The latest temptation, the final debate: Fani and Christofer get married (and so there are the rest of couples)

Telecinco issued the final delivery of the last temptation on November 3. However, the program did not lower the curtain until Monday, when the spectators wer

The latest temptation, the final debate: Fani and Christofer get married (and so there are the rest of couples)

Telecinco issued the final delivery of the last temptation on November 3. However, the program did not lower the curtain until Monday, when the spectators were able to know what situation the contestants are currently. And the final debate did not disappoint: reconciliations, surprises, broncs, accusations and to wedding bells. Well, wedding bells or bells.

Because Fani and Christofer get married. O Return the wedding plans. Or that is at least what she asked him on the set. "I ask you forgiveness for what has happened, I want to continue with you; I would love that you were the man of my life and I want to ask you to retake the wedding and that we marry," she said with the ring prepared.

The Proposition of Madrid live unleashed public applause. Christofer did not react. "What do you say?" Fani insisted. What do you say? "The presenter insisted, Sandra Barneda. Cristofer wet his lips with his tongue, picked up his girlfriend's hands and, launched his response, with conato of hesitation included:" Yes, yes, of course ". And a Kiss sealed the commitment.

The truth is that nobody would have surprised him that the couple were now broken, nor surprises that it continues united. His relationship looks like a roller coaster. After having given another chance after her infidelity in 'the island of temptations 1', with that heartbreaking scream of "Estefaniaaaa!" Which has been for posterity, Fani and Christofer decided to participate in the latest temptation to show that his was (s) true love.

However, she fell back into temptation, this time with Julián. "He is kissing with that person with whom he is linking all day, this are horns here and in Beijing, I am the cuckold in Spain and now I am double cuckold," Christofer lamented as I saw the images of Fani with his tempting. "You've done it again here, you've had the golden opportunity to show people that our love is true and you have done it again," Christofer reproached him before breaking the relationship on the bonfire of Confrontation.

But the couple has reunited the broken pieces of their love. As they said, the relationship resumed just the day after having separated.

The final debate of the last temptation gave for much more. Another of the moments of the night, this time for the tension lived, came during the interview with Marina and Jesus, who confessed to having been unfaithful to Him's girlfriend three months ago with Stefany. Sandra Barneda had to draw attention to Isaac and Lucia for her "whisper" on the couple: "I get the feeling that there is an inmaker on the part of you. You have an"

Before Barneda's words, Isaac left offended from the set. Shortly after he returned to his place, but the discussion continued to rise in tone. Nagore Robles faced 'Lobo' and accused him of talking about Marina and Jesus, what he was denying: "You have done it, in advertising. You have said please, I want him to know the whole team." Sandra Barneda has corroborated it.

Jesus talked about him and it happened. "Jesus continues to have a superclary that Marina is the woman of his life, but Jesus is also human and is wrong, I'm wrong," Jesus confessed. The mistake of him was binding with Stefany, with whom he was already allowed to take himself in the participation of him on the island of temptations 3 to take revenge on the infidelity of the couple of him, Marina. The second assault with Stefany occurred in the back seat of a car three months after finishing the latest kisses and some hand. A mistake that turns the beautiful reconciliation that Jesus and Marina signed at the final bonfire.

What happened to this couple? Marina made it clear: "It is a failure that anyone can commit it." She forgave him and the relationship follows his course.

Lester came to the latest temptation with Patri, his partner since he fell into temptation on the island of temptations, where he broke with Marta Peñate, his then girlfriend. Seven years later, that rupture continues to generate noise, as it was seen on the set. Much culebrón, but Lester and Patri are going ahead, even after she confess that he was unfaithful at the beginning of the relationship by not having clear the feelings of her. He forgave him without blinking.

He also surprised that Mayka and Alejandro announced that they continue together, since the end bonfire of the couple was very angry and, although they left together, everything seemed to indicate that the relationship would not last long. "We continue together and happily," she said, "and in fact, we are the only partner of which you can not say anything about us when nobody gave a tough. Here we are, shut up." Yes there was a but: Pablo. As some argue, Paul thought that he would have some opportunity with Mayka in 'the latest temptation' and as soon as he realized that Mayka treated him as a friend, he disappeared from the program.

This couple continues as it ended at the end bonfire: separated. And is that Roberto says he can not be able to forgive that Andrea was unfaithful days before starting the program and a few days after starting. And with the same person: Manuel. "In 'the last temptation' what happened is that you entered together as a couple. And on the second day, Andrea, you mess with Manuel," Sandra Barneda recapitulated. "He knew about Ibiza and he wanted to go to the program knowing that he had put the horns," Andrea acknowledged.

"Roberto, Andrea has accused you of wanting to go to 'the latest temptation' to do TV". "And says Andrea, who wants to go to all the editions," he answered. Of that love only the reproaches remain.

Updated Date: 09 November 2021, 06:18

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