The motion of censorship against Pedro Tensa Castillo Peru

"We, the people, has chosen President Pedro Castillo. He is a son of the people and what happens there inside (pointing to Congress) is a coup d'état. The sin

The motion of censorship against Pedro Tensa Castillo Peru

"We, the people, has chosen President Pedro Castillo. He is a son of the people and what happens there inside (pointing to Congress) is a coup d'état. The sin of castle is that he wants to end 200 years of corruption, they are the power of the corrupt, "explained the Zenon world Alejandro Solís, a 70-year-old teacher, while his co-religionists shouted with all the strength of his lungs so that his support will come until within the majestic Peruvian Congress, which yesterday. He lived another historical session.

The vote to admit the 'Motion of Vacancy' Presidential, the 'Impeachment Creole', has not only polarized a country that was forced to choose between two extremes. It has also braked the trip to the center undertaken by castle, by the hand of the moderate left, before the evidence that the support of the free Peru radicals (PL), his party, is fundamental, both to avoid accountable To Parliament to save the dismissal.

"Tonight we have concluded a fruitful dialogue session with the leaders of the parties, together we have assumed a historical responsibility: to join forces to build a homeland capable of guaranteeing a dignified life for all," said Pedro Castillo at midnight , after a marathon day of contacts and agreements. The Peruvian House of Cards' attracted other fundamental support for the ruling, although the opposition denounced hours after the distribution of funds for some provinces of the new allies.

The two sides counted votes inside and out of Congress. Among the three parties of the right-wing opposition they added 43 seats and it was necessary 52. A few dissidents joined their motion, but others who had promised it were lowered at the last minute after the meetings of the heads of the matches, despite the obvious internal discrepancies.

The Bolsonarist Rafael López Aliaga, a leader of popular renovation, made public what his plan is to twist the result of past summer presidential. After the motion of Castle, which seems far with its current support, the dismissal would come from its supposed successor (Vice President Dina Boluarte), the EESC of the President of the National Election Jury, of the Head of the National Office of Electoral Processes and of The prosecutor of the nation. Then there were elections in which he himself proposes as a better possible successor.

"The normalization of political judgment in the country is a threat to democracy and public confidence. Equal, I believe that even if the vote passes and the motion of vacancy is approved, Castillo survives this round", Vaticina for the world the politologist John Polga-Hectovich

Moderate and center parties, mostly contrary to what castle is dismissed, proposed the creation of a commission that investigates the parallel headquarters used by the master of Cajamarca for meetings with entrepreneurs and politicians, who together with the scandal caused by his former secretary Bruno Pacheco (found 20,000 dollars hidden in the bathroom), converted an opposition initiative that was born in a serious political conflict. These deputies also bet on the direct intervention of the prosecutor.

"I have come to leave the warm actions, the incompetent government only wants to change the Constitution, lies and deceives the people," complained to this newspaper Jorge E ("It is better not to give my surname, Peru has become dangerous") . This 40-year-old graphic designer is determined to military politics, "because there are corrupt them back, you have to change them."

His words are endorsed in the Vendacance side, located a few meters from the Procastillists, separated by hundreds of policemen. The atmosphere is tense in the center of Lima, everyone knows that it is much that is playing. There are only repeat their proclamations. In government side, attacks against Congress triumph, whose popularity is even lower than that of the President (75% against Parliament, 65% compared to the President). "And it's going to fall, and it's going to fall, this congress will fall!", The followers of Castle, many of the teaching sector, like Zenón Solís sing.

In the other trench, the 'playlist' is very fuzorist, including very thick insults to provoke the officials. "Tremendous cochinals, defend criminals. And then they blame Fujimori!" He screams a middle-aged man as if he was possessed by a devil.

And when the reporter moves on the other side, and while talking with those present, someone, after identifying his accent and the mask as an adornment from under his nose, reminds him a classic: "You took the gold, of that We are not going to forget. "

Updated Date: 07 December 2021, 15:17

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