The plan for Italy to stop being under suspicion in Europe

Fight against depopulation in Italy: 700 euros per month to open a negocioMacron fear that Europe falls into insignificance before the rise of China and the Uni

The plan for Italy to stop being under suspicion in Europe
Fight against depopulation in Italy: 700 euros per month to open a negocioMacron fear that Europe falls into insignificance before the rise of China and the United UnidosAranceles and Brexit threaten the Spanish automotive

"Never more war with Europe. Italy returns to be protagonist in Europe, takes on appropriate role as a founder country that has ideas to mark his vision of the European Union in a better way, change it and make it more suited to face the challenges of our world." With this firm statement of intent was presented on Friday the new minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, to the informal meeting of the Eurogroup in Helsinki. It is another Italy that is now presented to Europe, leaving behind the clashes with Brussels. Europe has welcomed with a sigh of relief with the change in Italy, now with the coalition of the Movement 5 Stars and Democratic Party (PD) account with a government pro-europe, especially in the key ministries, which are in the PD.

Roberto Gualtieri, age 53, is a politician of weight with great skill, so it is critical to negotiate in Brussels. Team up with Enzo Amendola, also of the PD, minister for European Affairs. The box is complete with the ex-prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, 64 years of age, that is responsible for Economic and monetary Affairs, a role which just a few weeks ago it was inconceivable that it would have been possible to award it to Italy. The new parliamentary majority in Italy has prevented the League of Matteo Salvini sent to Brussels a commissioner that would have created a permanent tension in the Commission. Quite a change of scenario in which we must not forget that the president of the european Parliament David Sassoli, member of the PD. Another personality very relevant in the Government is the minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, of 66 years, regarded as the best delegate of the government who has taken Milan in the last decades. Lamorgese is called to restore credibility and prestige to a key ministry to manage the immigration portfolio of minister that his predecessor Matteo Salvini used in your benefit as a great altar of visibility and propaganda. In short, the new government avoids the increasing isolation to which the League of Salvini had taken to Italy in Europe, while the country was divided more and more each day and grew a sense of hatred and fear of the "invasion" of immigrants promoted by the former vice president.

has Already been launched on the promise of lower taxes to middle class and innovation

The minister Gualtieri has already explained some of its major objectives. In the first place evokes the american "Green New Deal' (green New deal) –a set of proposals to combat climate change and to reduce the economic inequalities–. Gualtieri said to "Repubblica", aims to eu investment in this plan "green" to stimulate economic growth are outside of the deficit (3%) required by Brussels. The Economy minister has also promised to cut taxes to the middle classes and low, and the companies that invest in innovation.

Relief in Europe

the Salvini has proclaimed that the Italian Government chaired by Giuseppe Conte has been "imposed" by Macron and Merkel. Since then, it is clear that both, like other european leaders, wanted a change of Government without the permanent "war" triggered by Salvini against Brussels. Salvini does not appear to have noticed yet that a country has strategic interests, commercial and military, with a system of alliances, which should take care of its foreign policy. On the diplomatic front, the change is already evident. The next Wednesday arrives in Rome the French president, Emmanuel Macron, to meet with the prime minister, Giusepe Conte, with two basic topics of conversation: the new policy on immigration and economic issues. is Have passed only seven months of one of the most serious crisis diplomacy between Rome and Paris in decades. France withdrew its ambassador in the Italian capital after which the vice-president of the Italian Government and now minister of Foreign affairs, Luigi Di Maio, he traveled to Paris to meet with leaders of the yellow vests, and encourage them in their fight against Macron. It seems that would last a century.

The new Government has created certain expectations. Some ministers have promised the moon. But they run the risk of skating, because there is no money in the coffers of the State. There have been reforms and the economic stagnation continues for two decades. Seem eternal, its serious problems of tax evasion, poverty and inequality, poor infrastructure, excessive bureaucracy, biblical times in the justice and astronomical public debt. In short, Italy is with a new Government, but continues with its old problems.

this is Gualtieri

Birth and training: , The minister with which Italy seeks to clear the doubts of Brussels, was born in Rome in 1966. Is professor of contemporary History at the Sapienza university of Rome.

european course: Was president of the Commission of economy and finance of the Europarlamento. It turned out voted in two terms as one of the meps most influential.

First movement: Is a political weight, who knows well the ins and outs of Brussels, with great skill and technical competence to negotiate in the Eurogroup and Ecofin. Already been raised by the Friday his colleagues in Helsinki the need of an expansionary fiscal policy for all. Italy will need flexibility to reach at least 2% of the deficit in the budgets of 2020.

Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 04:00

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