The more than 4 years of hell of Carlota Prado: the trial starts by the alleged violation in GH

Four year, four months and four days is what has had to wait Carlota Prado for justice to decide. Today the trial against José María López Pérez starts, the f

The more than 4 years of hell of Carlota Prado: the trial starts by the alleged violation in GH

Four year, four months and four days is what has had to wait Carlota Prado for justice to decide. Today the trial against José María López Pérez starts, the former GH Revolution contestant who allegedly violated Carlota Prado when she was unconscious. Everything was recorded, everything was shown to the victim, everything changed the paradigm of television realities, everything changed the life of Carlota Prado.

"Next February 8 will begin what will be the expected trial, know perfectly how this cheap scum works so I will cover myself in health saying some things that are true about my person," have been the last words of Carlota Prado in Social networks, the same day at which the date of the start of the trial was known from today and until Friday in court of the number 8 of Madrid. Carlota Prado has pronounced several times during these 4 years always to try to deny publications and affirmations that have been made against her. Again, the former GH Revolution contestant has returned to defend with nails and teeth: "I have not been a narco, nor worked for any mafia, I have never prostituted myself, I have never been a drug-dependent, I have never killed anyone, I have never Stuck to my father. " She four years fighting to overcome the alleged violation and four years fighting dozens of accusations.

At the bench of the defendants, José María López Pérez is felt for the prosecutor's office for two and a half years of prison and a fine of 6,000 euros, accused of a crime of sexual abuse. The producer of GH Revolution, Zeppelin, goes as a witness and as a subsidiary civil manager since it recalls the prosecution The purpose of the program was retransmission for 24 hours of the coexistence of the participants in accordance with the regulation of coexistence of the program, "from which A working relationship of the contestants with the producer is deduced. " That is why Zeppelin, as a subsidiary civil manager would have to face the fine that is imposed on José María López in case he was declared insolvent.

Apart, the Prosecutor requests that the Producer of the Program, Zeppelin television S.A., pay the same amount to Carlota Prado as compensation for damages caused by the exhibition of recorded images, according to EFE and Europe Press.

The producer has saved silence since then. A brief statement when the case exploded and a change of protocol in all its realities. Alcohol is no longer served, security measures have been extreme not only regarding situations as the case of Carlota Prado, but in all areas, and a lot of protection for contestants.

Carlota Prado entered the house of GH Revolution in 2017 full of illusion and strength. A few days after starting the program, the overwhelming Personality of Carlota Prado became one of the absolute protagonists of the edition. She entered the house with only 24 years. Natural from Estepona, Carlota Prado arrived in GH after having been a director of two nightclubs in Marbella, Andalusia's chess champion and after running dozens of adventures, who herself counted on her presentation video. "I have a small problem that is that I think I have more eggs than any man who is close," she said then she. For her I enter a great brother was "a personal challenge" given the "strong character of her" of her. "If it's the revolution, I have to be there yes or yes." The dawn of November 4, 2017, everything vanished. What was going to be to fulfill her's dream became a demented nightmare.

Carlota Prado has lived an authentic hell. She has questioned her, she has been unnumerable, she has had to endure not only be the victim of her but also the media relevance of her case. He stained his hair - from his reddish chestnut with he who entered the house to black - he left social networks - when he was stronger recovered them, he went into psychiatric and psychological treatment and even came out to the street with the Helmets posts not to listen as many people asked if it was true that they had raped her. Hell began that November 4 and this week he could begin his end.

