The new Barcelona submits an inert athletic

Diego Pablo Simeone understands football as a survival exercise. He does not have that anything to do with being defensive or offensive, with dominating or ba

The new Barcelona submits an inert athletic

Diego Pablo Simeone understands football as a survival exercise. He does not have that anything to do with being defensive or offensive, with dominating or backping. It goes much further. It is a plan tied to faith. But that messianic conviction has disappeared. Time is so cruel that it deletes until the firmer convictions. What remains now of the current champion is a handful of good footballers, but trembling and uncoordinated. The current league champion touched a fund before a Barcelona of countercultural heroes, with the brave Adama as a dagger and the incorrigible Alves as God Redeemer. A team finally enthusiastic about his catharsis and who took advantage of the furious vindication with Jordi Alba's pimple and the impossible flight from Gavi to snatch his rival Champions Plaza for now.

He has a job for making Xavi Hernández to solve his defensive instability, as much as he prevented athletic to grow when the bluegrana team was already inferior. He gave two goals and allowed a good number of dangerous situations in the first half before an athletic of cadaverous carrying. Although few reproaches can be made to Xavi in his effort to build a group that multiply the offensive variants of him. The dawn of Barcelona, in fact, was sublime. He lifted with solvency the inaugural of Carrasco and endorsed three goals to a rival who did not know how to stop the gale.

To find answers to good azulgrana performance, you had to go to two soccer players: Adama Traoré and Dani Alves. The extreme, unbridled before a beautiful mario turned into scarecrow, showed dembélé the virtues of an old school regarker. Insistent and with the bottom line as the last frontier, he forced the athletic to protect himself with Carrasco in the lane and a 3-5-2 of the penury. Alves, while, signed a dreamed performance as a midfielder. He attended, marked Barça six years after the last time and gave up Simeone's contingency plan.

It would have been for Dani Alves a perfect afternoon of not having suffered a ugly short circuit that cost him expulsion 20 minutes from the end. He nailed his tacos into the twin of Carrasco and uncorked the uproar of the end. The Camp Nou broke out against the Referee Gil Manzano, the only protagonist of the outcome. The referee ended also the red man to Oscar Hernández, brother and assistant of Xavi, for protesting a fall by Ferran Torres before Wass in the area. He also took the Barça technician to admonish, already with his team crouched in his field and sure that the athletic, with 4-2 against and in numerical superiority, would not tease him.

Before the nerves take it all ahead, Barcelona had finally executed the plan that Xavi so well related in the press room and how badly deciphered the pieces in the field. I nailed I dembélé on the bench, as much as he received the pardon, who attracted the focus was Adama. Before running, the end of Hospitalet caressed the grass and, with his hands outstretched, began to pray. When he finished he looked at the one who had to stop him, a beautiful mario that he had to beg for the earth.

Atlético had been unable to defend the initial goal of Carrasco, assisted the first touch by a Luis Suarez who had won his back on Jordi Alba. But the azulgranate lane, which was already beginning to intuit the weight of suspicion, immediately claimed forgiveness. After a loss of beautiful, Alves noted the presence of him from the opposite side, and Alba, with the ball in the heavens, raised as his leg could until he reached the ball and turned it with a parabolic effect. Oblak, who may need some santería to recover the Buenaventura of him beyond the help of Savic and Giménez, stuck as Alba began running and shouting. He asked for the public to talk about. That I told him things. There are players who understand the claim as a delivery of new enemies.

Barcelona was detached with the tie. Beautiful, made a flan, returned to stay with adam's bicycles. The center hit Gavi, a child who measures 1.73 and who was able to surpass the opposition of Vrsaljko before the ball kissed the network. And he, the shield.

They still marked the azulgrana a third goal before the break before Atlético's impeachment in the defense of the ball standing. Piqué nodded to the crossbar and Araujo, when it removes in the small area, riveted.

Nothing indicated that the party could be disturbed for Barcelona. Less even after Alves crossed a great coral action on the front in 4-1. Luis Suárez, on the return of him to a Camp Nou with the public, took the 4-2 because of a local defense. But not even the expulsion of the Brazilian relieved an athletic so inert in defense as discouraged in attack. The cacazudo walking of Joao Felix before he was replaced belt was premonitory. Barcelona was enough to go back, offer spaces to Ferran Torres and the debutant Aubameyang, and play with the nerves of Simeone.

There is no trace of the champion. And Barcelona already has something to believe.

Date Of Update: 06 February 2022, 18:59

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