The most difficult year of Koeman: the distrust of part of the directive, unquestioned requests and a wartime costume

The situation of Ronald Koeman at Barça is strange. When he moves away from the memory of Wembley's shoe or that press room in which he feels respected and u

The most difficult year of Koeman: the distrust of part of the directive, unquestioned requests and a wartime costume

The situation of Ronald Koeman at Barça is strange. When he moves away from the memory of Wembley's shoe or that press room in which he feels respected and unique, he ceases to be an icon.

The day that his team beat the Royal Society at the Camp Nou on the first day of League, the fans, who did not come to the stadium since the times of Quique Setien, did not notice too much in his presence. The name of him, unlike that of Luis Enrique, was not hearted at the rebellious bottom of the stand. The skills of him as coach and the pragmatic and simple rhetoric of him do not serve to build stories in the media pulpitos of the environment. Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola are left in another dimension.

Koeman is a club man dragged to contradiction. Because in the directive, where it was already reluctantly assumed that the dismissal of him was economically unabordable, the figure of him never aroused passion. President Joan Lapa, who came to confess him that he was looking for him before accepting the continuity of him, then made a series of stylistic and conceptual appreciations than the Dutch, in the manner of him, tries to follow. The contract of him, yes, was never renewed. It concludes on June 30. Instability, therefore, will charge the environment and it will be the rule of the entire course.

More even if Koeman fails to stabilize a project stabilize a project that in the same wardrobe chirping. Griezmann, who confessed after the tie in San Mamés that he waits for a difficult campaign, also said something that went unnoticed: "We did not know how to get out of the pressure." Because the mechanisms for this are not yet worked. Because associations between the pieces are not greased. Because, without Messi's focus, there is no security output.

They are multiple and very varied fronts that have open Koeman. Samuel Utiti, the sixth central one, will stay, even if he is living in the Boba soup. Miralem Pjanic, from which the coach little wants to know, controls with magnifying glass if any of him can pay him what Bartomeu signed him a good day. Ilaix Moriba has gone from being the favorite singer of him to an abducted footballer for the economic pretensions of his father and the German agency Rogon. While Coutinho, the most expensive signing in the history of the club, asome as hypothetical hope while I was dying, the next one on the list of rude disbursements, negotiates the renovation from the stretcher.

Martin Braithwaite is the center striker. At least until they return from their injuries Ansu Fati, intervened at 18 years four times from his left knee, and Sergio Agüero, who has 33. The Kun, personal bet of Armorta before going back in Messi's renovation, is the Second veteran player of the template after Piqué (34). Last season he was only holding eight times at the City.

Beyond the importance of the return of Ter Stegen, another year captain without bracelet, perhaps the only evidence is Memphis. He already accepted a residual salary to accompany the one who was the coach of him in the Netherlands. And Griezmann, already without the alibi of Messi's glow, continues more pending collect balls in his own field than creating in attack.

The scenario is not simple. He directs Koeman a wardrobe in which some and others, under the pressure of a ruined club, is monitored to see who has lowered the salary (Piqué, Jordi Alba and Busquets for now) and at what level. In which they share sacred cows box office (eight players are 30 years old or older) with imberbes children (in the first two days they have already debuted the Nico González pivot, 19, and the extreme Yusuf Demir, 18). From Riqui Puig, despite Him's Hours of Golf, Nothing is known. And the template, as the coach complains, it seems the cabin of the Brothers Marx: can reach the 33 footballers.

One of the commitments he acquired Koeman with Laporta was that his team would be recognizable with a brave game and according to the Cruyffist commandments. Coincidence or not, 3-5-2 was barely seen a time in a pre-season. The technician has been proposed to grow from 4-3-3. Change the form, not so much the fund. It is a system that only holds if the center of the field is authoritative with the ball and monopolizes the rhythm. It did not happen in Bilbao. Koeman still believes that he needs a strong and passionate midfielder to balance. But Wijnaldum preferred the PSG safe.

Asphyxiated and holiday Pedri, by Jong leads his own war. The rearguard suffers. The Dest and Alba bands maintain the cracks. And in the center, Piqué continues to trap with the physical problems of him, "he will return in the pizjuan, he decides - while Eric García, sanctioned, needs a corrector to the Vera de Him. It will be difficult for Araujo, with more body and faith to stand, lose a site that he will recover before Getafe. He will also return Lenglet, suspect that he drags the past.

Koeman, in San Mamés, enclosed everything in a phrase: "Before we took a pass to Messi and we knew that he would not lose her."

But that is no longer served.

Date Of Update: 28 August 2021, 20:00

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