The latest temptation, live: Fani returns to Christofer to Christofer

Program 3 of the latest temptation (Telecinco, 22.00 hours) is presented with many plots to be resolved among the participants of the editions of the island of

The latest temptation, live: Fani returns to Christofer to Christofer

Program 3 of the latest temptation (Telecinco, 22.00 hours) is presented with many plots to be resolved among the participants of the editions of the island of temptations. Couples, ex, temptators ... Follow all the 'Estaters' Minute a minute:

Eye to the bathroom between Manu and Andrea in the jacuzzi. Climb the temperature for seconds. "I love the Mallets," says Andrea, but another block arrives and we do not see what this soak ends. Recall that Manuel lied with Fiama and with Stefany while Lucia was in another house and that Andrea had his own with Óscar (without any remorse).

He regrets. "I'm wrong for everything that has happened in less than 24 hours, basically the shit with Julián."

The kiss of Fani to Julián brings tail, despite the subsequent remorse of her. Gonzalo gets angry by the situation, and is not the only one. "I do not know when he was thinking," confesses Fani.

Testosterone party in Villa Beach with the boys showing abdominals. Lots of dancing with contours, hugs, laughter, pool ... Fani: "I'm getting carried away." Soon after, she kisses Julián. Meanwhile, Villa Luna look quite longer faces.

There is already agreement so that three contestants continue their experience in Villa Playa. Lucia will go to try to save her relationship and "put on her place"; Patri, to see Lester's reaction and, finally, Alejandro, who wants to leave him clear things to Mayka. For the part of him, Christofer says he does not want anything to see Fani (no wonder). Announcements, time to order emotions.

Andrea, for now Roberto's partner, is not cutting a lot in Villa Playa, but Manuel's arrival can mark a definitive turning point. The images of Manuel and Andrea in the bed in underwear is a claw for the contestant. "He has removed his mask alone," he just said.

Alejandro's turn for his first bonfire. See the images of Mayka with Gonzalo and with Pablo. "You will end up together," Vaticina Isaac to Paul. Alejandro assures that until he "does not see something forceful," Mayka will hold the "jokes". However, shortly after the Murcian comments that she would have a sexual relationship with Gonzalo. "I do not like my girlfriend say who wants to fuck her; she gives me a terrible sentence," sums Alejandro.

Contestants continue to watch videos of their couples and tempting. To Marta and Lester, after 11 years together, it does not seem to be deeply worried about what may happen. For the part of it, Lucia says she will continue trusting in Isaac. She does not upset that Marina approaches too much because she believes that she continues to feel something for him.

We started strong. Christofer is ready to see the images of Fani in Villa Playa with tranquility, but exploits to see his partner stuck with Julián: "I'm tiring, I do not know what to say about this woman. I'm up to ... I do not want to see more. They are mistakes of respect. It is already, a point. Of this woman I do not want to know anything else. I can not stand this shit, but running out. " And the presenter no longer shows you more videos, at the request of the Christofer.

And the show begins. The presenter Sandra Barneda reviews what happened so far and gives us some images of what we are going to see today. Wishes, kisses and drama to bubborn!

To understand all the jingle that is coming in the circle of fire, it is worth remembering that Marina left Jesus in the third season of the island of temptations to start a relationship with the then tempting Isaac, who chose to leave with Lucia . However, Marina let glimpse in the first program of the last temptation she has tried again with Jesus.

Many are the questions that swarm at this time. What will be Christofer's reaction when he sees the images of Estefanía fooling with Julián? What three residents of Villa Luna move to live in Villa Playa? Who will be at the confrontation bonfire? And above all: What will happen when Jesus appears in the circle of fire in which he will look face to face with Marina?

We start the direct program 3 of the latest temptation! It is a good time to catch pencil and paper (and even eraser) and make a sketch with all the frames of the contestants so as not to get lost. The delivery of tonight seems anthological.

Date Of Update: 29 September 2021, 17:39

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