The option of Errejón the 10-N threatens to break the political alliances we Can

Errejón, a weapon of Sanchez and Churches"Torpedo" Errejón against IglesiasUnidas we Can warns the socialist party that the option of Errejón them will harm m

The option of Errejón the 10-N threatens to break the political alliances we Can
Errejón, a weapon of Sanchez and Churches"Torpedo" Errejón against IglesiasUnidas we Can warns the socialist party that the option of Errejón them will harm more to them

the likelihood that The political space of Íñigo Errejón be present at the polls next November 10, lost power yesterday when Manuela Carmena is liberated from the top of the list of the platform at the national level. The operation, however, remains feasible. For the moment, More Madrid insist that there is nothing official , although there are contributors of Errejón that are listed as supporters of your acronyms have a presence at the Congress with a parliamentary group of their own.

As he was able to know ABC, the jump of More Madrid to the general would be with alliances , become reality, weaken the policy of pacts that leads Pablo Churches under the umbrella of United we Can. Without room to manoeuvre, only three months of the repeat election, submit nominations for the whole of Spain seems to be ruled out.

"Be would be hasty," admitted the own Errejón, last week, during an interview on TVE.

Although neither ruled out categorically. in the meantime, increased speculation about a possible candidacy of Errejón for the constituency of Madrid.

we Can warn the PSOE

A question that We may have very present because it would be competing for the fishing grounds of voters 'progressive' and because, perhaps, the division of the left they would with the loss of deputies determinants. Doors to the outside, however, since United we Can ensure that they are not concerned and warn the PSOE that it will harm more to them.

"That a training policy be submitted to the elections seems to me the more natural", stated yesterday the spokesman in the Congress of United we Can, Irene Montero , during an interview on TVE that interrupted her maternity leave. " To me, I worry about the serious things , not democracy, I am not concerned that a party decides to run", he added.

For his part, the spokesman of Galicia In Common, Yolanda Diaz , said in the lower House that "it is welcome any candidacy," but he recalled "the pinch real that the candidacy resulted in the nomination of the socialist party" . From United we Can explain that after the regional elections of the 26-M, the PSOE did not grew up in the Community of Madrid. At the regional level, though Angel Gabilondo won the elections by the fracture on the right, didn't win a seat with regard to 2015 in a time of rise of the PSOE throughout Spain.

we Were able to see "who really can undermine such a candidacy," insisted the spokesman of the galician. Since the environment of Churches value that Errejón has very little margin to build your platform even if it is only by filing for candidacy in a territory and do not consider that the co-founder of we Can cast without having guarantees.

Without fear in the PSOE

With the information available, the PSOE don't want to be in the firing line. The secretary of Organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos , said yesterday that the project represents "a space to the left of the PSOE," and that "it is not the space in which we play" , which he defined as a progressive space, but emphasizing the "capacity management and restraint."

Abalos wanted to take drama to such a possibility -"that is this which you want" - because we are not concerned with that eventuality because they understand the against that the affected person would be, we Can: "I don't Think. The space that comes to represent is a disruption in the space from which it comes".

Precedent in the Senate

on the other hand, the risk of breaking the alliances of yes we Can is real.

In fact, there is already a precedent . Despite the fact that the Courts dissolve this Monday, Forward Andalusia , the confluence critical of Churches, and the Commune Can , broken at the upper House with the party purple and joined the group of senator More Madrid , Compromís and MÉS per Mallorca .

Is more, the strength of valencia decided not to stand next to We in the general elections of the past April 28, because of the coincidence with the autonomous community in the Valencian Community is not recommended. Amen that the downward trend We have in that region led to the final rupture. What is certain is that Compromís is a coalition in which the majority party, the Bloc, has always been reluctant to this type of alliance post-election.

But, as he was able to know this through different areas of the coalition, whose visible face is Monica Oltra , vice-president of the Generalitat Valenciana, are confirmed contacts to return to go again hand-in-hand in the elections of 10 November. In April only achieved a seat: representative Joan Baldoví. Now, are open to two options: go with we Can go with the project of More Madrid if you take the plunge. And, according to sources, parliamentary, Compromís have also maintained contacts with Errejón to assess that scenario.

Without Carmena and Errejón there is not strength

The figure of Manuela Carmena was so incontestable to the platform of Madrid, which, when consummated, the tandem of the former mayor of Madrid with Errejón, Churches have not dared to articulate a candidate's own Can against it. Yesterday, during his participation in the XIX Forum Acave, in Barcelona, the exregidora madrid ruled out a go to 10-N . Without your name, the hypothetical candidacy loses strength and only the leadership of Errejón would represent a threat. To cling on Can.

One of the elements that Churches do not criminalize the 10-N, as would be said in private, was that in its calculations was not a participation of his excompañero Íñigo Errejón at the polls. Something that, in the case of the occurrence of an organized way, and throughout the territory, recognizes that would be caused by a hard blow to United we Can.

Although this scenario is logistically impossible for Errejón, the movement seems to be problematic for the leader of we Can. With the match very weighed down in the interior Spain, a operation, with its epicentre in Madrid and a formula of collaboration in the Community of Valencia, has ballots to be a big impact.

Date Of Update: 20 September 2019, 14:01

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