The magic wand of Ancelotti is not perfect: It has not been the best night

It already has too many seasons that the parties against Villarreal are not easy for Real Madrid. The last white victory for more than one goal of difference

The magic wand of Ancelotti is not perfect: It has not been the best night

It already has too many seasons that the parties against Villarreal are not easy for Real Madrid. The last white victory for more than one goal of difference before the yellow submarine happened in 2016 and, since then, the Madridista group has only won four of the eleven encounters before those of Castellón. Three of them, yes, they occurred in the last three courses. A statistic that Carlo Ancelotti tried last night to continue, but without success.

The Italian coach has lived an exceptional course start. Leader in La League, a weight victory in San Siro and a style that has surprised Bernabéu: vertical, risky and, above all, fun. Perhaps because of that, by the background of an exciting time start, in Madridista parish surprised the eleven holder that Carletto aligned before the Villarreal de Emery.

He repeated with Militao and Alaba in the center of La Zaga, the couple who transmits him more confidence both in defense and at the exit of the ball. He repeated with Asensio as an interior, seeking to imitate the Balearic performance against Mallorca (three goals). And he repeated with Rodrygo, Vinicius and Benzema as an attack trident. Until now, Italian had only copied front into consecutive parties with Hazard, Bale and Benzema.

From these three repetitions, doubts came: Ancelotti decided to place Fede Valverde, one of the best of the Madrid season from the central Lane of Mediocampo, on the right side, leaving the left for Nacho instead of Canterano Miguel. The Uruguayan was not as decisive as in the natural position of him and Asensio, anncelotti's bet, a reason for this change from the South American and replacement in the theoretical trio of headlines (Kroos is injured), he did not stand out.

"Valverde I liked it," the Italian recognized. "He can play anywhere and we have to see what is the best. For me he is not right lateral," he insisted. "I did not need to have sides that they pushed because the bands were covered, we have tried to create opportunities on one against one, we have focused a lot, but they are very height," he reasoned. The lane of the 'two' remains a headache for the transalpine coach, who can not count on carvajal by injury and, unlike Zidane, does not end up aligning regularly as a Lucas Vázquez that the course has not begun well either .

Nor did Casemiro shone, who are still missing by some stacks of rhythm in contrast to Camavinga, which played at the beginning before Mallorca. Modric, who returned to the ownership, was only able to take the command during a small stretch of the meeting. Carletto analyzed both: "I do not see them tired. You can see this because the team has had difficulty pressing and they had to cover a lot of countryside. It was not tired, if not a team's arrangement we have arranged in the second time."

If something had worked so far to Ancelotti were the changes. Intervene in the middle of the meeting and undo the mistakes that their players might be committing. So he had achieved him in the Ciutat of Valencia before the Levante, with the entrance of Vinicius (double) and Rodrygo to trace; In San Siro, when he called Camavinga and Rodrygo, protagonists of 0-1; And in Mestalla, when he repeated with both to stencify the goal and provoke 1-2.

Carletto had everything went well. Until rotations. The first day of changes in the eleven, before El Mallorca, Madrid Golde 6-1 with Camavinga, Valverde, Asensio, Rodrygo and Vinicius as luxury companions of Benzema. The return to the origins, Casemiro-Modric, attached to an unexpected choice on the sides, did not complete the fantastic week of the Italian wand.

In the rest before Villarreal, the Italian retired Rodrygo and introduced Camavinga as an interior, inserting Alensio into the right wing. An interesting decision seeing the last performances of the young French, but somewhat disconcerting to see the Spanish stuck to the lime, the position that he theoretically had abandoned. "I do not think the approach was wrong," Ancelotti knocked. "We have not made the game better of the season, it has mattered to me that the pressure has generated difficulty, it has not been the best night, but we continue ahead."

Afterwards, he chose Hazard and Isco and took Modric from the countryside and Asensio, keeping Valverde and Nacho on the sides. The Belgian and Spanish could not contribute verticality, initiative and football they had achieved Camavinga, Rodrygo or Vinicius in other meetings, and Madrid ended up tied.

Updated Date: 26 September 2021, 06:43

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