The look of the Liberation by Ai Tsunoda, the great Spanish hope: I was not proud of myself

Account AI tsunodaque of small that of the judo was not convinced him, who even pointed to artistic gymnastics, but when his first combat arrived he understood

The look of the Liberation by Ai Tsunoda, the great Spanish hope: I was not proud of myself

Account AI tsunodaque of small that of the judo was not convinced him, who even pointed to artistic gymnastics, but when his first combat arrived he understood everything. That which explained the grandfather of her makoto by phone from Fukuoka, where she still resides part of her family. That who taught her the father of her, Go, the teacher of her and coach of the British team at the London 2012 Olympic Games among other teams. What exemplified by her mother, Celine, champion of Spain a decade ago and active until it does not so much. The first time she grabbed an adversaria, he flew her and threw it over the tatami, Tsunoda hooked into her sport and so until today.

Born in Lleida, Japanese Father and French Mother, two years ago was champion of the cadet world, a week ago it was a champion of the Junior World and now it is one of the great Spanish hopes for the Paris Olympic Games 2024. At 18, He has razed in lower categories, has already achieved absolute podiums and his promotion is irrefrontable. But her concern is not in her palmarés. "I just want to be proud of myself," she says and in that goal she is the story of her.

"Before the confinement, he had already achieved some absolute results in Grand Prix [Bronze in Tel Aviv with only 17 years], but he was not proud of what he was doing, he won between the Seniors, but I did not like my character. It is difficult to explain: I competed, did not fight. I played a little with the limits, for example, I could look for the disqualification of the rival by a punch. My goal was to spend rounds, but I did not fill me, I was missing something. During the confinement I could realize that. and I changed in all aspects: personally, technically, physically, "he recognizes in conversation with the world about the closure days for the pandemic in which he took advantage of the dojo from under his house, in Lleida, to continue preparing to the orders of His parents.

"I did not stop training, I trained more than ever, and now I feel strong, prepared, aware of what I do. Rapar my hair was a bit for that, I did it this March, to see everything clearer, so that nothing bothered me . At first, when you returned the competitions it cost me to win again, but now I am happy, I look more honest. In fact, when I won the junior world I did not feel great joy, I felt a liberation for everything, "he said with exaggerated maturity to your age.

"I do not know where I would be right now without that change," he accepts and, apparently, his review is constant. Despite the youth of it, despite the successes of him, there is no fight in which he does not analyze in all aspects and that he does not ask for opinions. To the parents of him, the first, both former Judicas, who met in a competition in France and settled in Lleida in 2002, year of the birth of him, to create his own school. To the grandfather of him Makoto, ancient practitioner, who receives in Japan the videos of the fights of him, take notes and then send them to his granddaughter. And herself, who studies everything. The last obsession of it: the position of it, increasingly straight, getting better.

"It seems that my family has been very demanding with me and that's why I crush, but it's not like that, my parents came to Spain for a work of a few weeks and liked it because here they could teach Judo in their air, I started because yes, Because I wanted, not because they told me, quite the opposite, "he says, after his change, points to an even bigger evolution. While she studies languages - she could not make the selectivity because she coincided with a European- she is the idea of her is to come back into the absolute category and continue to rise in the ranking that already places it among the 30 best fighters in the world.

Already proud of itself, already released, the Spanish judo awaits her with open arms. Since the six medals of Miriam Blasco, Almudena Muñoz, Ernesto Pérez, Isabel Fernández and Yolanda Soler between the Games of Barcelona 1992 and the Games of Sidney 2000, the selection has not returned to a podium and comes from the greatest disappointment of his history. The elimination in quarters of Niko Shera Tokyo 2020 Games, current world champion, exaggerated the feeling of living a curse on the tatami, that something happens. But Tsunoda does not worry about him.

Live as a privilege the pressure for its ascent and does not attend other stories. Could compete for Japan - the dominator country of Judo- or France, in Spain there is another fighter of its category, María Bernabéu, in the world elite, but ... "At some point I have had the option to compete for France, but I choose to compete for Spain. It is easy to understand: I was born here, I have studied here, I am Spanish, "he ends and repeated" happy "for all the path he has traveled, in many aspects, from that first fighting combat in He who understood everything.

Updated Date: 18 October 2021, 10:10

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