had only ten months on the throne after happening to his father, Jorge V, was heard in marrying his lover, Wallis, who was not even divorced from his second husband, causing an unprecedented political crisis. Neither the Anglican Church nor the Government of Stanley Baldwin, which threatened to resign in block, tolerated that link that the British accepted either. The monarch had only three options: giving up that marriage, marry against the government or abdicate, and he chose the latter.

Born in London in 1894, David, as he was told by the family, he fought in the First World War and also represented his father in numerous trips and official acts as Prince of Wales. With a film actor physicist, the character of him was however weak and influenced and he had a much dissipated life in his residence of Fort Belvedere, being the hobby of him by women, especially married.

He was one of his lovers, Lady Thelma Furnnes, who introduced Wallis in 1930, who had married first nuptials with an American Navy officer and later with Ernest Simpson, a maritime runner who cheated with other women and, they say , it was the love of his life. According to letters that were discovered after her death, she Wallis wanted to plant the monarch to return with her husband, but he threatened him with committing suicide. "I have to be with him, otherwise he will attack his life," she wrote to an Aunt His.

After giving up the throne, his successor as king, Jorge VI, brother of his and father of the current Isabel II, granted Eduardo VIII The title of Duke de Windsor with the treatment of real highness that denied Wallis, something for which Eduardo fought All his life without getting it. But nothing seemed enough to warm up this cold and hard woman, who was not cut into mistreating with Santa's real husband even in public, so much that this, according to witnesses, lay down many nights crying. A nonsense who revealed an old lover of Duke, Fred Dudley, was explained by her Sadomasochist vein: "He liked Wallis to humiliate him and degrade him." Something that corroborates her camera helper. "It was very bad, it turned the life of the Duke into hell, took away self-confidence and ended up as his lap puppy, sometimes he sent him to sleep with a 'Logate Mosquito' while she stayed having fun with her friends."

His love for Wallis not only confronted his family but also to the English people, for their subsequent flirts with Nazism. After his wedding in France in 1937, the Dukes of Windsor visited the Nazi Germany against the British government and met with Hitler, who made the fascist greeting. It seems that the Führer had in mind to reestablish Eduardo as Monarch if he established a Nazi regime in Great Britain, a risk that the British government evaded by sending Eduardo far, which during the Second World War he played the position of Governor of Bahamas.

After the contest, the dukes of Windsor returned to Paris, where they had settled after leaving Eduardo the throne, and in his mansion of Bois de Boulogne led a frivolous and tedious existence, because Eduardo never ever returned to show any charge. "I got up late and accompanied the Duchess to buy a hat," he confessed on an occasion ironically a diplomat, summarizing one day of her life. Passionate of haute couture, the Duchess bought more than a hundred models a year of the greatest modest and she also adored the jewelry, especially the sapphires, her favorites, that her husband bought him at the Cartier firm. They also traveled by staying at the suites of the most luxurious hotels and were fixed at the Holidays of the World Jet.

Time sweeter the confrontation of the Duke of Windsor with the British royal family, who never accepted Wallis, especially his mother, Queen Mary, who refused to receive her. Although Eduardo did not attend the coronation of his niece Isabel II in 1953, in 1965 the Dukes traveled to London and viewed with the Queen, who also visited them in 1972 during a state trip to France. It was the last time he saw his uncle alive, since the Duke died with 77 years on May 28, 1972. By an agreement with Isabel II, he was buried in the Royal Cemetery of Frogmore, in Windsor, where Wallis is also buried , who afflicted with senile dementia, would die 14 years later.

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