The other wine, the new gem molded by Valverde

"It has a lot of talent, it's always cheerful, it's fun and talkative." "He goes a little crazy, he is not afraid, although everything goes wrong. He tre

The other wine, the new gem molded by Valverde

"It has a lot of talent, it's always cheerful, it's fun and talkative." "He goes a little crazy, he is not afraid, although everything goes wrong. He treasures a huge potential." These assessments of two technicians perfectly describe Vinícius Junior, the striker of Real Madrid, but correspond to the cyclist Vinícius Rangel, filed last week as a new bet of Movistar.

Both Brazilians share origins, are extroverted and abandoned their country the same year to excel in Spain. Parallel athletes, born in two municipalities of Rio de Janeiro: the striker (21 years) in Sao Gonzalo, the corridor (20 years), in Cabo Cold. The extreme signed by Madrid in 2018 and debuted on September 28 against Atlético. That same year, the cyclist arrived at the Junior team sponsored by Alejandro Valverde in Murcia. Since then, both have not stopped progressing. The striker has reached its peak in this campaign, in it that the corridor has been filed by the Movistar, the maximum in Spanish cycling.

El Chaval sponsored by 'El Bala' is a sports and commercial bet of Movistar. The fact of being Brazilian is a plus for the formation of Eusebio Unzué, who always hires South Americans as a claim of the telephone company on that continent. In fact, for the next season he has also signed the Colombian Ivan Sosa.

"I am very happy to join me three years at Movistar, I want to thank those who have supported me and believed in me, I will continue to fight to improve every day," says Vinícius, that this year was ninth in the world sub'23 de Flanders This year he razed in Returns to Cantabria and Salamanca.

"Dominates all the land, it is a fondist that goes up well and extensively, it always creates good atmosphere in the team. At age 20, you have to learn a lot and know if you want to be gregarious or winner. You have to have patience, because now it seems that If at 20, you have not won a tour not vouchers for this, "explains Iñigo Leache, his director at the Navarro Team Sub'23 Telcom on Clima OSÉS.

Leache is a veteran preparer of lower categories, has been teaching kids for two decades and can presume that several of their students have already jumped to professionals, such as Spaniards Arkaitz Durán and Victor of the Part, the Puerto Rican Abner González or Polish Thomasz Marcynski.

"Vinicius has the virtue of recovering very rapid efforts and that is why in the races, with the passage of the stages, it always offers an upward performance," says Leache.

Sunday Maragado, Director of Valverde Team, says that Rangel is an unpredictable runner: "It's a bit crazy, attacking up and down, is not afraid to fail and be burst. It's an uncle with impressive potential."

His first great career was the Junior World of Innsbruck 2018. He fell after engaging with Remco Evenepoel and managed to finish the test. He won Evenepoel after an anthological comeback.

In that world (lived by Alejandro Valverde), the Brazilian was lost, as the only representative of his country. He was close to the Spanish team and made pineapple with the runners. The qualities of him caught the attention to the technicians of Movistar, who proposed Valverde to file him for the quarry team of him. In that group he competed as Junior in 2019 and as Sub'23 in 2020.

"From the beginning it was perfectly integrated, gaining races. It's funny, it's wanting, we'll take you to a floor in Murcia, near the mountain of the Creast of the Gallo, where we have runners from 18 to 23 who come out of Murcia. His stay with us was nice, but the irruption of the pandemic supposed a hard blow for him. Here, the confinement, without the family took him very badly. We put an English teacher and a laptop to connect with his family , but that barely helped him. After the enclosure he scolded himself annournly and sileted by the Navarro team, where he stressed in the second half of this season, "he stresses heavy.

Vinicius Rangel is the seventh reinforcement of the Movistar for next season. Before its signing, the team of Unzué hired Guipuzcoan Gorka Izagirre (34 years old), to Colombian Ivan Sosa (23), to Vitoriano Oier Lazkano (21), to the Guipuzcoan Alex Aranburu (26), to the German Max Kanter (23) and Navarro Óscar Rodríguez (26). SAVIA new for a team that needs disarray and joy, those qualities that the vinícius of the platoon gives off.

Updated Date: 18 October 2021, 12:18

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