The latest temptation, Program 4: Andrea and Manuel have sex (several times)

So far the live program 4 of the latest temptation. It has been a intense night, but surely much less than next. Many of the couples will see the faces and

The latest temptation, Program 4: Andrea and Manuel have sex (several times)

So far the live program 4 of the latest temptation. It has been a intense night, but surely much less than next. Many of the couples will see the faces and in the videos with their respective temptors. Anything can happen.

The thing gets tense in this last stretch with Isaac and Bela. She seems to be very clear. For now and despite the moment caresses, he resists falling into temptation.

Maika, Lester, Roberto, Christofer and Jesus go to the bonfire. Isaac has given them one of the places they are worth to see their partners (and videos).

As Andrea has commented on her colleagues, she finally maintained sex with Manuel. And more than once!

Lucia and Marina continue talking and talking without stopping over Isaac. Lucia ends up telling her companion: "Isaac is doing the same with both".

No sex between Manuel and Andrea. Well, at least until the alarm has begun to sound. That sound warns that the limits that marked the contestants with their partners are jumping. Listening to the alarm, Lucia and Marina have come to the door of the room, which has caused the definitive collapse of the livid.

Tender conversation of sofa between Marina and Lucia. Influencers shows the feelings of her nothing good from her to Isaac, who left her for Lucia. And Lucia can only give her reason. Tears.

Surprise Bela and Stefani are expelled but not from the program, but from Villa Playa. Both put direction to Villa Luna. Will they be able to encourage the environment?

A bit of trocked frames: Bela does not stop in his effort: "Lucia does not support me"; Jesus and Stefani make peace; Andrea: "I do not want anything with Manuel," go. And, finally, Isaac confesses: "Bela is a temptation for me."

Voting in Villa Playa dictamine that Bela and Stefani are the first expelled from the latest temptation. Bela, who has lasted Villa Playa less than a candy at the door of a school, came as a slope of Lucia and has barely given him time to insist that Isaac was unfaithful to Lucia. Stefani has not had a brilliant step for those lands either. She, who lied with Manuel and Jesus in the second edition of the island of temptations, has barely dedicated to drinking and dancing on this occasion.

The presenter Sandra Barneda visit Villa Beach to review its residents. It seems that at the moment there is an approach between Marina and Lucia. For the part of it, Marta accuses Patri to have conversations with Cristian. And Andrea explains that she went to sleep with Manu because it is much better than doing it with Óscar.

Much speak in Villa Luna. Of your relationships. Little more than scratching for now in sad villa, as Raúl Antón has been baptized at his and mythical summaries on YouTube.

And the party continues at Villa Playa. Between everyone they continue to try to convince Lucia that Isaac is going to be unfaithful and that he is going to hurt him ... but the surprise jumps at the jacuzzi, where Andrea and Manuel are thrown a burst of kisses and then go to bed .

Fani arrives at Villa Playa and tells everything that has happened at the confrontation bonfire. Julián assures in the confessional that, if she had abandoned the program, he would have left behind her. Julián is still sowing. Meanwhile, in Villa Luna, Christofer, Parco in words, makes a summary of what lived with the couple of him. Lester apologizes before Christofer because he considers that he is guilty of the kiss. Christofer goes to sleep.

Follow the party. And Andrea and Manu do not stop flirting. And a pretty passionate kiss arrives. Has Manuel and Andrea have been forgotten about Roberto in a plis. "I see it loose," says Cristian. Here a sketch of this plot: Manu lied with Andrea, Óscar lied with Andrea and Cristian lied with Andrea.

Another more party in Villa Beach, this time, surprise, with little clothes. Hot games that Andrea loves. They play kiss, truth or daring ... these things do not always go well. Let him ask Lucia, that she seems that she did not like the arrival of Bela a lot at home. Bela wants to tell him that she kissed and shared sheets with Isaac.

He tries to explain the rage he feels: "He is kissing with that person with whom he is linking all day, this are horns here and in Beijing. I am the cuckold of Spain and now I am double cuckold."

Fani says he missed him. "I love him and I've been crying very much.

Fani wants to continue in the last temptation with him. Christofer thinks it a little more, but finally accesses to continue. Both follow in the program. "You will not regret it," he promises the Madrid. Finish the confrontation bonfire. Each one returns to their respective villas.

New video ration for Christofer. "I'm sorry," Masculate Fani when he saw yourself stupid with the men of Villa Playa. "Seeing the images you can misinterpret what I feel for him", she defends her.

"There are still more videos," says Sandra Barneda.

"I can not look at your face," Christofer lets him when he saw the images of Fani playing the game of ice with Julián. "What a disgust you give me," he adds.

Christofer begins asking his partner empathy. "I would like you to change," recognizes the boyfriend about the comments he has heard Fani told the temptor of her. He touches see the images together. "Is that the image you want to give?" He puts him when he sees Fani dancing with the men of Villa Playa and making comments uploaded tone. "Do you think I want to be with a person like that?" He insists on him for now girlfriend of him. Fani, eye, who tries to turn the tortilla.

Christofer does not disappoint and appears at the confrontation bonfire to hear what Fani has to say about the kiss with Julián in the pool.

Now yes, the fourth program of the latest temptation begins! Fani, at the confrontation bonfire ... seconds that look like hours. Will Christofer appear?

Another great moment of tonight will undoubtedly be announced double elimination in Villa Playa, what predicted a succession of avaus pending issues. Precisely, the arrival of new pending issues is expected in Villa Luna that, hopefully, encourage things a little by those Lares. And we will also see new approaches by Manuel to Andrea and Marta. Full menu tonight. The 'Show' starts in just 30 minutes.

A night of infarction is coming. The presenter Sandra Barneda has already advanced on Monday in the debate that this night is going to happen that "it will change everything, to-do". Waiting to know what it is, the truth is that we have several anthological frames. We will see the confrontation bonfire of Fani and Christofer. After falling into temptation with Julián with a kiss in the pool, she wants to give the pertinent explanations. How will this story end?

We raise the curtain of this straight in which we are going to tell everything that gives the fourth program of the latest temptation of itself! We remember that Telecinco has changed the issue schedule and on Wednesday, October 6, we will have to wait until 10:30 p.m. to start seeing what happens with those couples. One hour remains.

Date Of Update: 06 October 2021, 20:05

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