That morning, the defendant, José María López Pérez, for whom the prosecution requests a penalty of two years and six months in prison and claims compensation of 6,000 euros for the moral damage caused to the victim, allegedly raped Carlota Prado when This was practically unconscious after the intake of alcohol during one of the usual parties that were celebrated in the house. In fact, according to the prosecution written, the young woman during the course of the festival ingested "scarce" food - that week had lost the weekly test and did not have practically food - he drank "at least four chupites of tequila," So he reached a state of drunkenness that was accentuated and evidenced from midnight. "

Indeed, GH -Now totally forbidden - supplied at those times alcohol to the contestants during celebration of parties. The amounts that were supplied were, according to knowledgeable sources of the performance of Reality, "scarce". "Each contestant was given in a bottle the favorite alcohol of it in an amount corresponding to what two drinks would be," ensure the same sources, although it was not controlled that what did not drink certain contestants would drink others. Carlota Prado, without practically eaten, he ingested, always according to the prosecution, "Four Chupitos de Tequila", which caused past a few hours to start finding badly. It was at that moment when the defendant, with whom she had initiated a relationship in the house of GH Revolution, takes it to her room. There the nightmare of Carlota Prado begins.

About 01.30 hours from the detriment of that November 4, 2017 and, when both were in the bedroom they occupied, José María López Pérez, "who had already detached from his pants," helped the other contestant to get rid of Enter the bed they came sharing. At that time, the prosecution said, the young woman, she retained the "totality" of her clothing. The GH Revolution cameras follow them at all times. The people of the producer of GH Revolution, Zeppelin, that that night were on the other side, they follow them to the room, they record, they think they were going to maintain a conversation, until what is lived in that room makes all alerts jump .

The defendant is then introduced into bed while Carlota Prado remains silent "in a supine decubitus position and with closed eyes, performing slow and heavy movements, due to his state." José María López Pérez, "Guided by a libidinous mood and knowing the state of semiconsciousness in which it was and taking advantage of this circumstance, it begins to perform under the quilt movements of clear sexual content, although they babbles faintly, says" I can not " . At that moment nobody says anything.

Next, the defendant squeezes his body against Carlota Prado "in the sake of satisfying his sexual desire, although she gets up on two occasions raising his hand as he wanted to tell him to stop." At the same time José María López Pérez asks "on several occasions to the contestant who opens his eyes, but the victim remains motionless." When the defendant asks him how she was, she "only" just answered that she is removed, "moment when she turned her back to the defendant."

The Prosecutor's Office shows that José María continued to underground playgrounds and movements of netly sexual content, "stripping the victim of his clothing, partially lining him from his underwear and unbuttoned the bra despite the fact that she was already in a state of unconsciousness". 10 minutes had passed since José María took Carlota meadow to the room. It is at 01.40 when Carlota uncovers his face and an arm and "lets see her inert state" of her. In the brief of the Prosecutor's Office, it is reported that it is at that time when it intervenes "one of the members of the vision of the recording, who until that moment was not in a position to know what was happening, since the defendant had used The quilt to cover him and cover his partner ".

A letter that coincides with the AUTO of the Judge Instructor, one of the few people who have visualized the video of the alleged violation: "... observing an internal manipulation in which José María could be removing his pants and panties Carlota (...) He communicated, without just force, the phrase 'I can not' (...) Then Carlota said 'Quita' and turned around, to position himself back to José María. Displacement by José María who boosted Carlota up and down, without 'Motu proprio' which reacted to the stimulus; which could consist, according to José María and her more agitated breathing, in penetrations " .

That night, responsible for everything that happened in the house was MRH, the super who was on duty and that was the one that passed those 10 minutes used one of the alert codes established with the contestants - "The micro", "Put the micro" or "beware of the micro" -. Too late. In her statement against the judge, María Robles explained that she did not see what was happening under the quilt and that she "only" saw Carlota in "bad state". When she asked her if at some point she was represented by the possibility that she was committing a crime, her response was clear: "Yes".

In fact, as a result of the alleged violation of Carlota Prado, Zeppelin modified all his actuation protocols. For example, now, although GH is no longer emitted, the contestants who participate in Relities are forced by similar characteristics that if they get under the quilt with another person have to mark with the thumb that everything is fine.

When the program draws the attention of José María López Pérez, he stops, he gets up from the bed and goes to the kitchen, where other contestants continue, A for a glass of water. The cameras collect as there is a contestant who asks how Carlota Prado is and he answers that she "she is not well". The night continues, José María López Pérez stays in the room, Carlota Prado stays with him, as if nothing had happened. Members of the program that were working on that night will warn those responsible for the producer, warn the known as the super, who goes to the house, visualizes the images and decides that we have to show him what happened to Carlota Prado, which until the Moment of the viewing was not aware of what had happened.

