The livestock that will corner Garzón: It is a monigote and an ignorant who will empty the empty Spain

At age 26, this law degree abandoned a job as a lawyer in Zamora, his town of origin (1984), where he developed urban plans for the Board of Castile and León, t

The livestock that will corner Garzón: It is a monigote and an ignorant who will empty the empty Spain

At age 26, this law degree abandoned a job as a lawyer in Zamora, his town of origin (1984), where he developed urban plans for the Board of Castile and León, to dedicate himself in Don Benito (Badajoz) to be a pastor and livestock of sheep of merino breed one hundred percent genetic.

Without Agrarian family tradition, Maria del Camino Limia felt the impulse of the countryside. Twelve years later, she has property 6,000 pure heads and has recovered the transhumance as a state-of-the-art productive model to manage the holdings. For a month, she has presided over the Sustainable World Livestock Association, present in 28 countries, most of herpanic-American countries, which brings together more than 2,000 livestock and 150,000 hectares.

His latest video on Facebook, where he criticizes the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, for his controversial statements against the macrogranjas and the "poor quality meat" that Spain exports, has become viral: "He is an ignorant who does not know the system Productive or its producers, a monigote at the service of ecoterrorism movements, and that with their attacks it puts us at the level of the great speculators of the brick ".

Since its farm leased in Medellín (Badajoz), the reason, for the world, still outraged in full day of kings. As a better gift, 150 lambs of a pariscera who has 2,000 sheep were born: "I do not know if the minister is ignorant, if he obeys spurious interests who want to end the traditional livestock to take the artificial meat market or just seek votes Ecologists of the urban world who completely ignore the day-to-day work of the rural world. It is not the first time, they want to annihilate us. "

The distance of the Urbanita de la España emptied it says it by own experience. She herself left "a comfortable job in an administration office." And she explains: "But I do not change it for anything, the freedom that the field gives you, where you own yourself, has no comparison." During these years she has been opening a step within sustainable livestock, embarked on very innovative projects, since the introduction of sustainable greenhouses to the use of drones, always applying "tip technology" to her model.

His prestige, besides being agreed, he has entrusted other farms, as in Trujillo, where he manages the Merina Livestock, which he obtained last year the first business prize in sustainable development by "flashing a respectful project With the environment and help recognize the value of the Dehesa ". He speaks, therefore, with the property of livestock: "Our legislation prevents these macrogranas referred to by the Minister. They would not have a license to be built and if it was, of course, it would be necessary to persecute it, but that is not the Spanish model; He He does not know anything about sustainability, or biodiversity, and talks about GEI emissions by throwing by land a system that currently allows much of Spain to be precisely the CO2 sink of all Europe. "

The Sustainable World Livestock Association is a bet, as explained by health guarantees, sustainable dehes or healthy meats, a real biodiversity "that is far from what false protectionist ecologists sell". "Livestock is a solution," argues, "to environmental problems, by generating biodiversity, protecting the mountains, exerting a sink effect ... that does not arrive, society does not know about our work to ensure food, and the care of the environment atmosphere, although there is, of course, to continue improving the quality of soils, fertilizer techniques ... ".

For this, I walk puts its own example: "I in the Zepa area (special protection) in which work I can not or build a ship to protect my sheep" and redunda: "Legislation is the most complex and demanding, but, by ignorance, farmers are not well seen and there is also instrumentalizing a global movement that persecutes us, with the excuse of the 2030 agenda to attack the sector, because we are the great competitor who have those who wish to conquer the food market with new models , like artificial meat. " He denounces that they seek "to end the concept of rural world, the family ... with a false message that has nothing to do with climate change."

Stresses that Spain is the European country with the highest consumption of meat per capita "and is the one that of greater life expectancy, so the theories against our products do not have scientific rigor; on the contrary, if you stop consuming it there are effects in the brain or In sensory development. "

It concludes over Garzón: "It has done a terrible damage to the Spain brand, a man who is not known or benefit, just attacking the primary sector. A politician who is not prepared and that he should never have occupied that position and that will get the empty Spain becoming increasingly empty. "

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 21:20

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