The other two children that the singer Luis Miguel does not even mention in his series

After three seasons of surprises and revelations, the Luis Miguel Series (51) came to an end this October 29. A very valued outcome in social networks and lef

The other two children that the singer Luis Miguel does not even mention in his series

After three seasons of surprises and revelations, the Luis Miguel Series (51) came to an end this October 29. A very valued outcome in social networks and left more than according to most fans of it. The reason? The singer decided not to sweep his story and show it without adornments and with truth ... although the end omitted three of his protagonists: his former partner, the renowned Aractress Aracely Arámbula (46), and the two children he had with her: Miguel And Daniel, with whom the Sun would have had a close relationship in his early years. However, a legal dispute prevented the singer from mentioning children or showing their lives at the successful fiction.

Since Netflix confirmed the realization of Luis Miguel: the series, the Latina press began to elucubrate about those who would risk participating in their show. Then one of the obvious options was Aracely Arámbula, one of the few stable brides of him. But it was the same interpreter who ruled out that possibility in 2017. It is more, since the beginning of the negotiations, she opposed to appear in the script and fought until the last consequences for her to be omitted in the life of the singer. A news that she unveiled on April 12, a month before the premiere of the second season.

"As was commented from beginning and on the part of my management, I never had the intention to authorize the use and exploitation of my image as part of the biographical narrative in the Luis Miguel series. My position was clear and forceful when asking a right That exclusively corresponds to me and defended it firmly. This is a prerogative that we all have and we can oppose their use, especially when it can get to transgress the personal and private sphere of a person. The protagonist being in the life of someone He does not mean being a protagonist of his business, "explained the Mexican in a statement.

Despite this, Luis Miguel did not respect his wishes at all. Because, in the penultimate episode of the series, the audience was able to confirm that the artist did have the audacity to mention his ex ..., although delicately. "I can not tell you that my father was a good person, but what I can tell you is that it was the first to believe in me, so they put everything: each trap, each scam but, eh, of Aracely is not spoken ! "He comments Diego Boneta, characterized by Luis Miguel, in a supposed meeting between the Sun and some Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer producers. However, at no time - that scene, neither in another - reference is made to the children of the singer, who are still minors.

Miguel Gallego was born in 2007, two years after Luis Miguel and Aracely engaged a loving relationship. According to ARámbula, both longed to have a child, so in 2006 they started to "seek pregnancy". "When I found out that she was pregnant, I started crying from emotion because we spent a year looking for Miguel," said the actress, in 2019, hello Mexico. A statement similar to those that she has given on her second pregnancy, which was also absolutely desired. However, a year after Daniel's birth - his second child of her, who would sing like Luis Miguel - the love between them began to vanish.

According to his biographers, the reasons for his breakup have always been confusing. Some say that, simply, they ended up love, while others - as a former sun manager - claim that the fact that Aracely, after being a mother, would like to resume her career was what "enraged" Luismi. But arámbula would not have ever imagined that the father of her children was going to let the maintenance pay ... or disappear for almost a decade. And, as the arámbula environment revealed, Luis Miguel does not fulfill the obligations of him.

According to the Mexican press, between 2009 and 2019 Luis Miguel fulfilled irregularly with his responsibilities and between 2020 and 2021 has not paid, definitely, the maintenance. But what impresses most is that he would not be interested in being present on the birthdays or special dates of children. However, Aracely has let himself be glimpsed that neither Miguel nor Daniel surprise the interpreter and the reason would be that his grandfather fulfills the function of Father. "My children are happy, they are in a divine family, where the main thing is the love and love, the truth, we did not miss anything," said Arambula, eight years ago in a court.

On the other hand, Aracely has never made a comment on the relationship of his children with sister Michelle Salas (32), the first daughter of Luis Miguel -Fruto of his "sporadic" relationship with Stephanie Salas - who does appear in the series, Despite not agreeing. "I did not allow me at any time the use of my image and did not consider me if I wanted my life to become a television series, it seems to me that the way of treating my story was unnecessary, disrespectful and unfortunate," he said before the Final of the second season. Even so, none of it prevented him from, unlike her brothers, Michelle does starve two chapters of the last season.

Updated Date: 03 November 2021, 09:19

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