The least known history of the force of destiny and the moment in which Penelope Cruz and Nacho Cano met

This 2021, the mythical group Mecano celebrates two great anniversaries. First, four decades from the creation of the band are fulfilled - which began with to

The least known history of the force of destiny and the moment in which Penelope Cruz and Nacho Cano met

This 2021, the mythical group Mecano celebrates two great anniversaries. First, four decades from the creation of the band are fulfilled - which began with today I can not get up- and in second, Ana Torroja and the Hermanos Cano celebrate 30 years of one of his most iconic songs: on September 7, The theme that Nacho Cano (58) wrote about his ex-girlfriend, the writer Coloma Fernández (59), and who allowed his fans to know the details of his breakup. However, that is not the only song that Cano wrote about the romance of him, because Madrid also told the strength of destiny the beginnings of History of Him.

The love between Nacho Cano and Coloma Fernandez lasted almost a decade. Eight years of complicity, adventures and conflicts, which left on a nightclub night, in 1981. "We met at the Golden Discoteca, which in the force of destiny is mentioned as 'the bar of gold'. It was a very fun disco. The waiters went with their monkeys, was very modern. There we talked for the first time. He was 18 and I 19 and what caught my attention was his face. It seemed like a very special face. Nacho was different. Danked classic ballet, He meditated, did Yoga, he stressed, "said Coloma in putting that I speak of, atresmedia, in one of the few interviews he has granted ... because for Fernandez it is not easy to talk about his relationship.

The reason? The intensity with which she lived the idyll of him. Above all, at the moments of fame of Nacho Cano. "Nacho always had very clear that the group was going to be a success, I saw that they were different and I was saying 'I know that this group is going to succeed'. And the truth is that he was not wrong, because when Mecano began, Nacho became the star of the moment. However, it was very complicated for him to lead a public life and a private life, but our relationship had so much passion and so much force, that was what moved us to be together, "said Fernandez, in 2018, to LOC.

Despite this, not everything in his relationship was pink. For example, the same coloma has recognized that her love began to collapse once they began to live. "I went to live at home, but I had a super-currency rhythm and I got darking, while he always came late, then we think 'how difficult it is to take this' and when going to live together, the relationship jumped through the air . I remember even the day he said 'Let's do something to continue together, we have to hold us', but the word 'Hold us' made me think 'Uy, you can not do more' ", he explained, in the cited program of Atresmedia about his separation. But long before the separation is when Penélope Cruz enters (47) in this story.

And is that the renowned actress, at the request precisely of Coloma Fernández, starred at the video clip of the Force of Destiny, a little known detail and that the scriptwriter revealed to say that I speak of. "I remember perfectly that Nacho showed me pictures of three possible candidates and Penelope was the one I saw more like me, I remember that it came home, it was tested the clothes and I said 'My mother, what a woman!', Despite That he was only 14 years old. It was very a girl. I remember that his father was there mediating, because he did not know if they could take a kiss ... that is, that she was a girl girl. But I also remember her chemistry. A woman does not escape anything. Although I also have to say that the relationship of them began many years later ... but I remember chemistry and uh, dagger in the heart, "the author confessed.

However, Coloma has never saved a grudge to Cano. In fact, as well as September 7, the former partner continued to see each anniversary, even eight years later, at La Parra's restaurant, in Madrid. "It was something nice, it was about looking into his eyes and seeing what he won: if the sensibness that this is not going anywhere or the force that there is something yet, but they were always very clean quotes, they did not bring any problem. Nothing happened. We shared a lot of laughter, many special moments and he always behaved very affectionate and very detailed. Nacho is a knight walking, "Coloma revealed, this newspaper.

Even so, Fernandez recognizes that he does not like to listen to his story in songs. What's more, he assumes that on September 7, impress it and that it still makes it difficult to listen to it. "I hit me when I heard it for the first time, I could not imagine it, I could not even suspect something like that, so I moved a lot. Above all, the phrase 'although insigned in blowing, there are llamas or with the sea'. Then I knew That our rupture was definitive. I knew I had not been wrong, "he mentioned Vanity Fair, in 2016. Despite this, Coloma Guarda honey on September 7, the Force of Destiny and, of course, to Nacho Cano. "He was my first love, but then he has been turning into a kind of brother who, even if you do not see it, it is always there," Coloma revealed, three years ago.

Updated Date: 26 October 2021, 03:29

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