The leftist Elizabeth Warren puts in front of Joe Biden in Iowa

Between attacks and counter-attacks, Biden gets to take the debate demócrataBiden would beat Trump in Texas, according to a encuestaEl second debate unites the

The leftist Elizabeth Warren puts in front of Joe Biden in Iowa
Between attacks and counter-attacks, Biden gets to take the debate demócrataBiden would beat Trump in Texas, according to a encuestaEl second debate unites the democratic candidates: all against Biden

"Momentum" is a word much used in English. Still more in politics and more than ever in a primary contested between several candidates. It means something like "pick up momentum". It is something that has the front on a roll and the matador cramping wins. Elizabeth Warren, the senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate democrat, has "momentum". Kicked off his presidential race to the end of the year in the peloton of candidates of cut left, another more to the shade of Bernie Sanders, the totem socialist USA His great performance in the campaign have made it stand out and play to Sanders the vote of the left in the primaries.

The clearest evidence of this impulse has reached the end of this week. Warren has been placed on a survey of key ahead of Joe Biden, the vice-president with Barack Obama and favorite in the primary. This is a poll among democratic voters in Iowa, the first state to celebrate primary, next February, and usually dial the temperature of the election race. It is a state hinge, which is decisive for the primary and that the candidates put a lot of attention.

In the survey of the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom, Warren gets a 22% of braces , just above Biden, with a 20%. This is the first time that the senator appears above the favorite in a survey. It also surpasses among the voters who will choose it as a second option.

The most decisive thing, however, is not that Warren crop ground against Biden, but that is running as the alternative to leftist within the primary. The race for the democratic nomination is a dispute between Biden and the rest. In the first group of pursuers are Sanders -in the beginning, favorite in the vote is leftist - and Warren, followed by a second line with less options - Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris - and the rest of the candidates, without just possibilities.

The decisive factor is that Warren seems to win ground in front of Sanders. The primaries of 2016 were an internal war between the two souls of the democrats: the ‘establishment’ moderate representing Hillary Clinton and the current left-wing that gave birth to Sanders, with an unexpected success. Now, with the game leaning more towards the left, then, who will bring together the electorate more progressive stands a chance of knocking Biden.

An explosive cocktail

the beginning of the campaign has confirmed when the advance of Warren. Has multiplied in rallies election all over the country, it has had a very good performance in the three electoral debates held so far and has called on crowds, something they have not achieved their opponents. In a recent rally in New York city, spoke to about 20,000 people. All of that has moved to the polls: in the average of national surveys that elaborates on RealClearPolitics, Warren has a 19.8 per cent of support, compared to 16.6% of Sanders (Biden continues to highlight, with a 30.2%).

Warren poses a dangerous cocktail for his rivals: it has a image, affable and an agenda of outright leftist -public system of universal health care, tax the rich to pay student debts and make a free college education, spin-off of the great technological, anti-corruption law-, but with the base of a race of efficient management as a senator -where he has been the scourge of Wall Street - and as the creator of the Office for the Financial Protection of the Consumer, under Obama.

The other clear sign of his ascent is the battery of attacks of his opponents: Buttigieg has described as "extremely evasive" in their answers on whether it will raise taxes on the middle class, something that's given by insurance in order to afford the public health care system. "At least Bernie is honest", dedicated to him by Biden, who until now has been the preferred target of the attacks, on the same subject. "Tell Elizabeth that is going to raise taxes on the people."

The next debate between the candidates, on the 15th of October, will be the occasion to certify if Warren keeps the leadership of the left in the democratic primary.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 06:01

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