The nine detainees of the CDR prepared an attack to the Parliament of Catalonia

The CDR-leave trash and human waste in front of headquarters of the PDECat and ERC to report her "shit deals"The CDR-cut roads and erect barricades at the sta

The nine detainees of the CDR prepared an attack to the Parliament of Catalonia
The CDR-leave trash and human waste in front of headquarters of the PDECat and ERC to report her "shit deals"The CDR-cut roads and erect barricades at the start of the trial to the 1-Or the CDR try to block Catalonia with flaming barricades and roadblocks

An "organized structure" with the capacity to mobilize thousands of people. The nine members of the wing, the more radical of the Committees of Defense of the Republic (CDR) , the so-called Teams of Technical Response (ERT), arrested yesterday by the Guardia Civil in Catalonia, they were ready to attack in the next few days, coinciding with the second anniversary of the referédum illegal of the 1-O and the notification of the judgment of the "procés", scheduled for the first half of October.

So say sources close to the investigation, that, as the office of the Prosecutor, considered that those arrested were part of a terrorist organization, a further step in the escalation of violence in the CDR, because in the household registration has been found explosive material in some cases ready to use in their actions.

A landmark building in

similarly, had objectives. According to has been able to know ABC, one of them was the barracks of the Civil Guard in Canovellas. The detainees they had maps and photos of the residence of the Worthy , against which they were ready to attack. Located in a village two kilometres from Granollers and about 30 of Barcelona, this house-headquarters, emblem of the Civil Guard for his three-cornered hat, was already the subject of the harassment of the radicals in the warm autumn of 2017. The harassment of members of the COR, with the release of stones at the windows in which are housed the women and children of the officers, led the Ministry of Interior to strengthen its security with the transfer of a dozen civil guards of asturias.

it was Not the barracks, the only one of its objectives. Sources close to the investigation claim that the detainees were organizing also an attack to the Parliament for the day in which to notify the judgment against the pro-independence leaders of the "procés".

Other sources consulted have no doubts that those arrested were prepared to act, up to the point that they had already done tests with explosives in a quarry in Catalonia. It would be of individuals who belong to the CDR, but who acted also for his account and that would have created a parallel group with objectives which are clearly terrorists.

In a statement, the office of the Prosecutor of the National court raised the tone and he called the whole of those arrested as a "terrorist group such secessionist Catalan" , whose actions would have been neutralized. The Public prosecutor's office justified the police operation for the "certainty" that the alleged terrorist actions were going to act out between the anniversary of the 1-O and the publication of the long awaited judgement of the "procés".

According to the Prosecution, the advanced preparations of the "project terrorist" of those arrested could have caused "irreparable damage". Therefore, the public prosecution accused of crimes of terrorism, rebellion and possession of explosives; to the lack of the rating that the judge gives to the facts.

In the records from five in the morning of yesterday, carried out by members of the Information Service of the Civil Guard in various places of Catalonia, by order of the Audiencia Nacional, we found material to make explosive 2 Rubber and plastic as well as termite pre-mixed ready-to-use.

The thermite is incendiary device fruit of the mixture of powdered iron oxide and powdered aluminium is highly exothermic and able to melt steel structures . In addition to the explosives, arrested, aged between 25 and 55 years, had it in his power guides and explanatory on the manufacture and use of explosives, as well as different documentation and numerous electronic devices and circuits —more than a hundred between computers, hard disks and USB sticks— which are already being analyzed. In the records has appeared also a gun of 9 mm , as well as live ammunition and blanks.

Interventions telephone

The cause, in the hands of judge Manuel Garcia Castellon, is under secret of summary. Two of the seven arrested were yesterday released after declaring in the Command of Travessera de Gracia, in Barcelona. They have been already handed over the summons to declare in the National court, according to has been able to know ABC. The other seven, with higher involvement, were to be transferred yesterday to the premises of the Headquarters of Madrid, in Tres Cantos. Expected will be available for court on Wednesday.

The fact that the detainees ended up purchasing the explosive materials in the past few days, coupled with the proximity of the key dates referred to above, has led to the arrests after nearly a year and a half of research and follow-up to this group that is allegedly a terrorist.

During this time, interventions telephone have proved to be key to unraveling the plans of these radicals, as, according to sources close to the investigation, talked "constantly" of violent actions. Thanks to them also knew that they were manufacturing explosives.

in Addition, according to has been able to know ABC of several of them participated in the incidents that took place last February 1 in the C55, when several radicals threw gasoline on the road to frustrate the transfer of the prisoners from the "procés" to the prisons of Madrid before the start of the trial in the Supreme.

The operation is still in progress and not ruled out more arrests in the coming days, as well as other actions against the most violent of the pro-independence Catalan who want to have a presence on the street to coincide with the 1-Or and, above all, with the judgment of the "procés".

"Story of violence"

As might be expected, the response to the judicial operation of the pro-independence political, personified in Quim Torra, president of the Generalitat, was focused in trying to discredit the Justice and the Praiseworthy. From Twitter, Torra wrote: "The repression continues to be the only response of the Spanish State . They are trying to re-build a story of violence before the sentencing. Not what they will get. The independence movement is and always will be pacific". In addition, JpC and CKD was asked to appear in the Congress of the minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska to explain the "stops".

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 11:03

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