They call it to the confessional, they will be notified that they will show you some images of a fact that has happened the previous night that has to be valued. Carlota Prado sees them alone, with the super and psychologists of the program on the other side of the wall. The images recorded from that terrible confessional became public a couple of years ago and show what it supposed for Carlota Prado to see the alleged violation of him. "A psychological torture," has qualified in more than one occasion Prado Carlota. In them she sees her crying, asking them to stop, that she does not want to see more, "meeting alone and without further company than the voice of the super", indicates the prosecutor. The recording of stops just when the psychologist enters the room. The prosecution is clear, that moment, that terrible confessional caused an increase in the state of uneasiness, disorder and disturbance of encouragement as the events that occurred hours before had occurred.

Carlota Prado does not forget that "torture", does not forget those images of her in the confessional begging that they stop. Carlota Prado has never hesitated or never silenced what she supposed to see those images in those conditions. "Pilar Blasco and the psychologist named Patricia de Zeppelin: you had a lot of rotten liver when entering the mousetrap called confessional after 13 hours of the facts and after having me locked up seeing my rape without notice or support. How do you feel? Quiet consciousness? "I published last week in social networks. Carlota Prado points out and she has not hesitated to denounce that no one helped him, that nobody stopped him, that nobody did nothing for her.

"How long was the rape really lasted?" Is Carlota Prado. "Violation because there was violence in the living room. Spain: Do you know that you taught me a video edited? The video of my violation was taught by article 555 not only focusing from a camera. The aberrant, deplorable and disgusting delicacy were taken to edit it and go showing me different planes, even focusing well in front of my rapist, "denounces.

The producer then reports Carlota Prado that José María López has been expelled from the house. She requests a face to face with him, which at first refuses the program, but Carlota Prado, completely isolated for weeks, without more knowledge than the images of the alleged violation of her, needs to talk to José María. The CEDE program, face to face does not take anywhere and stops. In fact, José María López only pronounced himself on a video published in his social networks a few days after he was expelled, and later in his statement during the instruction in which he affirmed that "he did not remember" that Carlota told him no, that For him Carlota Prado was in "perfect condition" and that they were only "rubbing". Very far from what Carlota Prado saw in the confessional, of what she has seen the prosecution and what the producer saw.

José María is expelled and Carlota is taken out of the house and transferred to a hotel with members of the Zeppelin team to keep track of his state. The program explains that it is not expelled, that it has been taken from the house so that it can think and is transmitted that the producer has personad in the Civil Guard barracks and has filed a complaint when considering that what happened the Early morning of November 4 is a crime. The family is notified. For four days Carlota Prado remains isolated, with the psychologists of the program that make a psychological assessment. Carlota Prado wants to go back into the house.

No one can put themselves in the place of a person who after months locked in a house visualizes what would be their own violation. Carlota Prado has explained it in innumerable times, she felt more protected inside the house to be, where the media repercussion gave terror. Carlota Prado at that time decides not to ratify the complaint presented by Zeppelin, the Civil Guard at that time stops investigating. Carlota enters back into the house, images difficult to forget about that live confession with Jorge Javier Vázquez. Days later, Carlota Prado is expelled with the votes from the public. Days after the edition of GH Revolution ended, the last one that Vio GH, Carlota Prado denounces what happened. The machinery, the slow judicial machinery starts. Until today.

These are the little more than 18 minutes that summarize the darkest event in the history of GH, 18 minutes that Carlota has been reliving from that dawn in November and that today will finally be justice who repair impossible damage to heal. "... Yes, I feel shame, anguish, an infinity of emotions, but it is the truth, and there it is for everyone who denigrated me or still without believing," said Carlota Prado in social networks.

Today Carlota Prado seeks justice, he always searched for it: "I do not intend to stop until everyone who was and / or collaborated, allowed himself, tolerate or boasted ... will not stop until all are pointed out."

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 20:50

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