The light is uncontrolla and Sánchez partners corral the PSOE in Congress

A group of political formations that were key in the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the government now claims his support for the Congress of Depu

The light is uncontrolla and Sánchez partners corral the PSOE in Congress

A group of political formations that were key in the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the government now claims his support for the Congress of Deputies to investigate the strong rise in light registered in the month of August and its impact on the pocket of Millions of households and companies. The request occurs after the price of electricity reaches this Thursday a new historical maximum by exceeding 122.7 euros per megawatt hour, which represents the sixth 'maximum record' of the story in what we have of month.

The proposal to open a formal investigation into Parliament is led by more country-equood and commitments, although other forces such as New Canary Islands and ERC have also been added. Its objective is to convene different experts, analyze the different measures that could be approved to reduce the cost of energy and, ultimately, check if the electricity are "manipulating the market," said the deputy of Compromos, Joan Baldoví. "It is a necessary debate where experts should be offered. And politicians, instead of speaking, we should listen, try to learn, and legislate based on what they have told us," he said.

The calendar proposed by research applicants is three months with the idea that the conclusions are ready at the beginning of 2022 and rapid measures can be approved with the greatest possible political consensus. She knows, on the other hand, has pointed out directly to the electrical ones by linking research with "the uncontroller of prices and unlimited benefits" of the sector. "We are not going to be able to get out of this crisis without touching, trimming or rationalizing, call it as they want the absolutely scandalous benefits of large electricity, which while people were going wrong earned 5,000 million," he has sentenced.

More country and commitments have already begun contacts with the different parliamentary formations to try to carry out their proposal, since among the three -including Canaria - only five of a total of 350 deputies. ERC's adhesion would give them 13 additional, but from within the organization they hope to seek support in the coming days.

The key is if we can join and PSOE will be added to the proposal. The first training has been especially active in recent weeks in the proposed measures to its Government Partners to Try To Praise Light. All its ideas, from the creation of a public electric electricity to market intervention by setting fixed and hydraulic fixed prices, have hitherto despised by the Vice President of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, arguing lack of analysis. Given these displants and given what the 'purple' training is played with the electric flag, "they promised to lower the invoice and at the moment it has been shot," the logical thing is that they support the proposal. Sources from the group yesterday answered this diary that there is still no decision taken.

The situation is still more complex for the PSOE, which exercises energy competences in the Government and that until now it has been unable to control the receipt with measures such as VAT reduction or the greatest impetus to renewable energies. The Ribera itself wants to re-catch the steering wheel of the electric crisis at the beginning of the political course and for this reason it will appear next Monday in Congress to explain the causes that are after the increase in megawatt hour. Socialist sources ensure that they have not yet received the research proposal, and that is why they avoided responding on their potential support.

The truth is that the autumn looks very complicated for Ribera and Pedro Sánchez himself, with a price of light that according to futures markets will continue to rise up at least next November. The cost of the megawatio hour will beat today a new record by exceeding 122.7 euros and shoots the monthly average above 103 euros, almost the triple of what was worth in the same month of the previous year.

The Government becomes the rises to the increase in the contribution of natural gas worldwide, which ends up impact on the electricity sector through thermal power plants, and to the increase in CO2 emission rights in Europe to the heat of the ecological transition . However, the price in Spain is already one of the largest among the great powers of the continent, only behind Italy.

Date Of Update: 25 August 2021, 19:45

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